Would Bi Date a Black Woman?

Personally, I think so!

What would the fans think?

I think its safe to say that the majority of Bi’s fans are Asian, and the lot of them are not too keen on him dating period, whether she was black, green, or even Korean for that matter! They think they have control over Bi and his personal life, and to a considerable extent, they do. He’s not considered to be just some random guy. He’s the pride of South Korea. He’s a possession, something to be owned. He’s a natural resource, and has been placed in an invisible trust bound by the media, fans and entertainment industry. For Bi, it must be a blessing and a curse. He can come and go as he pleases. He gets the best of everything that South Korea/Asia has to offer. He’s treated like royalty. But on the other hand, he’s a prisoner of his fame. He can’t openly admit when he’s dating, and he certainly can’t take that poor woman out in public. He knows there will be a backlash if he does, a backlash that may affect his appeal and status. So its not say that Bi doesn’t date. Its just that, he can’t date like a normal guy. Needless to say, most of the fans wouldn’t be happy for him. They’d hate on the woman and denounce Bi. He may lost alot of fans. Personally I think its ridiculous. As much as I love his man, I am a realist. I know he dates and if ever he does go public with a woman, I will feel a twinge of jealousy, but on the whole, I will be happy for him in that he was able to break free from the chains the fans have bound him with and find a love that he is proud of.

Yeah yeah, great, but what if the girl he was proud of was black?

If the woman Bi was dating openly was black, yikes… I really do feel sorry for both of them. Although the perception of black/African people is changing for the better in South Korea, I can guarantee that it likely hasn’t changed to the extent that they would approve of their dear, precious Bi being romantically linked to one. Highly doubt it!

Has Bi ever been in love with/liked a black woman?

Highly probable! He’s been to the States often and lived there months at a time. Sistas are everywhere, and I’m sure he’s come across a good number of them. Not only that, being that he is in the entertainment industry, he’s probably rubbed shoulders with beautiful black women i.e. models, dancers, actresses, etc. Alot of men from Asia can only check us out from looking us up on the internet, but Bi has seen us firsthand, and he knows we’re sexy, intelligent and desirable. No doubt about it. It is possible that while he was in the States he has had some sort of relationship with a black woman, whether it be friends or possibly even girlfriend or steady. At least, I would like to think so.

Would such a relationship survive?

Bi and the black woman he is dating would likely be from completely different worlds. In order for a relationship to work or survive, there must be a compromise between those two worlds. Just think of all of the ways they would have to be compatible: language (this is a big one), culture, religion, approval from friends and family (another big one), etc. Its hard enough for two people who speak the same language and worship the same to be compatible, now just factor in jealous fans and country loyalty, and such a relationship is doomed to fail. One thing I’ve learned about Bi is that he is Korean. Yeah, I know I am stating the obvious, but what I mean is that he was born Korean and he will die Korean. He’s a proud Korean man, and thinks its the best country in the world, and would do anything for it (i.e. go into mandatory military service at the pinnacle of his career) in order to stay loyal. That said, he’s not about to disappoint his country through his own actions and desires. In the States, its “me-ism”. In Asia, its “we-ism”. Bi’s the type that would clench his teeth, and do what he had to do in the end—which is, to break up with his black (or non-Korean) girlfriend. If the woman went into the relationship with a level head, this would not come as a surprise to her, and she would bow out gracefully. But if she had on rose-colored glasses from the beginning, her heart would be broken, and she might think Bi to be cruel or unable to make his own decisions. But…that is the way it is, it is his culture, and trust, he won’t forsake it. She should be happy that she was able to hit that and move on with her life.

So sure, Bi would date a black woman. He could fall in love with a woman of any color, under the right circumstances, while he’s in the States and not under the watchful eye of his Asian fans. I will also add that he would probably date any beautiful woman that wasn’t Korean, but the outcome would be the same.

17 thoughts on “Would Bi Date a Black Woman?

  1. BOAB81, I totally agree with you about Rain/Bi socializing with Black women and any non-Korean women when he comes to the States. And maybe even going out on a casual date them somebody not under the watchful eyes of his countrymen/women. And I also agree with you about Rain/Bi deciding who to marry, she’ll most definitely HAVE TO BE KOREAN! Sad, but true because as a black woman I would totally love to see Rain with a Black female. I think after seeing the chemistry Rain/Raizo and Naomi Harris/Mika had in Ninja Assassin I have been so hooked on the thought of Jung JiHoon (not the star Rain) settling down with a black woman. But, alas, I know that’s not going to happen.
    And now that Rain has to fulfill his 2 yrs of Army service, once’s he’s finished with that he’s said when he’s around 34-35yrs old he wants to be married with children. I guess we’ll have to stick around and see what happens, right?

    • I really do hope that once Bi completes his military service, he will devote his time to finding a family (if that’s what he truly wants). He could be the type of person who may not really want to settle down, but for the sake of appearing normal to his country, he repeatedly states a desire to get married/have kids. I’ve noticed a common trend in the most popular Korean male stars–the lot of them are single (and they have completed their military service). Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

  2. I agree 100 percent. I wonder if stereotypes were not formed would black girls, like us, have more chance with guys like HIM(!Yummy!)

  3. I agree with you ladies. Bi obviously has no problem socializing with Black people and would/will do it even more so when he’s in the States. He might even get down with a little “bumble bee swirl” while he’s here. However, he will Never marry a Black woman. Bi is WAY too traditional for that and his countrymen absolutely Could Not Comprehend their treasured star with a Black woman. They would probably create the biggest “scandal” and untimately end his career in Asia, if he were to marry Black.

    I mean I am sure there are other Asian celebrities who have married outside of their race, but the only one that comes to mind is Bruce Lee. He married a Caucasian woman. I don’t think the Asian culture cares too much for Any interracial unions, especially among their favorite celebs. Rain IS Asia right about now and if he showed up at a press conference saying “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?”, he would be run out of town, for real!

  4. For a moment, I struggled to learn who Bi is and now I know. Forgive me that I’m from the old school .I don’t watch much TV or listen to much radio( though I will listen to jazz and other old school music on YOUTUBE).

    You do bring up some logical points. Yes, most Asians prefer to hand pick their children’s future spouses and possibly, there would be consequences in his career, but people will never know how Bi feels about any of these issues. We just cannot assume that just because he’s a traditionalist that he will not break the ice/have any interest in Black women. What if Bi did date a Black woman? If he loves his Black woman, he would make personal sacrifices for her ,even it sometimes mean ruffling a few feathers of others. That is part of what love is about.

    Anyways, I just think it’s cute that you have this website for Bi. If he see’s your website, I think that he will be highly impressed with it..and who knows, you may become his number one fan in more ways than one.

    • ATLSis, thanks for your comment 🙂 I first learned about Bi through my cousin who sent me a video clip of “I’m Coming”. It wasn’t his singing/dancing/hotness that impressed me (as alot of male artists have that); but rather it was what I perceived his persona to be in interviews. He always seemed to be so honest, and it has endeared me to him. I hope he sees this website and rests assured how much he is loved, not just by me but by so many women of color!

  5. i agree that rain is a proud korean man and has sacrificed much for his career. but i feel that he’s still holding his cards close to his chest. on one hand, he’s very honest almost to a fault in his interviews and fan interactions. but on the other hand, he still seems very guarded. he’s traditional, but he’s still very much an individual. i keep feeling that he’s searching for something, and once he finds it, he won’t let it go…even if it is a black woman. he seems to be a loyal guy. and who knows? if he found a black woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life, it might go a long way in helping to evolve some of the traditional views in korea about interracial relationships. the times, they are a’changing! i think most of his fans would stay around. and if marriage and a family are what will ultimately fulfill him, i honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t hear from rain musically for a while…

    • when i think i know a bit about him, he does something else that alters my view or changes my mind…a little while ago i would have doubted he would invoke the wrath of the ‘clouds’ by openly dating/marrying a non-korean…or date at all… but the more i look at him, the more things i see that he does to push his boundaries…i just don’t think he’ll settle for something he doesn’t want…

  6. I’ve actually thought and researched this topic a little. Since he’s notoriously private about his dating life, there’s no way to say for sure. I would like to think that he would follow his heart, but then I get stuck on how much his Asian fans mean to him and devistated he would be if they turned their backs on him.

    • happily, more people are starting to post that since he’s worked so hard for so long and especially after many revelations of his loneliness, he deserves the right to openly date and get married to whoever he wants, if that’s what will make him happy. i want to believe that true fans desire the best for the object of their affection, and that they realize ‘the best’ is not total servitude to their personal, often selfish, whims…

  7. Of course Bi Rain loves black women, have you seen his 2007 world tour? He was all over those black female dancers, he even went as far as too choose the darkest (and in my opinion the prettiest) black woman to make out with on stage in front of hundreds of asian fans. I hope he finds happiness no matter who he decides to marry, but I’m kind of also hoping he goes for the black women- and thusly the flood gates will be opened for many more pairings like that as a result

    • Welcome LunaRiley! Yes, indeed I have seen the concert footage and was quite pleased 🙂 I hope that I am proved wrong in my opinions about him committing to a black woman. I’ll never be so happy to be wrong!

      • I’m so far behind on this! hee hee What concert footage was that? Can you post the link?

      • hi bitofabelly81 I know am really late on this discussion. I just recently came across your site and I really luv it! I hope he would consider dating a black women as well. I saw a Korean game show he did a few years ago, called Happy together I think. They asked him what his ideal woman is and he mentioned that he likes pale skin and long hair which was a little discouraging. Im not mad at him for saying that because we all have preferences and cant help who we like, but I think that it can be a little discouragin in any woman who finds a mine extremely attractive and you wonder if he would go for someone like you only to find out that you dont fit the characteristics of his ideal women. Im chocolate skin so I deifnitely dont fit his critetria lol. I dont know if his ideals have changed since then because people usually end up falling in love with a person that doesnt meet there ideal physical attributes in a person, but Im not going to get my hopes up. Idk. I always figure when someome says they like pale skin women then that equals theyre not attracted to women of color.

      • @DarknLovely: I do believe Bi has his preferences, however, I don’t think he’s attracted to only women with those looks. Since he’s world-traveled, I know his standards for beauty may have changed. I think he’s pretty open-minded actually..

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