The Men of “My Princess”

Oooh y’all, besides sexy Bi, other Korean guys got me all hot and bothered. At 30-years-old havin’ hot flashes and whatnot. There’s just nonstop hotness. I can’t escape K-hotness. On that note, I just finished watching “My Princess”, a Korean drama released earlier this year. And while, yes, it was a well-written story with excellent acting a cute-as-a-button lead actress, the leading men really got my attention. 3 sexy guys all in one drama…

Song Seung Heon plays Park Hae Young, a 31-year-old dashing diplomat who’s love for the lead female character is in conflict of interest of his original agenda to keep her from the throne. He’s rich, good-looking, self-assuming and a straight-up jerk with a killer fashion sense. But under his cold exterior is a lonely, lost little boy needing unwavering love and loyalty.

Ryu Soo Young plays Nam Jung Woo, a 32-year-old handsome college professor of the lead female character (she has a huge schoolgirl crush on him). He’s a man of principle, down-to-earth, kind, but stern. His passion for Korean history and genuine concern for his young, naive student naturally employs him as her protector and advocate.

B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang plays Gun-I, a 20-something palace cook who turns out to be one of the would-be princess’ dearest friends. He’s cute, playful, flirty and wears his heart on his sleeve. Something you’re not able to discern from his chef uniform is this. Well damn. I know you B2ST fans out there have long realized this, but this is a first for me. Oh how I love surprises like this.

If you ask me who’s my favourite, I honestly don’t have one. They are all equally essential to the storyline, in my opinion.