The Men of “My Princess”

Oooh y’all, besides sexy Bi, other Korean guys got me all hot and bothered. At 30-years-old havin’ hot flashes and whatnot. There’s just nonstop hotness. I can’t escape K-hotness. On that note, I just finished watching “My Princess”, a Korean drama released earlier this year. And while, yes, it was a well-written story with excellent acting a cute-as-a-button lead actress, the leading men really got my attention. 3 sexy guys all in one drama…

Song Seung Heon plays Park Hae Young, a 31-year-old dashing diplomat who’s love for the lead female character is in conflict of interest of his original agenda to keep her from the throne. He’s rich, good-looking, self-assuming and a straight-up jerk with a killer fashion sense. But under his cold exterior is a lonely, lost little boy needing unwavering love and loyalty.

Ryu Soo Young plays Nam Jung Woo, a 32-year-old handsome college professor of the lead female character (she has a huge schoolgirl crush on him). He’s a man of principle, down-to-earth, kind, but stern. His passion for Korean history and genuine concern for his young, naive student naturally employs him as her protector and advocate.

B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang plays Gun-I, a 20-something palace cook who turns out to be one of the would-be princess’ dearest friends. He’s cute, playful, flirty and wears his heart on his sleeve. Something you’re not able to discern from his chef uniform is this. Well damn. I know you B2ST fans out there have long realized this, but this is a first for me. Oh how I love surprises like this.

If you ask me who’s my favourite, I honestly don’t have one. They are all equally essential to the storyline, in my opinion.

11 thoughts on “The Men of “My Princess”

  1. Oh yes!!!! I remember ‘Song Seung Heun’ from “Autumn Tale” and although his eyes are to die for, I found myself drawn to his costar ‘Won Bin’. That K-drama was one of the best I’ve see so far and so so deep. I will definitely have to check this one out.

    BTW – SSH really looks good in that towel. :sighs:

  2. Oh My Goodness! I was wondering if you were going to put anything up about Song Seung Heun, he’s one of my new obsessions although I have way too many of them. (I’m just so happy you put something up about him) 🙂 I loved My Princess, its a great show, I also liked the three guys you listed the most in that series. I don’t know if you caught a glimpse of the Princess’ Sunbae, but he is gorgeous too (played by Joo Sang Wook). I loved him in Paradise Farm with Max Changmin from TVXQ and The Great Queen Seondeok with Kim Nam Gil from Bad Boy (I cried my eyes out on that show, hated the ending). Both awesome shows you should definitely check them out.

  3. Yes one of the reason I loved this drama, the men…other than the cute dorky antics with the main couple of course…they were all so HOT. I wish the all had shower scenes though but I could settle for the one they gave us. btw I think you romanized SSH name wrong. Im sure it’s Song Seung Heon/Hun (which ever way you romanize it.) His name is spelled 송승헌 so I think if it were “Heun” it would be spelled 송승흔. Just saying b/c I tend to notice typos like that.

  4. This was one I had been on my radar. When I swing back around to Romantic comedies I will check out this one after Boys Over Flowers. I am just now finishing My Lovely Sam-Soon, before that was Secret Garden. I was just telling a friend next K-drama has got to have some action. This romance stuff is depressing me :(.

    • Lei,

      This was actually really good. It took a few episodes to get my hooked but it’s definitely worth your time. It’s on “Instant Watch” on Netflix and we finished watching a few weeks ago. Even my husand and son liked it; and that’s saying alot since they typically don’t get into K-Dramas, only J-Dramas.

      Take care : )

      • @ Lei – if you’re tired of the romance , try the K-drama “City Hunter”, it’s full of action & espionage. I usually flit back and forth between romance, action & comedy.

  5. I just stayed up til 4:00 am watching this My Princess drama (got hooked what can I say). Song Seung Heon is pretty damn gorgeous (the “eyes” have it). His eyes……..SO beautiful, but I really liked this drama as well…..good acting. I now have a new cutie to watch for and possibly keep me company while Bi is away.

    However, Bi Baby you are Always #1 in my book! (SMILES)

  6. Where do you all find the time
    to catch all this stuff
    AND comment about it too!
    I’m sorry…
    my time management skills are truly lacking.
    I have only myself to blame…

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