Haruma Miura: Made in Japan

This is totally shocking! You all know I live for South Korea and everything KPOP and K-dramatic BUT! Yesterday while I was browsing for Hong Ki pics I stumbled across the BEAUTIFUL Japanese Haruma Miura. His face is freakin amazing isnt it!? I’m all about facial features, you know jaw structure, noses etc. He’s even gorgeous as a blonde, I mean just insanely gorgeous. He’s an actor and a member of a JPOP group called ‘Brash Brats’ (cute name haha). I’m really tempted to invade JPOP territory and check out that group and maybe one of his dramas but alas I cant based on fear of language confusion. Hmm Haruma Miura, if you read this do me a big favor learn Korean and become an Idol, thanks!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: SS501 ‘Ur Man’)

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15 thoughts on “Haruma Miura: Made in Japan

    • I like that striped tie pic too. In the main pic his expression reminded me of Joon Ji Hoon who played the Crown Prince in Goong.

      • Ketamine boy is almost out of his military service. I can’t wait for him to be back. If you’ve never seen The Naked Kitchen **chokes** Just wow.

  1. Oh my…. He’s pretty. Reminds me a little of Kame from KAT-TUN. But Japan does have some very smexy menz -gotta give them their due.

    Striped tie pic for the win!

  2. He was in the third season of Gokusen. If you’re going to pick up jdrama(which can be a bit more campy than the kdrama), the Gokusens are a really good place to start. You also get tons of other guys(most before they were big), if you start with the first series. You get Matsujun, Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin, Oguri Shun, Teppei Koike and more

      • It’s really fun. Hiroki Narimiya and Mokomichi Hayami are in them too and even Kenichi Matsuyama and Hiro Mizushima have small bit roles, I mean, so tiny that you almost miss them if you aren’t looking for them. There was also a follow up movie that brought characters from all three seasons together.

  3. He has awesome face structure. Gorgeous! I was curious about his ideal type and he said: Long black hair, Not tanned and Romantic. Plus, he’s only 21! 🙂

  4. He is good looking and this is a good picture of him.. I definately seen him in two movies, “Crows Zero II” and “Happy Chainsaw Edge”.. I’m not going to say thoughs movies are his best work but it seems he has a lot of stuff out there. So I will definately check him out!!

  5. Choi,
    I too, thought that he was Jun. Haruma can pass for his twin brother.Either way. both of them are just hot. Out of all of the Asian dramas I love, I like watching the ones that comes from Japan. I don’t know, to me, J- dramas seems to be more down to earth.

  6. Wow Haruma’s super gorgeous, he’s the first cutie I’ve seen since I got to Japan (surprisingly lol!) I’m definitely going to check out one of his J-dramas! Also, he looks great as a blonde, which is something I’m not too fond of, but he wears it well!

  7. ATLSis,

    I like J-dramas a lot too. They’re not as sad as many K-dramas are. In fact my favorite drama of any language is “Iryu: Team Medical Dragon” with Kenji Sakaguchi because I thought it was so well done. I usually only watch the K-dramas that have a lot of comic relief.

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