[M/V] Kim Tae Woo (featuring Bi & JYP) – Brothers & Me

Check out Kim Tae Woo’s latest comeback single “Brothers & Me” featuring our Bi and JYP. I am probably the last of the Mohicans posting this, and I apologize for my lateness!

Awwww!! Its Bi and his two “big brothers” Kim Tae Woo and JYP. I get a totally warmfuzzy from this video and song. These three guys have formed a bond over the years that likely cannot be easily broken.

We all know JYP, and I’m sure we’ve heard Bi raving about Tae Woo. He’s the guy that brought bread to a young, starving Bi (pre-debut) in a dance studio on Christmas Eve. Tae Woo was in the pop/r&b group G.O.D. at the time and G.O.D. was at the height of their popularity. Bi recounts Tae Woo’s kindness fondly, and the two have been good friends ever since.

One has probably noticed that Bi is a “hugger” from the many videos we’ve observed him in. He once confessed that he wanted a “soft girl” with a “bit of a belly” because he got a warm, protected feeling whenever he hugged his good friend Tae Woo, who felt like a “teddy bear”. Can you just feel the love?? 🙂

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Who I am Bitofabelly81 aka boab81, founder of Black Women Love Bi (BWLB): An Asian Men Appreciation Blog Why Because I love Bi/Rain/비/Jung Jihoon. I have never been inspired to start a blog/site for any celebrity/public figure, until I learned about Bi. He is the whole reason this blog exists. If it weren't for him, I would know nothing about the world of K-pop (which I adore), nor would I care. I am also a big fan of Japan and all things Japanese. I strive to feature men of all Asian ethnicities on the blog, but since K-pop and Hallyu are very popular, this blog has a tendency to lean more towards features on Korean men. Follow me on Twitter blackwomenloveb Find BWLB on Facebook here Wanna drop me a tip? Wanna say hi? Wanna say anything? Email me at bitofabelly81@gmail.com

29 thoughts on “[M/V] Kim Tae Woo (featuring Bi & JYP) – Brothers & Me

  1. “Brothers And Me” is pure sweetness to the ears. I’m just amazed how much talent like theirs and Bi are being overlooked. These guys are more than just K-pop, they are K-everything.

    I wonder how serious is Bi when he said that he wanted a woman with a “bit of a belly”? Let’s say that he really likes that feature in women. I can imagine a lot of women smiling like crazy knowing that they wouldn’t have to look like stick figures to please him.

    • isn’t it a beautiful song? And each guy singing on it is amazingly talented!!
      I think Bi would fall in love with any woman no matter what her size (within reason). But yes, women of all ages and size LOVE him because he’s said more than a few times that he doesn’t care about age or weight or height. So of course, just about any woman could imagine being his…

  2. Rain.
    Love his lips,
    love his voice.
    I couldn’t tell you anything
    about the theory of vibration,
    but it’s as though the vibration of his voice
    is in tune with that of the human body.
    His voice is like a flowing river,
    of warm waters and an easy current.
    Strong enough to get carried away,
    but it feels so good,
    you almost don’t care
    if it pulls you under
    and you drown.
    So much so,
    that as I am at work,
    I could not listen to the entire song.
    The way his voice makes you feel is like,
    it’s like receiving Anna’s bliss.

    I understand he gave the controlling share of his company to JYP.
    I am assuming he did this in preparation for going into the army.
    I imagine he trusts JYP implicitly.
    I just hope he doesn’t get screwed over while he’s away.
    I don’t know if there’s a precedent for this type of thing.
    Idols go into the military all the time, eventually.
    But I don’t know if any of them have been,
    or are as successful as Rain.
    It’s like they look at entering military service
    as a death and rebirth kind of thing.
    Rain seems like he has a plan after getting out,
    and we’ll most definitely be supporting him.
    Also, I happened to run into him the other day,
    and he seems in much better spirits,
    than he was when I last saw him on his 30th birthday.
    I know, I’m a complete mess.

    • Now I’m in a complete mess,that you blessed in knowing him…..I am just praying that I get the concert ticket to see him when he comes to Germany in May.I have a 6 hour drive,but I don’t care,it will be a dream come true for me.

    • Wow, you KNOW him?…….I’m sooo “jealous” in the, I wanna be your sister and you can take me with you when you see him, kinda way.

      I read an interview recently, where he spoke about his plans after the military and he stated that after the military he planned to come to the U.S. and concentrate on his acting while staying here. So, I really hope he remains true to that statement. I would love to see him stateside!

      • I am so sorry,
        BoaB you were right the first time,
        I was only joking!
        I was just in if-you-build-it-they-will-come-mode;
        I was in fantasy land.
        It was the only way I felt comfortable writing about him
        as though I actually knew him.
        It was just pretend.
        Actually, from what I gather,
        every other participant on this site
        has a much better chance of meeting him than i do.
        Although I’ve met and hung out with my fair share
        of infamous individuals.
        Me and Rain…
        like a cold day in hell.
        I do not know him and probably never will.
        I was so wrong for that
        and I apologize.

  3. Oh yes, my dear I have already “worn out” this song. I absolutely LOVE IT!! I love the whole vibe of the video and the song. BI would stay naked, because if he was my man I would be CONSTANTLY “raiding” his closet. LOVE the style here!!! I love that he’s affectionate, but the hug around the waist…..let’s just say My guy wouldn’t do that with his buddies, but it’s ALL GOOD. That’s the Korean way and I think it’s great!!

    • ok BiAlamode we were thinking the SAME THING, lol. I love this guy’s style. And I love the way clothes fall on his body. Ooh ooh ooh. As far as Bi in his birthday suit, oh lawdy lawd, lol! RING THE ALARM!!!
      Did you ever see the pics where his male (Fugitive Plan B) co-star was sitting on his lap while they were watching playback of some scenes they’d just filmed?? I thought it was a little stange, but like you said, its the Korean way, and our boy is just about as manly as it gets!!

      • @BOAB81,

        Yes I did see that during Fugitive filming, I also saw a pic of Bi sitting in the Director’s lap as well watching the playback of the scene he just shot. Yes, I agree with everyone’s assessment here in the West it’s strange to us to see open male to male affection, especially if it’s not father to son. You barely see it with those who are related for real. It’s just not taught here (regarding male to male) for that kind of open affection to be acceptable. I wish it were. Unfortunately, there are always conotations put on this type of affection and some people are “terrorized” because of it.

        My honest opinion is that when we are children, even here in the West, that is the the time in our lives when we are the most open and the most free with our emotions. Have you ever watched how kids interact with one another. It’s not until we become older and start going to school, that society’s “norms” are placed on us and then we start to search for the little “box” we are supposed to fit in. Guys here would probably be more openly affectionate if it was more accepted. But alas, it’s not. One can only hope that times will change.

  4. I too love that about Korean men.
    I love that they don’t give it a second thought.
    It’s not an issue.
    You’re friends, you love them, you mess with them.
    I love the way they reach out for each other,
    they way they lean on each other.
    It’s so sweet, and it’s as it should be.
    The men in the diverse group of people I hang out with,
    that is when I hang out, can be like that.
    It warms my heart to see that kind of relaxed friendship.
    Here, in most all cases, you have to be on the football team; or,
    you see guys show affection for each other,
    and then suddenly it devolves into a punching match.
    Showing affection for one another is only human,
    and it’s a beautiful thing.

  5. Hey, that was a really nice song.
    I’m guessing that out of that group,
    JYP himself aside, Rain is the maknae,
    because he hogs the last frame
    as only a maknae would…

  6. yea it’s not strange there to see friends of the same sex holding hands, and in girls cases(arms hooked around arm).

    When it comes to intimate(close) friendships, koreans are very affectionate people.

    One thing I’ve noticed in particular about Bi…1) he’s affectionate all on his own….but usually only when it involves an “older brother”. it’s like he automatically shrinks himself to “little brother” status…and not just figuratively but literally leans on his older brother lol.

    At the same time, I’ve seen him get up in arms about a guy getting to close and touching him too much lol. so it depends on who it is haha.

  7. Another thing….

    In the US we have this too…it’s called a Bromance lol. Where two hetero guys are such good friends/buddies/comrads/homies/dawgs/ that it almost looks like they’re in love. haha

    There was a whole show on bromances

    and of course if your a fan of the show called Scrubs or the show Community…they take it to another level…especially with Turk and JD in Scrubs lol (youtube the video “turk and JD guy love” ).

    So we have the same affectionate relationships between guys..but it’s used as a punchline almost lol.

  8. I cannot even explain the amount of joy I get from watching this video! All of the comments here are exactly what I was thinking and what I wanted to say! It is a pleasure to see men show friendship and compassion without societal boundaries! Given the amount of love Rain was giving out, I would know a woman of his would be well cared for!

    And he really is a maknae…the way he was “hamming it up” for the camera was hilarious! Rain always makes me smile on the outside as well as the inside!

    • @StarRain: Awwww Bi the maknae….right?? Such a cutie pie with those gorgeous lips 🙂 And ain’t it the truth when you see his smile you find yourself grinning like a fool without even realizing it?? lol

  9. Thinking about this subject of “Bromance”, I went in search of the deeper meaning of why Korean males are so comfortable in expressing male to male affection openly. I came across an interesting read on another blog called “Ask A Korean”. He allows those with questions about all things Korean to ask and he answers with the post. I thought this article in particular spoke to the subject of bromance in a very matter of fact way. Check it out:


    • @Dynasticqueen,

      “Hay” dynasticqueen, (Smiles), you found another one of my favorite “hangout spots” (SMILES). You KNOW I feel you on that, he may as well set up a “hugging booth” because I Intend to “Make Contact” before he leaves my presence. My “fantasy” (at least One of them anyway…..SMILES) is me and Ji-Hoon accidentally ending up in the same place at the same time and just so happens I am the “only soul” in that very spot. Hmmm……imagine that! No need for further dialogue…………….

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