Jaejoong’s Looks Are Almost Unreal

25-year-old Jaejoong (of K-pop group JYJ) looks like an anime character (in a good way!). I think the most enchanting feature on his face is his eyes. Agree?

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16 thoughts on “Jaejoong’s Looks Are Almost Unreal

  1. I remembered seeing Jaejoong’s photo( Forgive me for being in the Dark Ages of not knowing who’s who of K/J-pop) on another website. I didn’t know who he was at the time,but I just thought how good he looked with blonde hair. That don’t even look like him.Though he looks sinister on this picture,he still looks good.

    • I personally don’t like the blonde hair. I LOVE natural dark hair on Asian men… I’m still trying to figure out my feelings on JaeJoong. He’s very attractive, but I don’t know if I’m attracted to him in that way that I’m attracted to Bi (which is animal attraction ^_^).. the member of JYJ that I seem to be taking a liking to is Yoochun aka Mickey. Now he’s interesting…

  2. He is definitely in a good anime way.
    While I am extremely happy for the success of Changmin and Yunho
    (and I am so glad you can actually see Yunho’s face these days),
    [Why] Keep Your Head Down rocks
    (although MBLAQ’s Cry accomplishes exactly what it intended to
    as I am sometimes compelled to get down on my knees
    and put my hand to my face in absolute anguish along with them),
    I find myself hoping that all five will get back together.
    JYJ doesn’t seem to be getting nearly enough the push,
    since they’re now with a smaller company, and that is a shame.
    In my personal opinion DBSK is one of the best and most consistent groups.
    Great picture!

    • Right?? I really like Keep Your Head Down too! I should post about it…but yeah, it represented them well. Did you see JYJ’s video for “Ayy girl”? I wasn’t feeling it so much…

  3. Me either!
    I wasn’t feeling it at all.
    I felt bad so I listened to it again, and again, and still felt nothing.
    I understand Kanye had a hand in it.
    All I kept thinking was “Kanye… leave it alone, please.”
    If he did have a hand in it,
    it sounded like his heart wasn’t in it,
    which is so unfair to JYJ.
    They deserved better.
    I’m with you on the dark hair!
    I don’t mind some highlights, the more natural the better,
    and a few can carry off the blondes and the reds,
    but absolutely, that dark, dark brown or jet black… sigh.

    • It really wasn’t fair to them, indeed! I remember seeing them in the studio recording it with some folks, and just from what I heard I was like ???? Then when I saw the video and their outfits I just had to shake my head. Someone should be working on their American image, because what works in Korea isn’t gonna work here…I hope they are able to make a stronger comeback soon!

  4. i love his features…i’d totally read a manga he’s featured in…i prefer dark hair, but i don’t detest the blond..

    i just tried watching ‘ayy girl’…it just looks like they are trying too hard…this style fits rain, but in my opinion it’s not a good look for them. esp if it’s for american markets…why hasn’t kanye or timbaland or big boy or somebody else worked w/ rain? if i’ve overlooked it, please send me a link…otherwise, i’m confused…

    • hi, i’m new in giving a reply,but i’ve been reading everything. i think with the blonde hair, he would be great as a bad guy in a good film. he would stand out and if he could pull off the part, no one would forget him and people would want to know him.

      • Hi there and welcome! I agree that if he was a bad guy in a good film, the blonde hair would totally be appropriate and justified. Like the Asian guy in “Rush Hour”!

  5. I totally agree. When I watched my first DBSK video (Mirotic), he caught my attention. Have you seen his Elle Korea movie still? He plays a killer and looks amazing.

  6. wow, the places this journey has led me…trying to catch up on years of dramas, movies, tv shows, groups, songs, whew! i’m like a kid with a new toy…i just wanna play and play and play and play….

    in the beginning, i had no time or space in my head for any other korean musicians but rain and mblaq…then i let myself look at other bands that came up in my searches…wow, the buffet is delish!

    anyway, i’d seen hero, admired his looks and that’s about it…then i heard ‘ayy girl’ and was kinda disappointed…i love the concert version, but not the recorded version…not sure why they were singing in a higher octave…so i didn’t delve anymore…ok, i had no idea about this:

    ‘cuse me while i grab a clean plate…i’m going back for 3rds!

  7. That first anime-like photo of Jaejoong is giving me a nosebleed. Seriously.

    For me, it’s all about his jaw & lips. The rest of his face is beautiful too, but if you watch the DBSK Mirotic video, from 2:33 to about 2:45, his jaw & lips absolutely captivate me. His jaw is remarkably masculine for such a beautiful man.

    I think I liked all his hair colors, though jet black is not my favorite when his skin is so pale. It’s the tall / teased hairstyles he used to wear that I didn’t like. I don’t know if it’s the lighting or the makeup, but what happened to his slight tan from the first pic? It looked healthier.

  8. I just came across this blog post randomly.
    I’ve seen Jaejoong in real life, through a JYJ showcase that I attended.
    By looking at pictures, you are already thinking that his looks are almost unreal but honestly, pictures just do not justify his looks in reality. It may seem impossible but he looks so much better in real life.
    When he first appeared on stage (he was the last out of the trio), the whole crowd gasped. Gosh, his looks are seriously… perfection doesn’t even begin to describe it. It takes your breath away, literally. His eyes, his face, his body, everything oozes star quality. You can’t take your eyes off him. There’s no way you can walk past him and not realise he’s a celebrity/model at least. Okay I got over excited already, but yeah pictures seriously do not justify his looks.

  9. I thought the same thing when I first laid eyes on him. Thought he was.leader of.dbsk *giggles*

    just so natrual….hate how people say he looks g ay. I just say. Hes not gay, just cause he smack.dead, gorgeous, handsome,cute as heaven lol did I mention silly?

    thats Kim JaeJoong, sexy, cute withot trying

    mkay brb while I go finish up my dbsk FF (fanfic) xD ambw

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