Telisha Has Definitely Been Bitten By the K-pop Bug

Telisha Shaw aka Telisu

And I can’t say that blame her one iota. K-pop is a force to be reckoned with, and although it isn’t for everyone, it’s far-reaching global appeal is a true anomaly in this mostly Western-influenced planet. I too, have been bitten by the K-pop bug. But this is about Telisha Shaw, aka Telisa, a 32-year-old African-American dancer/entertainer from Tennessee on a mission. Her mission, and she’s chosen to accept with unabashed gusto, is to be the first black K-pop star. How awesome is that? Check out her interview with here. She discusses her introduction to K-pop through working with male trio JYJ, as well as her plans for conquering the K-pop world.

14 thoughts on “Telisha Has Definitely Been Bitten By the K-pop Bug

  1. That’s very intresting although iim not a fan of her or her singing. I think that idea is great and tob see it in action is also great. I’ve also seen a non korean person in an idol group soon to debut is Esquire qith an American boy in it. ; don’t know if she’ll be as successfull as the idol groups tho. It’ll take more than just beingthe first African American k-pop star to reach to their level. I think she can good in Korea tho

  2. But I think (at least technically) wouldn’t Insooni be the first successful woman of color to hit it big in Korea. Insooni is a beautiful Blasian (Black and Korean) sista. Well on second thought, Insooni is considered R&B, so I guess Telisha would be the first Black in K-Pop. Either way, you go Telisha honey.

  3. Hell Yeha!! Power to her. This woman made it easy for me to bust out in some old skool tvxq songs in public. My new mission learn Korean and ride the black k pop wave. LET’S GO MISSION

  4. I really wish her all the luck. She’s going to need it, but recently I was listening to her interview with Asian Pop Addict. There was this part I thought I should share with you.

    It starts at 12:00. ;D

  5. I’m glad that she has those plans for herself. I bet those fangirls wanted her to be gone and thinking that she is..NOT!! Much luck to her. I hope that Telisha keeps doing what she’s doing and continue to let those fangirls know that they can’t bring her down.Maybe some of Telisha’s charisma may have rubbed off on JYJ. I was reading where their music label is giving some of those “fans” a week to get their threatening messages off their site and if not, they we’re going to be reported to their Korean cyber terrorism network. It’s bad how some of them think that they are their parents..or dictators.

  6. After the way these “cassies” crapped all over her because of Junsu, I would be pretty giddy to see her make them eat a pound of crow by becoming a success.

    … She’s much prettier with onyx hair, though.

  7. I ‘m more of a J-pop fanatic, but any sister that has this much heart, tenacity, and determination has my support.

    DaGrrrl, “After the way these “cassies” crapped all over her because of Junsu, I would be pretty giddy to see her make them eat a pound of crow by becoming a success. ” Me too!! 🙂

  8. Wow, more power to her!!! I know it’ll be difficult for her to get to the top in Korea, as a Black female artist, but I believe she can do it.

  9. It was horrible what some of those “cassies” did to her, and Im glad she has a thick skin. I hope I’m not going to sound like a “hater” because it is my dream to see one day a sista making it in the korean scene, but I’m just saying, the blond wig, the LV bags and so on…I don’t want that type of image for black women to inundade Korea. There’s not enough diversity in our image in that country with this whole gangsta rap / video vixens / nicki minaj stuff. I said it before, Nathalie White has always been, in my book, the best candidate for being the 1st black kpop artist, she’s a producer, a singer and she’s been studying that scene for like 10 years. I don’t understand why she’s not living in Seoul yet. Telisha is beautiful and a great dancer, but uhhm I’m not feeling this. Sorry guys.

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