From Prankees To Partners 2

Bi and Sun Ah are at it again in this English subbed clip of the dance practice sessions for Bi’s comeback tv special. If you haven’t already seen this, you will really enjoy it. It gives us even deeper insight into Bi as a person, and how he interacts with others. I can’t blame Sun Ah for the several passes she made at Bi…I’d probably be much the same, lol. My favourite part is in the very beginning when they are having an instant message conversation. Bi’s slow typing is just plain adorable!

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17 thoughts on “From Prankees To Partners 2

  1. How did Sun Ah do it?

    How can this woman work with a hottie such as Bi, especially with those provocative dance moves that she have to make with him? Geez!

  2. i know rain likes her because she’s nice and fun to be around…but i wonder… what would she have done if those tarot cards said that she and rain were meant for each other? she was willing to give him a chance when she was pranked the first time…sometimes she looks at him with a little smile, possibly thinking other than platonic thoughts…perhaps ‘what if?’ thoughts…and then she shakes it off and says something funny…rain is joking with her (kissing himself lol), but i think if he gave her an inkling that he’d go out with her, she’d go for it…she cried when he presented her birthday gifts, so there’s some emotion there…i don’t want to say he’s toying with her, even if he doesn’t mean it or know it…it’s not mean-spirited, but it seems like the joke’s always on her…she takes it in stride with good humor…i don’t know, maybe it’s just me…but it would be torture for me..

    • I think they became friends because of her great sense of humor. Bi could tell that he could joke around with her but still keep her at a distance. Like you said, its probably not mean-spirited. He probably is around alot of females that profess their love for him, and once he turns them down he probably loses them as friends. But here’s Sun Ah, a noona who he can be good friends with, and joke with, and she won’t get hurt. Afterall, he does deserve to have a female friend that he can be himself around without worrying if he’s going to hurt her feelings. Me, personally, I wouldn’t be able to take it. It would be, like you said, “torture”. I know how my mind and heart works and it would just be too much.
      I think, to keep one’s sanity, it would be best to play it cool, and if Bi is at all interested, he will indeed make the first moves. If he doesn’t, its safe to say he’s not interested. Simple “he’s just not that into you” logic…

  3. I have to agree. I couldn’t dance with him in such a close intimate way knowing that I had feelings (even slightly) and knowing that the feeling is not mutual. I would always wonder in the back of my mind how he Actually regards me. Personally, I don’t like uncertainty, LET ME KNOW……even if it’s something I don’t particularly want to hear.

    A similar situation happened to me in real life, in my early dating life. I worked in the same building with the “object of my affection.” He had some feelings for me, but he regarded me as an “innocent” (even though I was an adult) and he wanted “a grown woman” however I believe he genuinely wanted to be friends with me, but acted as if he had no clue as to the emotional toll it was taking on me. I said to myself…..”Now you know this is bullshiggity!” I had to separate myself from him COMPLETLELY. If I saw him coming down the hall, I turned and walked the other way. If he came into the same room, I walked out. He soon got the message. I did not speak to him again until I was no longer affected by him. It was SO refreshing to be able to look him in the eye and feel nothing. I didn’t hate him or anything, I just had absolutely no romantic feeling for him whatsoever, that’s when I knew I was free of him. Soon after, I met my now husband. Yes, when he (former object of my affection) saw my husband and saw me getting serious with him, Oh he was BESIDE himself, but he got over it. He had no choice. I was with someone who wanted ME and wasn’t “toying” with my emotions. 15 years later hubby and I are happy and going strong (even with my Rain crush….SMILES). So, Sun Ah is a saint in my book!

    • @BiAlamode: wow, I actually have a very similar experience. It was years ago, but I can relate. Its tough being around someone that you have strong feelings for. They are all non-chalant and uneffected, but you’re dying inside everytime you see him. TRUST, I know the feeling.

  4. “Personally, I don’t like uncertainty, LET ME KNOW……even if it’s something I don’t particularly want to hear. ” BiAlamode

    I hear you, I have been in too many situations like that. Are we, aren’t we? It is torture. I think they are able to have a decent platonic relationship. They probably don’t hang out on the regular, because I think that would be way too much for her. I give her credit. I couldn’t do it. When he asked her to dance with him, I would’ve said no. Being that close to him knowing I am attracted to everything about him would kill me inside.

    • @Lei: it’d hurt, but the best course of action would be to say “no”, unless he had a REALLY GOOD REASON (like career advancement) why he chose me as his partner. And “because you’re the prettiest” ain’t gonna cut it! lol That kind of stuff can drive a woman wild. I think Sun Ah probably went a little nuts by the time this project was completed…

  5. Oh my goodness. I would’ve cried too, that is why I couldn’t do it. I wonder if he has any idea the affect he could have on people?

  6. i’m inclined to believe that’s why she cried when he gave her the gifts…they had just spent all that time together, in very close proximity…she shuddered more than once when he did the calf-to-thigh hand sweep…then he invites her to dinner, and she dressed up very nicely…probably wondering what in the world was going to happen, esp since it was her birthday…it was set up more like a date than a dinner with a friend…then he surprises her with, among other things, jewelry…i know he can afford it like it’s nothing…but it’s not a small thing to a woman…she was clearly overwhelmed, but i think it was a bittersweet feeling…to him, success…after all, he made her laugh, cry and was being very thoughtful, right?…to her? she probably did cry some more when she got home…

    i think he knows full well his effect on women…but since sun ah was such a good sport and kept things light, rain seemed to think everything’s ok…maybe it is…i don’t know…i agree, couldn’t be me…

    i love rain, but i know he’s not perfect…he’s still learning, which is probably more difficult considering his popularity…but it was kind of hard for me to watch this, knowing what sun ah might have been feeling…

    • Now, if I was Sun Ah, I wouldn’t gotten the point by his reaction when she told him “if I’m pretty, then date me”. BUT, if I was particularly thick-headed and still didn’t get the point, at the b-day dinner he had for her, I’d lose the tarot card reader, the cameramen, and whoever else was around, so it’d be just me and him. THEN I’d ask him straight up what the deal was. He couldn’t run away at that point! If he confessed that he just sees me as a friend, I’d thank him for his honesty, leave the dinner, hold up my end of the bargain and continue to be his dance partner for the show, then cut off all contact, lol. I would be so crazy about him, that I couldn’t be joked around with, and it would just hurt too much. This would be for my own sanity… THAT SAID, I know this was a show, so Sun Ah in reality couldn’t just walk away. But, just sayin…

      • By the way, the cut off all contact would be any uncessary banter (like when he immed her while she was minding her business, etc). I’d still be kind and polite to him if I saw him out and about or at some event, but that would be to the extent of it.

  7. When she says “If I am the prettiest-then see me” Is that when she meant “then-date me”? If so I was wondering why I never remember seeing that part.

    I know about cutting off all contact because it hurts too much, but knowing me, it would hurt also when he wouldn’t even try to contact me again. I have been in that situation. Knew it was best for me that contact was cut off, but than got mad as molasses that the guy didn’t try harder :/

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