Seo Tai Ji: Korea’s Cultural President

Seo Tai Ji

I actually stumbled across Seo Tai Ji, age 38, and hadn’t heard of him until a few weeks ago. I’ve done research, and I can understand why he’s gained such a lofty title. He’s also often referred to as the “Michael Jackson of Korea” for his popularity, cultural influence and contributions to Korea, similar to that of Michael Jackson’s in the mid-80s to mid-90s.

Born in 1972 as Jeong Hyeon-cheol, he’s been in several bands and a dance group, but now operates as a solo artist. Since I love rock music, I was pleasantly surprised to listen to some of his music, and found it reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine (although I hate to compare), and Korn.

More interestingly, Seo Tai Ji is said to be single and has been for quite some time. Which brings me to another subject that will be touched on later: why are so many (seemingly eligible) Korean entertainers single? Is it just me? Might it have something to do with South Korea’s low birthrate? I would love to hear your thoughts. More on this man later…