[M/V] Arashi – Monster

Five piece J-pop boyband Arashi (meaning “storm” in Japanese) has recently released an album with “Monster” as their first single. “Monster” is not my favourite song, but I’m willing to give it a few more tries. Some may argue that it is not as good as the songs being spit out by the well-oiled machine that is K-pop, but I really don’t think that comparing J-pop to K-pop is comparing apples to apples. We’re talking comparing apples to some exotic, unknown, weird-tasting fruit only available in its native country, which is some remote island that you can only reach during certain times of the year by boat (and you gotta climb a 40-ft tree to pick). Yeah, two totally different things. At any rate: Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!
P.S. – Having MatsuJun as the lead singer is an added bonus. He’s *gorgeous*! 😉

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