Joonie Is Kissalicious In Kiss Republic

Shawty what yo name is?? Yes, I know his name is Lee Joon, and normally I don’t look twice at Joonie, but I might add that I had to do a double take of ol’ boy when I saw these shots for the first time. He’s lookin’ like a man (Cheondung is still my favourite though)! As reported on,
Joonie is modeling underwear for Kiss Republic and looking as kissable as all get out. Enjoy!

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17 thoughts on “Joonie Is Kissalicious In Kiss Republic

  1. i have been oggling that picture on his tumblr
    on and off for the past few hours (shame);
    and i and my co-worker have
    been marveling at the many faces of joonie.
    he is as irresistible above,
    as he is expressing his love for pikachu…
    and he loves him some pikachu!
    but it’s that top picture that arouses
    certain feelings in me that
    i am not entirely comfortable with.
    am i bad?

  2. I could imagine my late grandmother saying “Lawd had mercy”, if she was looking at Joonie’s picture. I will repeat her words. Man, those guys are really shedding their innocence. Joonie and MBLAQ are moving from boys to men.

  3. uh oh…joonie’s packing some serious guns…getting to be more and more like his hyung….i almost didn’t recognize his face…

    i didn’t hate the blond hair…but i’m very happy to see the dark hair is back, even if temporarily…

  4. I myself prefer him with the dark hair. All of his features come front and center. He is like his big brother Rain in that he can go from sexy to down right adorable. Rain better watch out that he doesn’t take over while he is away.

      • me too!
        i found “gilbert’s” admiration for go’s lips refreshing,
        and was debating how to go about welcoming brother gilbert to the club.
        hi lei!

    • anyway,
      i agree with you
      i think that’s why bi’s so taken with him,
      and tolerates all his, shall we say, “eccentricities”
      i’m betting bi has some eccentricities himself,
      but whereas joonie’s bi-polar leanings sometimes get in his way,
      bi is better able to keep them under control (wraps).

      • hahaha whatthefrell, I am sure you did find that comment refreshing coming from Gilbert. Nope I am all girl and appreciate GO’s lips framed by facial hair.

        Regarding Joon and Rain, I just love the fact that a guy can be silly one minute and then cock his eyebrow the next and give you that “come hither” look. It is an outstanding quality. One I have only experienced a couple of times and just hope with all my heart that my future husband embodies that quality.

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