Ryu Jin: Doctor K-Sexy

Real creative title right? I crack myself up ^_^ But nooo Ryu Jin isn’t a real doctor but he plays one in this weeks K-Drama: “I Really Really Like You”. His character Jang Joon Won was the Presidents son who would not stop freakin crying! His whole situation totally stressed me out but I appreciated it. Ajusshi is a seriously good actor even though I wasnt attracted to him in that drama. Seriously he was pretty chubby and bloated looking in the face and you all know my obsession with guys and their jaw lines.

However I did think he was some what cute ( I did..sorta!) BUT the best thing happened! Right after I finished that drama I starting watching “Baby Faced Beauty” (Next weeks K-Drama) and he plays CEO Ji Seung Il !!! O.M.G what a difference a few years makes! As you can see from his photos Ajusshi is soooo sexy! He ditched those pounds and is now this smoldering hot, chiseled faced, good hair, sexy suit wearing, be my future older husband guy! For even more eye candy you can catch Ryu Jin in the dramas “Baby Faced Beauty” and the currently airing “A Thousand Kisses” which is on its I dunno 50 something episode o_0 .

Yummy Stats: Height: 6 ft. Birthday: November 16, 1972. Age: 39. Blood Type: B. Star Sign: Scorpio. Sorry ladies, you can look but don’t you dare touch! Ajusshi is married.

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: BIG BANG ‘How Gee’ )

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