Kim Jae Wook Enlists For 2-Year Mandatory Service

Isn’t he handsome in his short military haircut? I’ve all been so consumed with Bi-snookums’ enlistment that I failed to note that there are other South Korean actors who are also slated for the same fate. I wish Jae Wook the best in his service endeavors and hope for his safe return to civilian life in 2 years!

Best of Both Worlds: Kim Jae Wook

I’ll be the first to tell you that, in my humble opinion, actor, model and musician Kim Jae Wook’s appeal is somewhat of an acquired taste. Even though his facial features are attractive, he’s not known for his good looks. Neither is he known for having a tight, muscular bod. To the contrary, he’s actually a bit ethereal. So yes, there is an appeal, and I am trying to put my finger on it.

You may remember Jae Wook as Sun Ki from “Coffee Prince”. Sun Ki was the no-nonsense, blunt voice of reason in the coffee shop. He was also the only worker there that was of half Japanese descent. It was the cause of raised eyebrows and whispers in several scenes of the show, but eventually he became just as much a part of the family as the main characters.

I will be keeping my eye on 27-year-old Jae Wook. He’s not only an actor, but he’s a musician as well, and fronts in a band called “Walrus (named from Beatles song “I Am the Walrus”)”. I can appreciate the homage, since I myself am a big Beatles fan. Back to Jae Wook: because he was born in South Korea, but grew up until the age of 7 in Japan, he’s fluent in both Korean and Japanese. Impressive! More on this guy later.