Bi’s Long Hair Phase

Personally, I prefer the long hair on him. I think it accentuates his strong, exotic features. But I know he probably grew it out for Ninja Assassin, because just as soon as he was done with filming and promotions, his lovely dark locks were GONE! Lol. I was sad to see them go, although he’s gorgeous no matter what hairstyle he’s sportin’. But while we’re discussing it, let’s take a walk down long-haired Bi memory lane. Enjoy!

I don't think I could stand it if I met him face to face and he was looking like this *sigh*

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6 thoughts on “Bi’s Long Hair Phase

  1. To be honest,I prefer his hair short.Sorry BoaB,but that’s just me.When he was finished filming NA & started his LoR Tour with his new hairstyle I was like yay!!!
    But,to each his own I guess.Thanks for the pics though ^_^

  2. i know he had to grow it out for ‘NA’, but i was glad when it was gone…i think it was the style it was cut in…i LOVE his current short hair cut…

    i wonder what his military crew cut will look like…

  3. lol i felt the same way when it was all gone. i was like aawww man..cuz i kinda fell in love with the Raizo look

    but the Rainism look? with the red and slightly asymetric cut….my gawd it’s my favorite look on sexy lol i loved that look soooooo much. I want him to go back to it.

  4. …and his eyewear isn’t too shabby on him either.

    There is something about eyeglasses on some guys that really make them look sophisticated. Some guys even buy fake glasses just to make themselves look more appealing to women. Bi looks good with his. Far as his hair, I can take him both ways.

  5. I think my favorite hair on him so far is the look he had in the Esquire shoots. I def prefer him with shorter hair. The Rainism/Fugitive look only could look good on him, it made him so adorable. I will admit though that I liked when he would have his long hair in a ponytail. I also love him in glasses. The right glasses on men takes them up a notch.

  6. I prefer the long hair, it makes him look sooooo sexy and mature looking. The short hair at times makes him look like a teenager, not as manly!

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