Why why why why why Didn’t the Shower Scene Make the Final Cut??!!

Hello there folks. Yet another post about Bi’s amazing physique. As we all know, it was sculpted and toned to perfection for his first Hollywood movie “Ninja Assassin”. So what did Bi’s leading lady, Naomie Harris have to say about Bi’s bod? She broke it down in a promo interview last year:

“Its shocking. Its amazing. He looks incredible. I mean, its just extraordinary. I had to do, um, a shower scene with him in the movie, and he takes his clothes off, and the first day, I just couldn’t keep it together, I was just, like, I just burst out laughing because I was just like, its amazing, its like its not real. And then James had to tell me, to yeah, I had to get my act together a bit, and keep it together. But its hard working with a body like that.”

See the whole interview here.

Can you imagine being thisclose to the fineness that is Bi? The thought alone is enough to make one faint. Anyway, I thought it was funny how the part in Naomie’s response about filming a shower scene with Bi made the final cut as well. Personally, I think its better NOT to know that there was a shower scene, because now my imagination starts running away with me, lol. In this case, ignorance would’ve been bliss.

But why did they take out the shower scene? One reason I thought of is that Bi has a squeaky clean image, and perhaps his management group could have reasoned that portraying Bi as a hot stud would disappoint or hurt the fans? I mean, I get where they are coming from, but I really would have liked to see his range on camera in that department. Can I get a witness?? Now another reason I could think of is the ugly old stereotype that many Asian actors have to face: being portrayed as sexless, weak, nerdy, etc. I would like to think that we are in a much more advanced society, but I still see things that are just so narrow-minded. I certainly hope that has nothing to do with why the shower scene didn’t make the final cut. I mean, really?? So Raizo can go around and decapitate and slaughter folks with the best of them, but he can’t get it on with a beautiful lady?? Just sayin’….>:(

12 thoughts on “Why why why why why Didn’t the Shower Scene Make the Final Cut??!!

  1. I totally agree with the commentary above. I have Ninja Assassin on DVD and I can say that ignorance would’ve been bliss. I think that Bi’s Korean management and the Hollywood production team of Ninja Assassin collectively decided that it would be best that Rain not “ruffle the feathers” of his very traditional, already established Asian fans with his first leading role in a Hollywood film. I also hope that someday this shower scene will “miraculously” be posted somewhere. I feel a scene like that will not only show Blasian love, but it will also show that Asian men can be gorgeous, sexy, desirable and damned HOT!!

    I always thought it was strange that the early interviews with Rain, he seemed glad for the love scene between he and Naomie, then a while into filming “mums the word” on a love scene. It wasn’t fair in my opinion and they wasted the chemistry between such a gorgeous couple! Rain’s management is eventually going to have to let us “spread his romantic wings” on film. He is poised to be a romantic male lead, as well as action star. He needs to have the “freedom” to do that.

    It’s time for some people to realize they need to come into the Present Age!

  2. Now, I have the Ninja Assassin DVD and that scene is not there…all the other deleted scenes are there but not that one! Why the “H” not? LOL! Yes, we’ve all said before that TPTB probably were more afraid of how Rain’s Korean fans would react to seeing him on the big screen in a hot love scene with a black woman! But c’mon folks (TPTB), Rain’s a grown man! And women totally adore him…let us!

    You know usually the Director’s cut/version DVD comes out at the same time when the theater version does. I wonder if there’s a Dir’s version somewhere out there? Hmmm.

  3. i love naomie’s response, lolol! girl, i feel ya!

    i heard the same thing happened with the romance between jet li’s and aaliyah’s characters in ‘romeo must die’…some stereotypes die hard, or hardly die…i wish that an interracial relationship with a black woman in movies and tv would be treated as just a regular, average relationship, like everybody else’s….doesn’t seem to happen in american films…in fact, one of the only films where it felt normal to me was ‘love actually’, and that was a british cast…

    i was pleasantly surprised while flipping channels and landing on either BET or tvone while the movie ‘G’ was on…never seen it before in my life…and it happened to be a scene of a black guy waiting in his car one night near his former girlfriend’s house to see if she was dating another guy…a car passes him and pulls into her driveway…a guy and girl get out, all lovey dovey and go into the house… it’s too far for him to see exactly. he gets out of his car, goes to her door and rings the bell…she comes out and they exchange words…the guy who was with her comes out to see if she’s ok…who is it? a tall, handsome asian guy! i was floored…i don’t know how good a movie ‘G’ is because i missed most of it…but i was fascinated that relationship had made it into a black film. there may be others, but the only other asian/black relationship i can think of is with jackie chan’s uncle in ‘rumble in the bronx’…

    • Naomie was keepin it real, lol! She didn’t even try to act coy. If that was me, I would have been like “Oh it was aight”, lol, but dying inside! About “G”: Thanks for bringing out that movie…i went right ahead and put it on my netflix queue!

  4. My mom , sister and I also watched ” Romeo Must Die” and we was just as disappointed as you guys were. Just when we thought the good part was coming up …NOT! It just make you feel that someone is just setting you up and you’ve been robbed.That was how we felt. A beautiful woman as Aliyah was and a handsome as Jet Li is, c’mon now!We felt it. They were supposed to spontaneously fall in love with each other.

    For the US to be considered to be the melting pot of the world, our country doesn’t seem to grasp the realism of love. You just don’t know how many times I have watched soap opera where interracial couples were in them and they didn’t last for 5 months. Something always seem to happen to them. I watched a little bit of All My Children( I may be getting the wrong soap. I haven’t watched it in a long time). The child in it is racially mixed,but guess what? her Black father/White mother divorced as always.

    I don’t know if they won’t because for traditionalism, being scared of what the viewing public will think and or people not thinking that Asian men/Black women unions are the norm,but for once I just wish that an interracial would last. The directors/producers make it seem that IR unions don’t last. In a diverse country like ours, you would expect for them to be more inclusive of interracial couples as well as homogeneous ones.

    Even though it has been off the air for almost 21 years, I loved myself some 21 Jump Street. I thought that Dustin Nguyen and the rest of the guys on the show was really hot. Maybe I didn’t see the show as much as I thought I have, I don’t know,but I could never get why a man as hot( and is still hot in 2011) and popular as he was rarely got a date with the women? During that the 80’s, he had a diverse female fan base. They just made Dustin’s character seem that he only went to work and came back home to the point where it almost seemed that he had no life.

    Not long ago, I went to a pharmacy and I was looking in the photo section of the store. There was a photo of what seemed be a picture of an Asian or Latino woman with her mixed race daughter( I’m just assuming that and I thought that she worked there). I was thinking how beautiful they were. I would also see this Japanese man/Black woman couple on my campus for 4-5 years. It has been a year since I graduated from college . Since the beginning of school, they were together. As a child, My folks would take my siblings to farmers markets. While I would see the Asian women vendors, a couple of them had Blasian teenaged children . A couple of months ago, I went to an International farmers market and seen a loving Black man/ Asian woman doing some shopping. I was hoping that they were married for eternity.The appeared to be 60 ish.( I like for any couple to say that they have been married for a long time because being married these days are becoming a joke).

    Someone needs to tell the producers, directors and/or the viewing audience that IR couples aren’t a phenomenon,they are very real. Asian men/Black women unions have been here since the beginning of man, in the 1800’s and now. They seem not to live in the real world. While I’m not going to say that American Television lack total diversity, it still is struggle when it comes to them IR couples being shown in a romantic light or for them to be long lasting.

    • i read somewhere that black audiences objected to the jet li/aaliyah romance in the movie, so they took it out…i honestly don’t believe the ladies had an objection, but that’s my personal opinion…

      i forgot about the updated rodgers and hammerstein’s ‘cinderella’ starring brandy…a lot of people may have thought the casting was contrived and over the top…but i remember smiling, feeling that it was beautiful and natural.

      and i just saw a commercial for a tv movie starring taraji henson, who’s blasian son is taken illegally from the usa to seoul, s. korea by his father, her ex-husband…?!?!?!?!… yeah it’s based on a real and probably very compelling story…i cannot pass judgment until i’ve seen it…but i sense some anti-asian vibes…and why s. korea of all places??? and why now?? i just feel like when some understanding starts going on, somehow the waters get muddied again…

  5. I’m hoping that it wasn’t true ( far as the Black audiences that were mentioned in the post). If it is,it’s ridiculous! It doesn’t make a bit of sense how bigotry distorts the minds of some people. Two people should be able to be together and enjoy their lives. I’ve only seen very little of Ninja Assasin,but I had no problem with it and neither have my family( as a matter of fact,it was my brother who wanted to be the first one to check it out just to see it was good)

    I often wonder, if it was more Black men who opposed the scene and/or directors opposing to it instead of all of them being like that? As a Black female, It seems that a lot of posts on the internet about this is abundant with Black women oogling him and as well as many Black women expressing their love/admiration for Asian men or the couples. Judging by the pulse of them,it would seem weird.

  6. ATLsis, AMEN!
    Really bummed about the lack of shower scene too, I sincerely think that had they included it, Ninja Assassin would have just been more than one of people’s favorite badadass ninja movies- well, at least for us who love Rain. I have this sorta love hate relationship with how they (directors, producers, etc) constantly teased us so, like when Mika and Raizo had the “dress size” banter, when Mika was in the shower by herself (TOTAL set up for him to “accidently” walk in or walk in in all his nonchalant Raizoness to ask if she was done or feeling too razzle dazzled with being saught after by ninja demons, etc) the whole “Oh, Mika Mika” scene and last but not least, at the end of the movie where is seemed like Raizo would sweep her off her feet after she just saved his life. All these innuendos and hints but then he practically drops her like a bad habit at the end, wth. And ok, some say he probably didnt go for her cause he was still in love with Kiriko (sp?) but I say, dammit her heart was special too! He could have been with Kiriko through Mika, or whatever, like she reminds her of her. Hope that makes sense. Then the image thing – UHM, HELLO? Korean fans are used to him being innocent? I’m sorry and no offense, but bull. The first drama he starred in (and correct me if I’m wrong) Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School involved him having to seduce and I guess sleep with rich women, therefore making him a gigolo. Sure the reasons behind him DOING it are innocent but er…male prostitute vs romatic scene? There’s no excuse.
    And as for the Asian man/ Black woman thing involving lead roles in movies, I remember a certain Filipino star named Dante Basco getting his lip lock on with Ms.Tatyana Ali from the Fresh Prince AND becoming a couple. Why is it hard to portray this now? I dont get it. And ladibug, I’m looking forward to seeing that movie, I want to find a breath of fresh air SOMEwhere -__-
    I’ve been hearing talk of a sequel and I think it should be more than enough compensation for how we got dupped in the first film. Raizo find Mika after “finding himself”, chemistry sparks up again there you have it.

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