[M/V] Arashi – Monster

Five piece J-pop boyband Arashi (meaning “storm” in Japanese) has recently released an album with “Monster” as their first single. “Monster” is not my favourite song, but I’m willing to give it a few more tries. Some may argue that it is not as good as the songs being spit out by the well-oiled machine that is K-pop, but I really don’t think that comparing J-pop to K-pop is comparing apples to apples. We’re talking comparing apples to some exotic, unknown, weird-tasting fruit only available in its native country, which is some remote island that you can only reach during certain times of the year by boat (and you gotta climb a 40-ft tree to pick). Yeah, two totally different things. At any rate: Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!
P.S. – Having MatsuJun as the lead singer is an added bonus. He’s *gorgeous*! 😉

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I Wish Jun Matsumoto Worked In My Office

Why? I’d be workin’ late just to ensure that I just, ya know, by chance, end up working as late as him and conveniently ask if he’s had dinner and if not (which I know he hasn’t), suggest a great Thai restaurant downtown that we could go to together. I’d be emailing and instant messaging him for work-related issues that I could very well handle on my own, but just, ya know, run by him for his opinion, to make sure that I’m promoting the harmony and communication between the U.S. and Japan office ;). I’d take tea breaks downstairs (even though I work on the second floor) to make sure, ya know, that I run into him on the 1st floor where he works, and educate him on my morning breakfast routine of eating oatmeal with blueberries or bananas. I’d notice that he takes cigarette breaks way too often throughout the day and suggest he quit. I’d speak really bad, broken Japanese to him just so he’d take the time out to correct and teach me.

Yeah. I really wish Jun chan worked in my office. Enjoy 🙂

“Kimi Wa Petto”: A Japanese Drama That Black Women Can Relate To

A must-see!

Its been several years since I’ve seen this drama, but the storyline has stayed with me and is just as fresh in my mind as when I finished watching it.

Kimi Wa Petto (You Are My Pet), is the story of a successful young Japanese businesswoman, named Sumire, who is beautiful on the surface, but lonely and emotionally detached on the inside. The only thing that brings a smile to her face is the memory of her childhood pet, a shaggy dog named Momo. But one day, she comes home to something she doesn’t expect—a sick young man at her doorstep who is in need of food, water and shelter. The man ends up living with Sumire even after he becomes well, under the condition that he provides her with unconditional love and adoration when she comes home from work (much like her childhood pet). Sumire soon learns through her budding relationship with her new boy pet “Momo”, that she is not an island. A must-see!
I think black women can relate to Sumire because a lot of us have spent the better parts of our lives trying to better ourselves, whether that be through higher education or moving up the corporate ladder. Any successful black woman will tell you that in order to make it in this world, the womanly instinct you are born with, whether that be caring or nurturing, must be stifled. Afterall, it is a man’s world (even today). Sumire’s character is of particular note because she is in a culture that is known to oppress women who wish to reach beyond gender roles that demand being a woman synonymous with being a housewife.

On top of all of that, Jun Matsumoto plays “Momo”, and I just adore him. I’ve also heard that a Korean adaptation is in the works, which I’d love to see. You can watch Kimi Wa Petto here(many thanks to http://www.mysoju.com!!). As usual, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. And don’t forget to subscribe!