Jang Geun Suk: Dark A.N.JELL

Ahhh dont you just get sorta creeped out by him? Not in a BAD way but he has such an intense gaze doesn’t he!? I feel like if I heard his dress shoes clicking violently along the floor towards me I’de get freaked out and vacate with the utmost quickness. But then again hes really hot when he looks all pissed off so maybe I’de linger just to look at him or better yet piss him off on purpose ^_^ I thought he was really great as leader Hwang Tae Kyung of the band A.N.JELL in ‘You’re Beautiful’. He was all moody and walked around dressed like a Korean “Prince” trapped in the ‘Purple Rain’ film. I couldn’t help but laugh every time they gave him a new hairstyle. Seriously him and Goo Joon Pyo need to form a club! Model, Actor, Singer, friend of Super Juniors Heechul who he bought pizza for the other night! I mean is there anything Jang Geun Suk cant do? *dreamy voice*

K-Kisses! KrisE   (Personal KPOP Radio: BEAST ‘Fiction’ )


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