Rick Yune Starred In an Action Film

Rick Yune stars in "The Fifth Commandment"

Even if he had to (reportedly) fund it himself, in 2008, Rick Yune starred in “The 5th Commandment” in which he plays Chase Templeton, an assassin who turns down a job that hits too close to home and finds himself targeted by the elite members of his profession.

Why is Rick Yune starring in an action film of significance? Quite honestly, there is a very small percentage of Asian men who have actually starred in Hollywood American films. Most times, they are sidekicks or “tokens”, and usually the portrayal of them is not in a positive light. I’m sure Rick Yune has dealt with discrimination in Hollywood repeatedly, and no doubt was/is fed up with it.

I could understand that chances would be low for an Asian man to become A-list in Hollywood if he didn’t speak fluent English or just didn’t have what it took to appeal to the masses. But Rick Yune? Good-looking? Check. Talented? Check. Speaks fluent English? Check. FOR WHAT REASON IS THIS MAN NOT MORE WIDELY KNOWN OR FAMOUS? Now, please understand that I have reservations about fame and what it takes to be successful in Hollywood. I believe a lot of unsavory occurrences go on behind the scenes that the public will probably never know about. Perhaps Rick has made a decision not to sell his soul for fame and success in Hollywood. But I know that there are good-looking, talented, and English-speaking Asian males that would! Where are they?

Triple threat: Rick Yune's good-looking, talented and speaks fluent English

Ok ok, getting slightly off the subject here. If you do the chance, check out “The 5th Commandment” and tell me your thoughts as to why a man like this isn’t more popular than he is?