[M/V] Miyavi – Strong & What’s My Name?

Big big big big big huge thanks to whatthefrell for tipping me off to this guy. He is amazing! His name is Takamasa Ishihara but is better known by his stagename in Japan as Miyavi. If you check out the video clip of his single “Strong” (where he plays guitar and popular Japanese rapper Kreva rhymes) and “What’s My Name?”, you’ll know why he’s called such names as the “guitar ninja” or “samurai guitarist”. No doubt these monikers hint to his nationality, but they may also hint to the speed, precision and grace with which he plays his guitar. I’m digging his talent and style, and even more so I appreciate his unabashed trek off of the beaten path of the musical “same ol’ same ol'”. We’ll be keeping an eye on this guy. Enjoy the videos!

Miyavi featuring Kreva – Strong

Miyavi – What’s My Name

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