From Prankees To Partners 3

Here’s more from Bi and Kim Sun Ah as they rehearse the tango version of “Bad Guy” for Bi’s comeback performance last year (or 2009?). Although not fully romantic, the chemistry between these two is undeniable. I’m sure all of you have seen this clip, as I have, but I wasn’t able to track down an English subbed version, so I took the liberty of doing it myself. Of course, if the Japanese subbed video were never passed on to me I wouldn’t have been able to translate, so I would like to thank Amy for providing it.

If any of you have ever eaten sushi, you have probably experienced the “explosive” spicyness of wasabi. Bi’s reaction to a mouthful of this substance is adorable. But was it really an accident that the sushi he was eating happened to have an extra “dose” of the stuff? Bad Sun Ah! ^_^ Enjoy!

31 thoughts on “From Prankees To Partners 3

    i’ve always wondered what it said, i only catch bits and pieces before.
    Have you ever seen that interview around christmas 2008 where he was talking about one of his BIGGEST PET PEEVES.
    He said it’s when he’s getting ready to eat something, he’ll ask everyone around him first if they want some. He’ll even cook it for them if they want whatever he’s having. But when they all say NO, and wait until he’s eating to be like “hey can i have some” he gets so pissed off. he’s like “I ASKED YOU IF YOU WANTED SOME. NO, GO AWAY.”
    lol he’s the type that would say “put your hand on my plate and pull back a bloody stub.” haha.

    so I die laughing everytime i see the part where sun ah reaches over and he immediately removes her hand. it’s so funny omg haha. he’s so true to his sign…food is his joy in life.

    • lol yeah I’ve seen several videos where he’s declaring his love for food and discusses his pet peeve.  I think the one you mentioned is when he was saying that he loves noodles and he’ll cook them for anyone if they tell him beforehand, but afterward, and they ask for some, they’re outta gas! lol  And also there was an interview in Singapore that I can no longer find, and he said his joy in life was eating.  He pointed to his stylist saying she was the worst for always refusing food at first, then after he starts eating, saying “give me a bite”.  LOLOLOL!!!!!  So funny!!!  Ooooooo I’d love to cook for him….

    • @luvb,

      I laugh, because I’m that way too. Hubbie always does that to me. “Let me taste some of yours.” I’m like NO!! If i ordered it, I want what I ordered. I may be nice just depends on if I really, really like what I’m eating. I don’t get pissed, I’m just not giving up my “vittles.” (SMILES)

      I feel ya Bi!

      • @BiAlamode: me and my “vittles” don’t play either! So I totally feel you on this… Ask me for my food, and its fighting words to me!

  2. on a completely different sidenote….

    don’t you just love how he grabbed her and dragged her across the floor.

    oy vey i need help….i’m too messed up hahaha.

    • @luvb: I’d give just about ANYTHING to be dragged across the floor by him, lol. I’d love to wrestle this guy. And you know he’s strong…*BOAB81 begins to break out in a cold sweat*

  3. This was around October of 2008 or so, and I swear I never get tired of seeing it. He SO deserved what he got, with how he had been torturing her for days about being on a diet and fitting into her Tango dress, while she starved. LMAO! Kim SunAh for the win!

    Thanks for posting this! Made my day. 🙂

    • @DynasticQueen: SHAME ON ME for thinking that Sun Ah was in the wrong! Now that you mention it, he did get what he deserved. People give him a hard enough time about his body (they must be crazy), so shame on him for doing so to her.
      P.S. — although, he is ADORABLE when he feels the wasabi burn! hehe

      • ROFL! Indeed! When he’s on fire and just doesn’t know what to do with himself, you feel so sorry for him anyway, poor baby. Hahaha

        And then I think about how she would be home starving and he’d call her up from a restaurant with his buddies and give her a rundown about what they were eating and how good it was and “don’t you wanna come get some too?”… and I laugh at his hot tail like a mofo. LMAO

  4. You are right BOAB81, the chemistry is SOOO there. I really can’t wait to actually see the woman who ends up settling down with. I’d really like to know who his “true” choice would be. (Noona or not)

    • @BiAlamode: my cousin and I were trying to figure out what he didn’t/doesn’t see in Sun Ah. She’s so cute and she adores him. Obviously, there are many things we can’t see off-camera, but I wish he gave her a chance…I wouldn’t be mad at either of them..

      • @DynasticQueen,

        He has hit that upside down and right side up, backwards and forwards, from side to side, Baby!! Especially if SHE had Anything to do with it! (*Just Saying*)………….(SMILES)

      • @BiAlamode: LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!! Do you think it was before or after the comeback performance? I mean, she was practically throwing herself at him repeatedly all throughout the rehearsals lol…

      • Wasn’t she the one that was “Punked” along with Bi prior to this dance? Where they read fake tabloid stories about each one wanting to date the other. If it was her like I think, even then she said “Sure I’ll go out with him. Have his manager contact mine.” Girlfriend has been wanting a “little taste” of HIS “kimchi” for a long time. Just like little Miss Hyori [who I feel Bi has “knocked OUT OF the (ball) park”], Sun Ah has never really hidden how she feels. However, unlike Hyori she seems to be a little more emotionally invested. Hyori just wanted the “kimchi” and had no problem letting him know. (SMILES)

      • @BiAlamode: yes, that’s her!  That’s why I name these posts “From Prankees To Partners”…it all started with them being “punk’d”.  Speaking of Hyori, uhm, YEEEEAH!! Lol.  She definitely got her helping of Bi, no doubt about it.  I was putting together a post related to their “friendship”, so its ironic that you also mentioned her in this comment…

  5. Does anyone know where he talks about the pet peeve? I would love to see his actual face expressions when describing it. I am on one of those people also, that annoys me and when I do share I feel like I am missing that 1/4, 2/3 whatever that I gave away.

    • @Lei: I haven’t seen that video in about a year. It annoys me when I KNOW I’ve seen vids and interviews of him that I can no longer find. If I ever find it, TRUST, I will share it with everyone!

  6. “Speaking of Hyori, uhm, YEEEEAH!! Lol. She definitely got her helping of Bi, no doubt about it. I was putting together a post related to their “friendship”, so its ironic that you also mentioned her in this comment…”

    Didn’t someone play a prank saying that they had slept together and he said he wouldn’t have a problem if it was true and that he would admit to it. Maybe because I don’t want to put Bi in the “wham bam thank you maam” category, I can’t see him just sleeping with her. Maybe it is just me but she doesn’t seem like his type. I like how she can be very down to earth, but just seems a litle too on the conceited side to me for him. Sun Ah seems to be more on his level. Can be a kindergartern teacher by day and a vixen at home.

    • @Lei,

      Miss Hyori, is EVERY man’s “type.” You just let his body start “talking” to him, Oh Yeah she’s his type alright…….(SMILES). However, I don’t see him making her is girlfriend or wife, not in a million years. Bi will definitely marry someone more ladylike, less “hooch” (Just saying). I don’t think Bi is the type of man to purposely go out of his way to hurt women, but it seems more realistic to me that a Virile man HAS TO (so they say….SMILE) have his “needs” met. Bi is no different from any other guy out there in that regard. I do, however, think Sun Ah is just exactly his type as well.

      If Hyori “stepped to him” at the right time on the right night, do you really think Bi would turn her down? I think it would be asking too much of our Boo…………..(SMILES)

      • my theory is that Hyori was one of Bi’s firsts. Remember, she’s gorgeous, a noona, and what every guy would want–so Bi ain’t blind or stupid–no matter how much he tries to blow it off and act like they weren’t involved. I also think Hyori was the one that ended the relationship, NOT Bi. Why? I think Hyori saw his potential early on in his debut/young/inexperienced days and pounced on him as fast as she could. She ain’t shy about going after what she wants. I believe they had dated in secret for a while and he was sprung, but I think she grew bored. We gotta remember, if Bi stepped to one of us, we’d darn near dump any guy we were seeing at the time to be with him. Because he’s Bi! BUT, in the world of Hyori, Bi is just another guy. There are tons of hot guys around her, and I think she messed him over, and probably jaded him a bit. I think their sexual chemistry is off the charts (ever seen the Happy Together right after Bi filmed “Sang Doo Let’s Go To School”??) but a relationship would never survive between them because she’s too freewheeling and bossy, and he doesn’t like to be told anything and wants a ‘traditional’ woman who will stay in the kitchen and cook as well as stand there quietly and ‘just take it’ as he screams at her (his words exactly), and well, at THIS point, he can darn near have any woman he wants. So methinks they “meet up” every now and then, but now have no emotional attachment to each other. JUST MY THOUGHTS 😉

      • @BOAB81,

        Ah…….the plot thickens! (*rubbing hands together*). I can totally see your point. Totally. But if Hyori truly did “screw him over” when he was a young “pup”, she is kicking herself now, I bet. He’s on a whole other level (in my view) and moving even further into various international markets. HE is outgrowing her professionally and we agreed a few posts back that he is now a Grown A__s Man. He’s probably “grown up” to the place (mentally) where she likes her men, but that ship has sailed for her. Yeah, I can see if they are available and craving some “kimchi” they’ll sample some, no doubt.

        I laugh when you say he wants a woman to just “take it” (HA!). I’d like to think he’s partly joking on some level, but if he truly means it, then we Sistas would be out of luck getting with him, ’cause the Sistas I KNOW (including myself) ain’t ABOUT to just “take IT.” (LOL!!!) Him trying to handle a Sista in that regard would be straight up comedy (on his part). (*Still cracking up*) Don’t know how I missed that comment. He thinks he’ll fly all over the world and his woman will stay in the kitchen……Baaabbbyy Please!!

      • @BiAlamode: ok, so I am a sista, and I don’t take any bad behavior off of ANY dude, but if it were gonna be any dude, it’d be Bi. But that’s just because I love me some Bi, and he would get away with ALOT more than the average guy would. I’m sure alot of sistas would agree. Jihoon’s not your average. THAT SAID, I do have my limits, and there comes a point when even someone as fine as him would be pushing it. I try to think of Bi as a normal guy, who’s capable of bad behavior, as I’m sure he is!

        Its obvious by their body language that Bi and Hyori have an understanding. That understanding is: “yes we used to be involved emotionally and physically, but we’re not anymore. But I still think you’re hot so I’ma breaks me off a lil piece e’ry now and then”, etc. In response to the comment Hyori made about seeing Bi as an attractive man for the first time (what bollocks!), Bi replied that, “Hyori’s just being nice”, almost like her comment was prefunctory JUST BECAUSE he’d just a few minutes earlier complimented her as a beautiful, desirable woman. That tells me that Hyori has had the upper hand at one point in their relationship. She doesn’t have it now, and it doesn’t matter, because Bi doesn’t care on an emotional level anymore.Anyway, I will have to find that clip…I’ve seen tons of interview clips of him that I can longer find, and its so freakin’ frustrating!! But anyway, I hope he was joking, but he didn’t seem to be!  I still think deep down he’s very traditional…

      • @BOAB81,

        Oh no doubt, he’s definitely traditional, which makes me a little sad. Even if I was single, would he choose a Black woman? I don’t know. I do get what you mean about taking some “guff” from your man. Believe me I know, Hubbie gives me “guff” all the time……(SMILES). I smile and say “Ok” (in my mind), then I proceed to the nearest department store. (SMILES). Yeah, SEXY (Bi) could get away with a lot, but I’d make him pay…..Dearly…..and not just at the department store…(*wink, wink*). “Bi, you’ve been a very,very bad boy, time to take your punishment”…………….(SMILES)

  7. “I think their sexual chemistry is off the charts (ever seen the Happy Together right after Bi filmed “Sang Doo Let’s Go To School”??)” I really need to find this, because I didn’t really feel it in the most recent episode where they were together. It felt more brother/sister to me. I do get the if the time and place was right, why not. You are right about not marrying her or officially dating her. I don’t see it at this point.

  8. Found this -“There was an incident you see, and before this, the sexy pop queen admitted that she never see Rain as a man, not until long ago during the filming of MBC ‘Come To Play’, Lee Hyori made a statement, “I have never looked at Rain as someone from the opposite gender, but an incident which happened a while back have made me changed the way I look at him. I went to the same tanning shop that Rain goes. And our rooms were separated by a partition which has an opening on top. In the next room, I heard Rain taking off his shirt and applying the lotion. And I don’t know why, I started imagining things.” and everyone in the studio burst out in laughter.” I must find this episode

      • Hahaha! I thought the same thing! I mean really it took that-please! That situation would’ve had me hurdling myself over that partition like it was only 1ft high!

  9. Side Thought-vote for Rain over at Time. He is ahead by 40,000 votes for the most influential person of 2010 Jay Chou is right behind him. Asian Men represent!

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