Jake Shimabukuro Never Fails To Amaze

34-year-old Japanese-American ukelele genius Jake Shimabukuro just released a new album entitled “PeaceLoveUkelele” and I thought I’d share the following video clip with all of you. He’s an amazing musician but most of all I admire the positive messages that he promotes through his music.

American mainstream music nowadays is (in my opinion) the most uninspiring music in human history. True, I’ve only been on the Earth for less than 30 years, but even back in the day when blues music (the basis for all American standard music) was in its infancy, fragile and struggling with its identity, it at least represented the despairing plight of an oppressed people. Today’s pop music seems to represent nothing, or rather, nothing of value. For numerous decades, it was going a good way for a while, but something happened on the way to heaven, and I think it’s lost that spark of creativity, passion and sincerity that made it so unique in the world. I have my own theories on why this has happened, but that’s for another discussion on a completely different blog.

Anyway, its incredibly refreshing for a musician like Jake to come along and showcase his musicianship. And to that I say: thank you Jake!! 🙂