I Didn’t Know Genghis Khan Was This Hot

Tadanobu Asano’s portrayal of Genghis Khan, that is! But, I will mention that the real Genghis Khan has gone down in history as one of the biggest mac daddies ever. Hehe. Anyone else seen “Mongol”? Good film. A little slow, but its not like the biographical story of the young Khan involved choreographed action sequences and special effects.

Hmm, and there’s something about men with the surname Asano. Are they just hot by default? I say that because I know someone with that surname and he’s sexy for an older guy. Just sayin’.

Just about everyone in the world is familiar with Genghis Khan, the Mongolian warrior and conquerer. So there’s no need going into the synopsis of this movie. Check out what this article on Nationalgeographic.com says about the percentage of the world’s population whom’s ancestry can be traced back to Khan. Pretty amazing, huh? I would imagine that the majority of those people live in China and other Asian countries.

You may wonder where Tadanobu san gets his slightly exotic looks. Apparently, he’s part Native American. What a mixture! You may also know him as “Ichi the Killer.” Definitely more on this guy later…