Top 3 Korean Chicks I Wouldn’t Mind If Bi Ended Up With

DISCLAIMER: I know NOTHING. I am simply a fan speculating, so please don’t take my analysis as fact or word. For all I know, he could end up with all three of these women or someone else not listed. This post (as well as this blog) is for entertainment purposes only! And yes, since this is a post about Korean women, I will also examine American women that may have potential with Bi in a later post.

1) Hyori Lee

Why? I think she is one of the few women out there who not only knows Bi well and can handle him i.e. not take his bs. Let’s keep it real, these two definitely had something going on years ago. And I think they may revisit each other every now and then, although they may not be involved emotionally. Hyori’s beautiful and she’s older than Bi. She was already popular before Bi debuted, and I think there is a part of him that will always be the fascinated fan when it comes to his perception of Hyori.
Why it probably won’t work out: Hyori’s set in her ways and she’s not about to change who she is, even for someone as fine as Bi (who tends to be very traditional). In some ways she seems to be the woman scorned, although I don’t think Bi’s the man responsible for it. But I do think she may have scorned Bi. I don’t think their personalities promote harmony. Hyori’s bossy and pushy, and Bi doesn’t like to be told what to do. Recipe for disaster!

2) Sun Ah Kim

Why? Sun Ah is cute, willing and it seems that she is really in love with and emotionally invested in Bi. Its not by any fault of her own. Heck, she’s had a crush on him for a long time, and even though she’s been shot down by him more than a few times, she never gives up, but rather, wears her heart on her sleeve and is as open as a book when it comes to Bi. What guy wouldn’t want a woman like that?
Why it probably won’t work out: I think Bi wants a challenge, he wants to conquer. Sun Ah’s crazy about him, and so, in effect, already “conquered” (ahem, in more ways than one which we’ve all discussed before). I’m sure Bi adores Sun Ah, much like he adores a cute older woman friend of his, but I don’t think he has the physical or emotional passion for Sun Ah the same as he had with Hyori.

3) Soo Jung Im

Why? Soo Jung’s got Bi’s attention, and she’s had it since they worked together as co-stars on the set of “I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Ok”. Have you ever heard this guy talk about Soo Jung? He’s intrigued and enamored of her, and even though she’s pretty in her own way, its her heart, her mind and her “happy virus” that has Bi hooked.
Why it could work: It seems that it all depends on Soo Jung’s desires. For it appears that on rare occasion Bi might actually be the pursuer. Still, it really all depends on what Soo Jung wants. Bi’s a go-getter, and I believe he’s up for the challenge.

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42 thoughts on “Top 3 Korean Chicks I Wouldn’t Mind If Bi Ended Up With

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    I would have also picked those two out of three. With Lee Hyori, I like her a lot. Similarly to Bi, she’s gone outside the box. She also has some international appeal like he has.I’ve often heard Bi said that he like real,simple women who wear simple clothes and has a simple personality. Sun fits this picture. On top of that, they seem to connect to each other without any hitches.I’m just beginning to learn about Joo Sung,but she looks like a nice person. She looks like one of those women who cares about Bi and would be a true friend to him.

  2. @BOAB81,

    Wow……this post seems SO “spot on.” Bi will Definitely need a woman who is a challenge and not take his BS. Also, ANY woman who ends up with him will FOR SURE need to have a STRONG SENSE OF SELF much like Hyori. His lady could potentially “drown” in the “World of Bi.” However, he needs a happy balance which is a woman strong in her own right (with her own interests outside of him), a woman who is opinionated (to a degree….not afraid to challenge him, stands her ground), a woman who knows when to take a back seat without feeling slighted/threatened (lets her man shine, when the situation calls for it), a woman who knows how to be Sexy and stylish (knowing how to be fashionably appropriate for whatever the moment calls for, without needing an “intervention”….SMILES), a woman who can be traditional (be a homemaker without feeling like you’ve stepped back into the 50s). You know a woman like…………….ME……(BIG SMILES)

    Really though, the “sentimental favorite” for me is Sun-Ah. I really like her for him. She seems “settled” even though emotionally she may come off “too accommodating” for him, but in the end she would let him “shine” without trying to compete with him (like I think Hyori would). But SHE would have to “Man Up” to keep the “skeezers” off him too! She couldn’t be weak, she’d have to let’em know……”Look here girlies, this Hot Piece of Sexy is ALL MINE……..Believe Dat!!”


    • @BiAlamode: dead on! The woman he ends up with will have to have it together in her head before she can even think about being this guy’s “better half”. Concerning the “skeezers”, I cringe thinking about skeezers galore he will encounter once he completes his service and lives in the States. Sheesh, its not healthy for me to be so jealous, but I can’t help it, lol!

  3. I would choose im soo jung! I find her cute caring nice women! and when we see him near her, we always see his caring side and his eyes always smile near her.I think im soo jung gives him happiness, peace to his soul! he wants to marry so much and she is the best candidate for a good wife and good mother for him he always praise her and cant take himself continue to see her.I dont know her desires it has to be hard to handle to be his longterm girlfriend! a lot of fans, chasing womens, concerts,tours, work work… but if she will give a hope to him I think she should be the first one he will choose!

      • I think they could be a very cute couple! koreas sweethearts :)) but I dont know gong yoo rumors are true! but I think they are saying the true ;we are only friends!. Rain and Soo jung seeing each other for 5-6 years they know each other well if she is with gong yoo whatever the reason is Rain couldnt dare to say she is my ideal girl, lets go a dinner! he would know that it should make her boyfriend angry so probably she is alone, rain is alone and they have real chemistry! I dont care if he will end up with hyori or sun ah but if he choose soo jung I would say ” like always, you know what is the best one for you! “

  4. after watching hyori lee on Family Outing, I can really see them together. She can easily switch from glam girl to down to earth girl. She has no problem getting dirty when it comes to winning at some game and she is very motherly when it comes to cooking and taking care of the younger or same age guys. As much as sometimes she can come across a little self-centered she seems very easy going.

    As for Sun Ah Kim, she seems like such a sweetheart, but doesn’t possess the fire and sexy that Rain likes. He wants the duel personality and she seems to only have one side of it, it seems like he would have to coax the sexy out of her and as far as Hyori Lee she could bring it out on her own.

    I am very curious to see what kind of girl he will settle down with. According to that news interview the other day he wants to be married like yesterday. I will just try to keep my jealousy down to a minimum when it happens.

  5. I know nothing either but I’m still going to throw in my comments, LOL! I’m not too up on the Korean women, the only know of them from learning about Rain and I’m still learning about him, so that’s not a lot.

    Anyways, Rain and Hyroi, they’ve known each other before Rain was even all that popular and she was more popular having her singing career out longer then him. And too, she’s atleast in her mid 30’s now (Korean age). And she’s probably definitely set in her ways, she’s even said that she wants a man who has money, will be faithful to her, but will also leave her alone when she says so! LOL! I don’t personally think she’d be good for Rain, I feel she comes across as too self-centered. I don’t know what it is but I get a really negative vibe from her and I don’t even know the girl! LOL!

    Rain and Sun Ah Kim- the only thing I know about her is that they were both pranked/punk’d and then later they danced together for Lost Tango. But isn’t Sun Ah the older woman that he said he could only like as a Noona? After watching the practice vids of them on YT. I could see them as just friends, they both seem to enjoy each others company, but I didn’t really see “sparks fire.” I think she’s a nice lady and all, but I think Rain is still looking for his Jackie.

    Rain and Soo Jung- I actually like her, she seems to come across and being nice…not that I would know otherwise, but she seems more “normal” than the other two. Not that Sun Ah isn’t, just that after seeing Rain and Soo Jung in “Cyborg” I thought they made a really cute working couple.

    Rain knows he only has until the end of this year before he HAS to go in to fulfill his military service and he’s probably not going to heavily invest in a relationship that will have to wait two years while he’s off “serving duty” (as my dad calls it back in the day when he was in the military). I’m sure all of the ladies impressed Rain enough for him to know what/who he’s looking for and once he’s able to really…REALLY…start looking for his garment.

    • And I should add….*and once he’s able to really…REALLY…start looking for his garment…he will find her no matter who she is!

      • @ BOAB, okay, I’m only saying this because it’s you and I like you! LOL! Okay, I saw an “episode” of Family Outing on Youtube and it was early morning and everybody had to get up and do a challenge to determine who would cook the morning meal. Everybody had to thread a needle while the PD fan’d them. It was really funny and Rain and other guy lost the challenge and had to go fishing and prepare the meal for everybody. Okay, so here’s the part about Hyroi that totally turned me off to her: while everybody else was outside doing the challenge, SHE PUT CANDLE WAX ON HER HAND TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR HER TO THREAD THE NEEDLE–SHE CHEATED! I was like…what the H! Even the PD asked her what was on her hand or was there something on her hand, she lied and she NO. My mouth was wide open and I couldn’t believe it!
        The second thing was, she was on another show with Rain, and another Korean girl (I don’t know who she is, she was either an up-and-coming singer or actress). The show’s host introduced Rain to the girl, Rain went to shake the girl’s hand, and Hyroi totally went ballastic and SLAPPED Rain’s hand away from the girl! Now, I don’t know if it was because Hyroi and Rain were an item then or what, but I was just like WTH! She just seems to me like she would be way too jealous of any females, even those who aren’t trying to move in on her man, just being a chick would make her jealousy rear it’s ugly head!
        I’m not a fan, and I don’t really know too much about her, but from what I’ve seen I get a strange vibe from her.

      • @Monica: I appreciate you breakin’ it down! But yeh, is Hyori devious?? ABSOLUTELY!! But in a cute way, lol. And that show you were talking about is the Happy Together that I can’t find anywhere…but I saw it a long time ago. She was fiendin’ for Bi at that doubt they were probably dating and she didn’t want some other chick movin’ up on her man! Can’t say I blame her! I love how honest she seems to be ….but I hear ya! ^^

      • OMg,thank you!! I thought I was the only one who got that vibe from Hyori.I’m sorry,but I never liked her,esp.for him.
        Btw,can you post up the links for the episodes you mentioned.
        Thanks ^_^

      • I have watched a whole lot of Family Outings and even though Hyori can come across a little “cold”, if you watch other episodes you will see she will get down and dirty if need be. She probably cheated because she has breakfast duty like every single episode, the guys always pick her because she is a good cook. So I understand the cheating. She doesn’t really bother me.

        I think I sent you this website BitofaBelly

  6. @Lei,

    I agree he will need somebody who can give him some “wasabi” in the bedroom without him having to cajole to get it.


    Yes, he did say when they were “punked” he saw her as a Noona only and not the kind you want for your girlfriend.

    I said Sun-Ah was my “sentimental favorite” as I like her easygoing way and her feelings for him seem to be “pure.” Ultimately, I know he would not choose her because he does want the “Dual Personality” as he stated. I also agree that he probably wants to just concentrate on what’s left to do on his career agenda before enlisting and not worry about trying to cultivate a new relationship. OH but when he gets out, he will be on a serious “mission” to find THE ONE. He may find her in the States, you never know. (SMILES)

    Although, I don’t foresee it ever happening……..He would make one HELLUVA Blasian baby wouldn’t he?………………………

    • “Although, I don’t foresee it ever happening……..He would make one HELLUVA Blasian baby wouldn’t he?………………………”

      *sigh* I don’t see it happening either, but you never know what may happen after living over in the States for a minute. He might find that some of us are quite traditional as well. Funny-my sister and I were saying that Koreans are just as black as us, eating chittlins, pigs feet, etc. and the fact that most of them have rhythm.
      I am sad that his mom is gone, but I think moms are the biggest hurdles to overcome when bringing a girl home and it is one he doesn’t have to deal with. Although I am sure he would still have his mom in mind when making his decision.

      • @Lei,

        My co-worker and I have made some of these same statements and observations…..Wow….I SO feel you. Yeah, Mama’s can be tough. If Bi won’t marry a “sista” it would be real nice to at least see him kiss one on a movie/TV screen. (*Just Saying*)

      • “If Bi won’t marry a “sista” it would be real nice to at least see him kiss one on a movie/TV screen. (*Just Saying*)”

        I sooo agree. I can’t wait for that and I hope it isn’t played for laughs like in one of those stupid “Soul Plane” type movies.

      • @Lei,

        I would love to see a BW/AM version of the movie “Something New” starring Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker. Bi would be PERFECT for that!!

  7. “Although, I don’t foresee it ever happening……..He would make one HELLUVA Blasian baby wouldn’t he?………………………”

    I DEFINITELY see Rain in an IR relationship…i read somewhere that while he was in the States before, he was hanging out with Tyrese and some other guys in the R&B/hip hop world to work on his english and demeanor…i think it’s a given he’s been to clubs here judging from that pole dance routine (didn’t he even ‘make it rain’, lol?) in one of his shows and the ‘kindergarten teacher by day’ and his wanting a ‘chubby’ girl comments…I’m thinking he means ‘thick’…i could be adding 2+2 and getting 5, but i think during that time he saw something he liked over here…there might have been a few barriers in his mind to such a relationship, like language or thinking maybe black women wouldn’t be that attracted to him…or perhaps he thought that since he didn’t make much headway in the music/acting scene here, he might not come back, so a relationship might turn into looong distance…and then there’s the fans…he might have thought the odds were too great, although he’s used to standing up against some pretty tall odds…anyway, i think once the military service isn’t hanging over his head anymore,at this stage in his career, he will be officially free to really do as he wants…

    he needs to swing on by the atl in a couple of years…he might be surprised at the number of korean-speaking sistas he’d find here… at least, i figure I could be ‘conversational’ by then LOL…

    • @Ladibug,

      It would be a beautiful sight to see. I get the feeling he REALLY wanted to do that love scene with Naomie Harris, but his Korean fans would have lost their minds (MY OPINION). So, the “no show” of the scene was probably him being “advised” against it. I do feel that Deep Down he WOULD go there or at the very least PLAY there (*wink, wink*). After all his musical career is based on all things R&B/Hip-Hop/Soul which is ALL ABOUT the sistas and brothas, so I agree with you he’s probably definitely “seen some things” that probably sparked interest, but he probably held back for reasons you mentioned. If he holds true to his earlier statements that he wants to come here after military to work on a Hollywood career, then I agree with you once again he will do what wants to do at that point and fangirls in Korea will have to get with the program. (SMILES)

      • @Lei,

        That would be Hot too!………Love me some Dwayne Johnson too BTW. Yeah, Bi’s storyline could be in relation to Sung Kang’s character Han. Let’s get Tyrese on the phone now!


      • I might have to leave some twitters on Paul Walker (my blonde husband) and Tyrese’s sight. Telling them to keep it open for him. That would be so hot with all of them. Those movies I think would definitely get him noticed and make sure he is on their “team”, so he gets plenty of airtime.

        Girls I say we do some Twitter campaigning for him.

      • @Lei: oh LAWDY LAWD!!!! Bi AND Tyrese??????? Good mercy!!!!!! Both of them in same room?? It just ain’t right, or fair, or legal!! My sisters and friends will tell you: I’ve ALWAYS loved Tyrese, but I’m afraid I’m gwine hafta go wit mah boo boo Bi! I could NEVER imagine picking him second…

  8. I sent a tweet to Paul Walker and Tyreses. I will try to keep blowing up their tweets. Since Tyrese already had that connection-who knows. Maybe all of us can keep hitting up their tweets and the director’s also. According to Paul W. he just starting tweeting. So lets hit him up!

  9. oh and we need to support the movie so they can keep the franchise going. I plan on seeing it in IMAX next week. A sistah is broke this week.

  10. paulwalker47 Paul Walker

    Okay keep supporting this so we can get Rain their in the future.

  11. Ok, you ladies are going to make me have to open a twitter account. But, hey if I can vote my a__s off for Bi for that TIME 100 poll, I’m sure I can do twitter. I just don’t have anything to tweet. (SMILES)

    • Whatever you can think of that will keep people talking about Rain even while he is away. I am going to be throwing twitters the Furious way, director, actors, etc. Speed Racer be darned, I don’t want him going down that route again. Shoot they can even do a sequel to “Takers” and add him to the cast. I can see him in a nice behind suit. Maybe add him to the “Inception” team. We just need to get him out there and hopefully he does his part and get that English down.

      • @Lei: OMG! Bi, Idris AND Paul Walker in the same movie?? There are just no words!!! And WHATEVER happens, his character can’t die at the end!! They’re always killing off the Asians….the director has to swear that Bi’s character will live!!

  12. I can so see the 3 of them in a Takers movie. They left the good ones survive. My friends and I were very happy with the outcome at the end. I have heard rumors about a prequel showing how they all got together and the heist that put T.I in prison. The timing would be perfect for Bi to get out and then they can work on a sequel and put him in it. I really think movies like Fast&Furious, Takers would really bring him to the forefront. I don’t think the Sylvester Stallone “The Expendables” would’ve helped him any-IMO.

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