Ki Sung Yueng: Watch Him Sweat

Anyone up for a game of soccer?! I am definitely not the one to run around chasing some ball, but if it involved playing with this guy I’ll be the first one on the field. Ki Sung Yueng is a Korean pro soccer player for Korea’s national team and the Scottish Premier League club Celtic. He went to college in Australia so he speaks English and I found out he has a perfect height of 6 feet 2 inches (You never have to worry about heel height!). That means he’s perfect; he can sweet talk you while you gaze up at him and slip into a state of total euphoria. Now after some careful thought, this is a case for extreme actions. If I were on the field with him I’d make sure to fall juusst right to sprain my ankle or at least bruise it. This way I can play the victim and be all like *whines* “Oh noooo owwww! My ankle, help me!” *with tear glazed puppy eyes holds my arms out to him* Now obviously he would come rushing over with major concern and kneel down, check my poor hurt ankle and swoop me right up into his arms while I rest my head snug on his shoulder and grin mischievously.Pssh! don’t judge me because I know how to take total advantage of a skinship opportunity! (KrisE, Fighting!!)

B.T.W!! Maybe its just me but doesnt he look like a hot hybrid of Lee Min Ho and Minho of SHINee?!!?

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: SHINee ‘Replay’)

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