[M/V] Jung Jinwoon – Now or Never

2AM singer Jinwoon has been hard at work at his solo career. I’m really proud of the route he’s taking. The style of music he’s chosen seems a road less traveled by most K-pop stars. He’s obviously proving that he isn’t like the rest. I think he’s onto something. Let’s support him, you guys. Follow him on Twitter @ 2AMjinwoon. P.S. – I’m liking the vid…very Peter Gabriel-esque….

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5 thoughts on “[M/V] Jung Jinwoon – Now or Never

    • OMG!! You hit it right on the head with Peter Gabriel, I was almost thinkin Duran, Duran, but i knew it felt like the 80’s Pop culture.. I kinda like the song, but I absolutely love the video!!

  1. Vidoewise, I see Peter( Kind of reminds me of this “Sledge hammer” video) ,but has a little of that Seal sound in his music. It’s great that he’s sampling another genre of music. It just has a true appreciation of music. Rock music may not be as predominate as pop or hip-hop,but it’s not dead and if the right person brings it out then hits can come from it.

  2. I want to like the song because of the cool muisc video and his nice voice. I’ll have to keep an eye on him, he might drop something incredible, and its nice to see him trying something different. Sometimes you gotta rock out^^!

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