Jay Chou and Yu Hao: Piano Battle!

A short and sweet one, if at all, starting @ 1:35. Check out this video clip of popular Chinese actor, singer, musician Jay Chou’s piano battle with famed Taiwanese music group NQMM’s pianist and rapper Yu Hao. At first I tried to truly listen and determine who was better, but then, I just ended up enjoying it, and I think you will to! Not quite sure about the rapping, though 😉

Is Jay Chou Poison?

Apparently, Cameron Diaz thinks so. I just don’t know what to make of this article. And I don’t know if Cameron is totally to blame or if she’s being made an example of. Either way, its weird that she reportedly wouldn’t kiss Jay in “The Green Hornet” film because “she felt the story would lead to a complexity she didn’t want to deal with“. What the?? I am really struggling with this one. She, as an A-list Hollywood actress, had the chance to help eradicate the sexless-Asian-male typecast, but instead she desisted! Do you think a sista would’ve acted out like that?? I think not!

Why do you think Cameron wouldn’t kiss Jay (pictured below)? Do you buy what this article is trying to say? Maybe there’s something deeper going on here, but I am certainly blind to it. I am just mystified. Talk to me.

Don't worry Jay: We would have NO problem kissing you!