Homegrown Hottie: Jay Park

I talked about homegrown hotties in my last post on the SME Global Auditions. The men were ultra sexy and deserve to have the spotlight shined on them, individually. The first homegrown hottie is none other than Jay Park. Jay, who was born and raised in Washington State, showed an early interest in the hip-hop culture, specifically b-boying. For those who don’t know, a b-boy is someone who break-dances. He auditioned for JYP when he was 17 and was brought to Korea to undergo what I like to call “Idol Training”. Idol Training is for all budding kpop artist. They undergo months, if not years of dance and singing lessons. Since Jay was a Korean-American, he also had to receive Korean language and cultural lessons.

In 2008, 2PM debut with Jay Park as their leader and quickly rose to fame.
Jay would eventually have to withdraw from 2PM due to some controversial comments against Korea he posted on his Myspace page. I personally think the netizens blew it out of proportion. How would they feel if they had to leave their home and live a new country where they didn’t know the language or have any friends. JYP released him from his contract and he returned to the States. He made his comeback through Youtube by posting videos of himself break dancing and singing. In 2010 he returned to Korea and in April of 2011, he released a mini-album as a solo artist. He plans on releasing a full length album in January 2012. As you can see from the pictures, Jay Park looks good in and out of clothes but good grief, please raise your hand if you want to see more pictures with him shirt-less. 🙂

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