[M/V] Toshi Kubota – Breaking Through

Mr. Toshinobu Kubota is a 49-year-old Japanese soul singer hailing from Shizuoka, Japan. “Breaking Though”, released in 2004 on “Time To Share”, was his third album effort to break into the U.S. market. Since I had never heard of Kubota san since a few years ago (and through Youtube searches, no less), I am lead to believe that his efforts to break into the U.S. market did not go so well. The name of the song could also refer to what seems to be an interracial relationship. What do you think?

I feel that he sings with feeling, and to me that is the most important aspect of being an artist sharing his craft with the world. He also puts me in the mind of one of my favourite soul/r&b groups The Stylistics. Besides the fact that he sings soul/r&b, I appreciate his choice of love interest in “Breaking Through”‘s music video. 🙂 I was concerned if Kubota san is still releasing albums, and thankfully, according to Wikipedia, he has for the past years since “Time To Share”, the latest of which being “Gold Skool”, released August 3, 2011. I will be up late downloading tonight 😉 Check out the latest release from that album here.