[M/V] Miyavi – Strong & What’s My Name?

Big big big big big huge thanks to whatthefrell for tipping me off to this guy. He is amazing! His name is Takamasa Ishihara but is better known by his stagename in Japan as Miyavi. If you check out the video clip of his single “Strong” (where he plays guitar and popular Japanese rapper Kreva rhymes) and “What’s My Name?”, you’ll know why he’s called such names as the “guitar ninja” or “samurai guitarist”. No doubt these monikers hint to his nationality, but they may also hint to the speed, precision and grace with which he plays his guitar. I’m digging his talent and style, and even more so I appreciate his unabashed trek off of the beaten path of the musical “same ol’ same ol'”. We’ll be keeping an eye on this guy. Enjoy the videos!

Miyavi featuring Kreva – Strong

Miyavi – What’s My Name

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19 thoughts on “[M/V] Miyavi – Strong & What’s My Name?

  1. Having seen Miyavi several times live, I can say first hand that he is a certified firecracker. Seriously, this guy has charisma and energy for days and is extremely entertaining to watch and listen to, even if you don’t like guitar rock. He’s a really good mix of funk and punk and has a very unique sound.

    So much fun. I’m going back to see him again the next chance I get.

      • He was just back around to Chicago at the end of the year and I missed him as well as missing Dir en Grey because we were super busy with holiday catering at work. Both times I saw him were at House of Blues and it’s such a small venue that there almost isn’t a bad spot. Can’t wait till he comes back. Last time I saw him he was ranting about how and his band had gone to visit “Michigan Lake” and how it was “freakin’ hot man”….he’s a riot.

    • @Plinkin,

      I don’t know why we haven’t seen him in concert yet! He’s performed in LA a few times but we’ve always missed him. I know the House of Blues very well and you are right, it is such a small venue but so good to see live acts since you are up close and personal. I fell in love with his music because of my hubby, who is Japanese and a huge fan. He has such a cult following over here and people just love him. Hopefully, we will see him live one day.

  2. Oh yeah, and he’s on twitter and his english is very nice, if not perfect. He’s just as funny on twitter as he is on stage. He does have a filthy mouth, so beware of that if you’re easily offended.

  3. oh my goodness. !!! so glad i read this post!! i heard of myavi’s name , but i didnt really check him out…seen both of the videos and theyre awesome!!!

    Funky+soulful+badass rocker+ undefinable gitaur skills+telling the truth and shaming the devil=Myavi!!!!

    Good lookin’ out, BOAB!!!!

  4. i found out about him last year. Am I the only one that thinks G-Dragon sort resembles him? His 2 daughters are adorable and he’s a hands on father. He loves spending time with them. I love the acoustic version of [i]We Love you[/i]. I haven’t heard some of his other stuff but i will check it out.

  5. OMG! I can’t believe you’re just finding out about Miyavi!! He is one of THE best guitarists I’ve ever seen and/or heard and he’s super hilarious and has two adorable daughters and seems to be an awesome dad too. Sorry, just so much great stuff to say about Myv. But yea I think he may have ADHD or something (see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0SbQhqHNRQ). I saw one video where he was commenting on other artists videos and he was seiously running back and forth screaming, or nearly screaming, expletives and saying how the videos turned him on and whatnot. It was crazy funny. But yea, I still love him. (:

    • I know right, he’s ben around for a long time and its eciting seeing people just finding out about him now. But he’s is awsome and the remix he did with good chorolette is amazing.

  6. miyavi tour world wide with what’s my name last year. He is also known for “my dear friend” “girls be ambitious” “are you ready to rock” “selfish” “what a wonderful world” “pop is dead” etc.. He is infleunce by the blues and b.b. King. His style of music is known as visual kei. Alternative/rock/metal/punk/goth scene in japan. Some trivia he acutally wanted to be a soccer player but pick up the guitar out of curiosity. He is married to japanese singer melody and has 2 daughters both under the age of 4 or 5

  7. Miyavi is just so adorably insane. He’s like eating sugar and coffee personified lol I’m not a huge fan of his sound but he’s so captivating at times, its hard to ignore himXD! I’d love to see him live! Since we’re on japanese rockers, check out my personal favorite Hyde or the guys from L’arc en Ciel, they’re really very good and Hyde’s just the cutest little guy with a huge voice you’ve ever seen.

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