Why Falling In Love With Real-Life Bi Could Be Hazardous To Your Health

Do you have Bi-itis? What is Bi-itis?
Bi-itis (aka Rain-itis, Jung Jihoon fever): a disease primarily of the heart, in which all reason and logic are absent, and only obsessive and unconditional love of Bi exists. Symptoms include: Heart palpitations, sour stomach, fever, chills, nonstop daydreaming, and dizziness.

Imagine waking up to this every morning 😉

I think its safe to say that any person who comes to this site repeatedly in search of information and photos of Bi has fallen in love with him to some degree. I mean, isn’t that what being a fan is all about? It’s about having developed an admiration, and an adoration for a person that you don’t personally know. We don’t know Bi personally, but what we’ve seen and heard of him does things to us that no other entertainer or celebrity has been able to do. So, if this is the way you feel about him through music and video clips, how do you think you’d feel about him if you knew him personally? I believe most straight, single women would fall in love with him. Bi is an amazing man. There seems to be nothing that he can’t do. And if he can’t do it, it probably doesn’t matter.

Mind you, this is coming from a fan of Bi, so personally, I think he’s as good as it gets, but there are women out there that don’t know him, are not his fan, are already in love with some other man/woman or celebrity, or have their own pick of select men. But as “I’m a Cyborg But That’s Ok” director Park Chan Wook has said, he had chosen Bi as the lead character because he was impressed at the effect that Bi had on women–among them Korea’s top female entertainers. These are the country’s most poised, professional and sought after women. And still their hearts can’t help but melt when Bi comes around. That tells me that Bi has a tendency to leave a lasting impression on women period, and it also tells me that if I intend to survive a personal interaction with him, I would need to wear a haz-mat suit for my own protection. This man is dangerous, and this post will examine why I feel falling in love with him could be hazardous to your health.

  • 1) If you are among one of the fortunate ones aka unicorn of the world’s womankind, that would actually meet and get to know Bi on a personal level, you are still one woman among many. Bi has tons of choices in women. If you were to try to hook him with an ultimatum or play games with him, he may likely get bored and move on to the next woman.
  • 2) Bi has been gifted (among other things) with charm and charisma. Not many women can resist him and he no doubt uses it to his advantage. He even said once that his girlfriend at one time was not comfortable with his interactions with other females. So at any point in time when you may be involved with him, you will always have to contend with other beautiful women fighting for his attention, whether they be actresses, models, staff members, groupies, etc. Good on ya.
  • 3) This guy’s schedule is killer. Basically, you will always come close to last on his list. It would not be mean-spirited or on purpose, I’m sure. But it’s just that his career comes first and his day-to-day life schedule is jam-packed with activities and work that help him maintain his place as #1 entertainer in Asia. If he ever does have time for you as his girlfriend, it will be at the oddest and possibly most inconvenient times, especially if you work and have a life of your own.

Dating a guy like this would be sweet torture

  • 4) He couldn’t make public that he’s involved with a woman (perhaps he will after he completes his 2 year service in the army)–but now is not the time for it. Not to mention, I am sure he is probably under contract to maintain the illusion that he really is single (to maintain his appeal). That said, I really do believe that Bi has been mostly, truly single. He dates, I’m sure. But as far as him having a long-term steady girlfriend, its doubtful. So, anyway, every woman that he comes across will believe he is single and treat him as such. *sigh* I get nauseous just thinking about it, lol.
  • 5) You will have to be an exceptional woman to win his heart. I also believe you would have to be exceptional for him to even want to touch you in a sexual way (we have all agreed that he’s very selective), but when it comes to trusting a woman with his heart, its safe to say that this will likely be someone who he’s known for A LONG time and has a track-record of holding him down or keeping his back, if you will. Someone like him probably has a lot of trust issues, and who can blame him? He’s rich, talented, good-looking and successful. Just imagine all of the fake people who must try to squirm their way into his life. I’m sure he’s been burned before, and I’m sure he does all he can to never get burned again.

So what if you do contract Bi-itis? You could totally succumb to it, but be prepared to go through a long rehabilitation and recovery period. This guy’s appeal is not to be trifled with. But if you are of the mind to fight it, below are some remedies to counteract the symptoms (these remedies do not guarantee a cure):
1) Avoid any and all things Bi completely
2) Surround yourself with tons of other hot, talented guys (they’re no substitute, but remember: easy does it. It’s a process)
3) Become a nun
4) Become a lesbian

That said, would dating/falling in love with the real-life Bi be totally worth it? For the happiness of just one moment: Absolutely 🙂

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Who I am Bitofabelly81 aka boab81, founder of Black Women Love Bi (BWLB): An Asian Men Appreciation Blog Why Because I love Bi/Rain/비/Jung Jihoon. I have never been inspired to start a blog/site for any celebrity/public figure, until I learned about Bi. He is the whole reason this blog exists. If it weren't for him, I would know nothing about the world of K-pop (which I adore), nor would I care. I am also a big fan of Japan and all things Japanese. I strive to feature men of all Asian ethnicities on the blog, but since K-pop and Hallyu are very popular, this blog has a tendency to lean more towards features on Korean men. Follow me on Twitter blackwomenloveb Find BWLB on Facebook here Wanna drop me a tip? Wanna say hi? Wanna say anything? Email me at bitofabelly81@gmail.com

14 thoughts on “Why Falling In Love With Real-Life Bi Could Be Hazardous To Your Health

  1. I have said, if I were single it would be ON like “Hot Buttered Popcorn!” The schedule would be difficult, but I think when Bi truly finds THE ONE, he will be willing to adjust his schedule to accommodate his woman. Now, she will have to understand that he can’t drop everything and just sit at home with her all the time, being the World Star that he is. However, this is where compromise in relationships come in. Bi will have to be willing to give up some projects to spend SOME quality time with his lady. As far as female attention goes, you can’t get away from that completely even in our non-celebrity lives, especially if the man is tall, dark and handsome. A good looking man will attract other women…..just tell yourself that. Women flirt with and can get downright suggestive towards my Hubbie sometimes, but HE makes sure I’m not disrespected (at least not too much……these women today are Notorious) by letting it be known that HE is with ME. The man sets the tone, at least in this regard. I am sure Bi will be this way too.

    Yes, Bi has many of the same qualities my Husband has. He’s tall, dark (haired/eyed), he’s confident, he has charm, he’s smart, he’s loyal, he works his a__s off, he loves family, he has drive/ambition, he loves kids, he can laugh at himself, he’s sexy in everything he wears…….Damn, Bi is the Asian version of my husband……Oh God!! So it’s not a stretch to say that (dare I say it) that I could definitely “fall in love” with him……No Doubt!!

      • @BOAB81,

        Other than my husband, such a man does exist. You have dedicated your blog to him. I’m sure the Right One is out there for everyone, at least this is my wish for all. No, they don’t come by easily, but when they do come by hold on tight (not “psycho/stalker tight”, but lovingly tight)……SMILES

  2. Yep! I believe that I had the symptoms of Bi-itis a long time ago. I just wasn’t aware of them. Because I waited so long to get it checked out, there is no longer a cure for it..just kidding around.

    I didn’t know how I missed out on Bi like that. I mean, my brother has Ninja Assassin. How do you miss out on such an attractive man like that?( Then again, I also began to lose interest in TV because of those senseless reality shows.) I don’t know. I’m not just saying this to just be saying things,but there is something just different and magical about this guy. Yes, there are a lot of attractive Korean and non Korean men entertainers out there,but he’s not your average entertainer.I don’t know, I see him as a man with a big purpose that only God knows about.

    I will have to give Bi credit, he is quite sexy. He should have been discovered a long time ago. Pretty soon, he’ll be in the army and it’s amazing the effect that he has not on just women,but on his country as well. I’ve read an article where the people behind his company pleaded with the Korean military to extend his enlistment time because they are afraid that without him ,Korean tourism, the K/J-pop industry and non Korean educational interests will wan. Wow!

    Bi said that he had to cancel two movie deals(Hollywood) because of the military,but he’s still expressing interest working there. That was one of the things he said he possibly may do when he get out the military. If he’s true to his word, I will be looking forward to it.Honestly, I would love to see him do just that. I see him being very big here–that is ,if only Hollywood would give Asian men like him a chance. I have the strangest feeling that if Bi made his mark in Hollywood, he will be very big…very world renowned.

    • @ATLSis: indeed Bi is extraordinary! Hands down he is the most fascinating public figure I have ever come across! Even with all I know about him, I still want to know more…I wonder if my curiousity for him will ever be satisfied. Bi-itis much???

  3. Damn you BoaB,
    damn you for posting that picture!
    Yeah, I got it, I got Bi-itis real bad like.
    It’s ridiculous how bad I have it.
    I’m like, “what’s wrong with me,
    I’m too old for this shit.”
    Yet throughout my days,
    the mind wanders to thoughts of him.
    I dare to dream that if I ever had the pleasure of meeting him,
    he would be the one to approach me;
    and being that I am so unlike any woman he has ever met, of course,
    he would introduce himself to me, if only to satisfy a curiosity.
    I imagine that I am the perfect woman for him;
    because, as you expressed in your comments above,
    regarding the plausible nature of a relationship,
    that type of relationship is right up my alley.

    Microcosmically speaking of course,
    I’ve dated someone like him, as I know him to be.
    He had “it,” and I had to get used to “it,”
    and most times, I rather enjoyed watching “it” in action.
    I think I’ve made mention of him before.
    I understood what he was about, I trusted him.
    I let him do his thing, and he let me do mine;
    He went to visit his family in Mexico at least one long weekend a month,
    and spent on average, about 6 months out of the year California.
    He’s a gentleman; he’s kind and compassionate;
    he’s incredibly charming, but not in an offensive manner by any means.
    All he has to do is smile.
    He has a huge heart, he’s not ashamed to express his emotions;
    he’s generous not just monetarily speaking, but in giving of himself.
    He’s done things for me that needed to be done,
    but that I was too much of a freak to do myself.
    We understood each other, but didn’t need to be on top of each other all the time,
    figuratively, literally, I loved being with him.
    His body temperature is higher than normal; there is a very real warmth about him.
    I loved him, and admittedly, though I missed him when he was gone,
    I thought it a good thing; the break from each other was often right on time,
    and distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder.
    But he loves California, and he loves his family;
    and I loved talking to him on the phone,
    and hearing how relaxed, excited, and genuinely happy he was.

    I used to tease him about his Obi-wan Kenobi –ing girls all the time.
    He’s a 6ft. tall, strawberry-blond, blue-eyed Mexican.
    His dress style is jeans, or some style of Dickies, and the whitest t-shirts;
    but he cleaned up real nice and wore his clothes well.
    The most entertaining for me, and probably for him,
    was watching the look on girls/women’s faces
    as he took them by surprise and busted out his Spanish.
    It was all over for the ladies, but alas, he was with me.

    In his case, the eyes were indeed a window into his soul;
    not just because they were a gorgeous deep cornflower blue,
    but when you looked into his eyes, at least for me, they gave him away,
    and you would swear that when he looked at you,
    he knew exactly who you were, and what you were about.
    I often went to the hospital with him for surgery,
    and witnessed him in action there too.
    I swear he’s not doing anything or being any different;
    simply lying in a hospital bed waiting for them to take him away.
    The nurses, male and female would fawn all over him,
    tripping over each other to be of assistance,
    flat out flirting with him, touching his hand and laughing.
    I might as well not have even been there, and told him as much.
    I would say that I might as well leave, because obviously he’s in very good hands.
    Of course I didn’t.
    I could tell you stories all day about the magic he brought to the table,
    but you’ll all be relieved to know I’m almost done…
    In the beginning, I was left dumbfounded and a little put off,
    but mostly, it made me smile.
    I’d just shake my head, and we’d both laugh.
    Carlos is terminally ill; he was born with a condition
    they knew would rear its ugly head by the time he was 12 years old.
    I have never met anyone who has lived as long as he has under these circumstances.
    A year and a half ago, his doctors told him
    there was nothing more they could do for him.
    There were only a handful of doctors who performed this radical procedure,
    but he was told he would be lucky if he got six months out of it.
    It has been a year and a half and he’s still going strong.
    But that’s who he is, you can’t tell him no, there’s always another way;
    he never feels sorry for himself, and is vigilant in his concern of others.
    As painfully aware as he is with the whole ‘concept’ of dying,
    dwelling on it is not his style (and anyway, “one day, death will come for us all’).
    He chooses life and wants to really live it, every single day;
    and if your in his, you’ll have no choice but to live it too.
    He’s in California now,
    I had been trying to convince him to go
    and be with his family.
    He did, he got married last July,
    and I could not be happier for him.

    Anyway, it’s difficult, or next to impossible to put a finger
    on just exactly what “it” is.
    It is the sum total of a life experienced thus far,
    a great appreciation for life in general;
    it is never forgetting where you came from,
    never taking anything for granted.

    We all know Bi’s story,
    and have a pretty good idea of what makes him who he is;
    and so, I dare to dream.

  4. I love you girl for posting this article. Wow! I would definitely be willing to try. I also believe that once you became his, he would make sure you were given your due. I would just have to trust in that and him when it comes to other females. Like BiAlamode said “the man sets the tone”


  5. Oh dang, I have Bi-itis! I’ve checked all the symptoms and I think I’m in the “incurable” stage! My lust for this man is insatiable! ….okay, I have to stop to pull myself together because the Bi-itis symptoms sneak up on you and you get light headed from breathing heavy! Need a “Bi-break”!

    Dr. bitofabelly81, you are right! If (and when) a woman ever wins his heart; she better be prepared! It’s a double-edged sword, I wouldn’t wish this position on any woman, but truly this woman that Rain will chose will be the luckiest damn woman on earth!

    Great run down on my disease – now I know I’m not alone! But honestly, Bi-itis is one “disease” I wouldn’t mind living with for the rest of my life!

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