Lee Min Ki: I Really Really Like Him

I have seriously been dying to do this profile on actor, model and singer Lee Min Ki! The main photo of oppa is my laptop background that’s how much I love him! Pssh! Becoming my laptop background is a big deal since only the top guys on my list get to grace it ^_^

Anyway ugh there’s not enough I can say about oppa because to me he’s perfect! He’s literally like 4 of my bias all rolled into a 6 foot tall body of model perfection. No seriously look at him! He looks like Kim Heechul, Hyun Bin, 2pms Chansung and Se7en (circa 2007) all mixed together! He has a goofy super cute smile like Alice’s Cheshire cat, chocolate-brown eyes and high extremely defined cheekbones. No he’s not totally built and he is pretty thin but I love his lanky body and long legs..Hes just plain sexy and he’s such a good actor!

In this weeks K-Drama: “I Really Really Like You” he plays Presidential Secret Service Agent, Nam Bong Ki. I absolutely loved his acting; he has so many different facial expressions and he really draws you in during those sad and angry moments. His acting was just so natural that he became the main focus of the drama for me. Lee Min Ki has a long list of dramas and movies he’s been in and can currently be seen in the movie “Quick” and up coming drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” .

Yummy Stats: 6ft tall. Birthday: January 16, 1985. Age: 27. Majored in Art. Blood Type A. Star Sign: Capricorn. BTW! I almost forgot he likes OLDER women and heres what he had to say during an interview in August of 2011

“I do get very lonely.  I would love to be in a relationship.  The other day, I felt so alone at home, I found myself wishing I was in a relationship with a woman in her mid-30’s. Age doesn’t really matter to me.”

Bu..buu…but oppa! What about me!!!?!?!? -_-

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: 2NE1 FIRE )

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11 thoughts on “Lee Min Ki: I Really Really Like Him

  1. God! you’re not kidding! Lee also reminds me of one other person,but he’s not a K-popper. At least with the big top photos, he looks a little ghoulish like Alice Cooper.Like you said this man looks like so many people. I also see a little Rain, Junho and another Kpop entertainer that has temporarily left my mind.

  2. He’s pure HOTNESS!! I like guys with have an edgy style & I definitely love the tatts…… WOW! I’m 38yrs (I don’t do my age so it’s all good, you know blacks don’t crack lol lol) I’m ok with 27yrs lol lol lol jokes aside, thanks for presenting him to us!!! 🙂

    BTW, I have Cha Seung Won on my computer background! Yup I love edgy lol lol 🙂

  3. Oh, my, KrisE….he is so sexy!!!! I can see what you mean when you see the different others like Rain and them in there…..i see why hes on your desktop…..good taste, girl!!

    P.S. I know he said that hes checking for older women—-in their mid- 30s (such as myself ^_^). but remember he said that age doesn’t matter to him—- so there’s hope for your yet, girl!!!!!………………..^_^

    • haha Sherry!

      Yes he makes me smile every morning and every night. Hes the last image I see…thats pretty sad actually hmm hahahaha

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