[M/V] Jung Jinwoon – Now or Never

2AM singer Jinwoon has been hard at work at his solo career. I’m really proud of the route he’s taking. The style of music he’s chosen seems a road less traveled by most K-pop stars. He’s obviously proving that he isn’t like the rest. I think he’s onto something. Let’s support him, you guys. Follow him on Twitter @ 2AMjinwoon. P.S. – I’m liking the vid…very Peter Gabriel-esque….

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2AM & 2PM Together Is a Win-Win Situation

I think you’ll enjoy this interview on Korean tv show “Win Win” as BFF K-pop boybands 2AM and 2PM reminicse on their trainee days together. Some of their stories are hilarious and JoKwon doesn’t seem to hold back! You might especially like the stories concerning Taec’s and Chansung’s fight with soap and water! Good stuff!

Happy Monday!

Oh aren’t we all just thrilled at the start of a new week? Ok, not really, but just stick with me here. I promise it’ll be worth it. You’re probably wondering why I’m so darned in a good mood on a Monday Monday, but I’ve got good reason 😉 That reason is below. It’s a much larger, clearer image of Jin Woon’s “Men’s Health” cover. Yep that’s it!
Hey, what can I say? I’m a simple girl. Easy to please. Enjoy!