Meet Kazuki Kitamura

It is regrettable that I was not able to find as much information on this actor, as, say, a Korean actor. I couldn’t even locate a good high resolution photo of him on the internet! At this time, Korea is the Asian entertainment hegemonic power, and as result, it is much easier to find information and images/videos on the actors and entertainers of that country. *Sigh* Anyway…

I have reverted to watching Japanese dramas as of late, as I have saturated myself with all things Korean. No insult to the Koreans. I just have to get back to my Japanese roots, which is what introduced me to interest in Asian men and culture in the first place!

I began with watching “14際の母 (14-year-old Mother)”. The title to this series is a pretty good indication of what the storyline is about. Kazuki san plays an editor-in-chief at a 3rd-rate tabloid firm, sort of equivalent to the U.S.’s “Enquirer”. With rugged goodlooks, 42-year-old Kazuki san has been acting in Japanese dramas, movies and shows since the mid-90s. I can’t believe this guy is 42. He ages well! I found a few videos featuring him on youtube that I will be posting later. In the meantime, I wanted to introduce the faces of more Japanese actors/entertainers. I hope you all can look forward to this!