Bad Move, Sousuke san

I wasn’t overly surprised at what I read in this article. I know alot of Japanese people and I’ve sensed a slight resentment when discussing anything Korean or Hallyu with them. Not that I can totally blame them. The Japanese are used to being on the top, and especially when considering their domination over the Koreans in history, it is probably hard for them to stomach even the concept of Hallyu. No doubt, resentment has been stewing in Sousuke Takaoka for a while, and he felt the need to voice his thoughts. As much as his honesty is appreciated, it still came off as insensitive and hateful. Not only that, but it also has damaged his career and any future plans he may have of working in the entertainment industry.

Truth be told, Koreans are the main reason nowadays that the rest of the world is even taking notice of Asia. It would seem that most other Asian countries would be appreciative, but then, good ol’ nationalism creeps it’s ugly head in. The way I see it, we should just give credit where credit is due. The Koreans deserve recognition. They’ve had a tough past, and they are rising above and proving to the world that they have worth and much to contribute to humanity. Personally, Hallyu is one of the best things that has happened to me in the past few years. Real talk!

I will say one thing you all might find interesting. I originally started this blog to focus on Rain and Asian men (whether Korean or not). However, I’ve found that posts NOT featuring Korean stars (that is, men of other Asian nationalities) get very few hits in comparison. I am not even Japanese, but I found this a bit unsettling. I then had to remind myself of the popularity and globalization of Hallyu. So for any of you that may be wondering why the majority of my posts feature Korean stars, it is not that I favor Korean entertainers (although I do favor Bi, who happens to be Korean) over other nationalities, but, rather, I want to feature topics and entertainers that the majority of my readers want…which are Korean :). So please understand my situation.

What are your thoughts on this controversial topic?