Best of Both Worlds: Kim Jae Wook

I’ll be the first to tell you that, in my humble opinion, actor, model and musician Kim Jae Wook’s appeal is somewhat of an acquired taste. Even though his facial features are attractive, he’s not known for his good looks. Neither is he known for having a tight, muscular bod. To the contrary, he’s actually a bit ethereal. So yes, there is an appeal, and I am trying to put my finger on it.

You may remember Jae Wook as Sun Ki from “Coffee Prince”. Sun Ki was the no-nonsense, blunt voice of reason in the coffee shop. He was also the only worker there that was of half Japanese descent. It was the cause of raised eyebrows and whispers in several scenes of the show, but eventually he became just as much a part of the family as the main characters.

I will be keeping my eye on 27-year-old Jae Wook. He’s not only an actor, but he’s a musician as well, and fronts in a band called “Walrus (named from Beatles song “I Am the Walrus”)”. I can appreciate the homage, since I myself am a big Beatles fan. Back to Jae Wook: because he was born in South Korea, but grew up until the age of 7 in Japan, he’s fluent in both Korean and Japanese. Impressive! More on this guy later.

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14 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds: Kim Jae Wook

  1. He’s beautiful.
    Ethereal is a good word to describe him.
    He’s somewhat androgynous.
    He has the lithe, lean, tightly muscular body of a rock star,
    and I can definitely get into that.

    I do not believe you can compare him to Rain,
    but I will anyways (smile).
    There is something very masculine about Rain,
    he just exudes sex and masculinity.
    I mean I’ve never met the man,
    but you just look at a picture of him,
    and all bets are off.
    Kim Jae Wook, though extremely attractive,
    and very male, leans a bit more toward the feminine.
    There’s nothing wrong with that
    in any way shape or form.

    I’d be interested in getting to know him better,
    see more of what his character is made of
    as he continues to mature, and his star continues to rise.
    I bet he and Rain could be good friends though.
    Jae Wook, like Rain, seems to be a very thoughtful person
    with good intentions, but not the same drive.
    He definitely has potential.
    Though in my opinion,
    it seems he’s missing that spark,
    almost intentionally so.
    Maybe that’s the difference between he and Rain,
    the level of drive that exists in each of them.
    Rain, the hardest working man in show business,
    is in overdrive, he works his ass off to get things done,
    and make things happen, not just for himself, but for others too.
    I bet Rain would make a good friend and mentor
    to Jae Wook, like he is for so many others.–part-1-24770.html–part-2-24769.html

    I like him, he is fine, and I’d do him in a heartbeat.
    However, at this time, and only in my dreams of course,
    if I had to choose between Rain and Jae Wook;
    well, come on now,
    we all know whose arms we’d much rather be in.

  2. his look was perfect for ‘coffee prince’, and he looks like he’s in a band…i didn’t know he was fluent in japanese…those scenese were funny….i’m liking the shorter haircut…i wondered what he was doing now…thanks for the pics!

  3. That’s funny. When I saw him in The Coffee Prince, I thought he reminded me of an elf from LOTR. I didn’t care for his styling in Marry Me Mary/Mary Stayed Out All Night. That wasn’t his fault.

    He does have a certain appeal.

  4. i saw him in the coffee prince and knew he had something. there is something behind the eyes and he’s worht knowing more about. off topic,but i would love to see something on Mitsuhiro Oikawa. i saw him in City Of Lost Souls and he just has the best eyes. he is sexy and a strange way,but you can’t take your eyes off of him.he’s in a tv show now called partners,and i can’t understand a word of it,but i don’t care lol.

  5. Worked late,
    got home, made myself a drink.
    Nothing fancy, scotch and water;
    and suddenly, it came to me…
    Oops, excuse me,
    became a little distracted,
    burning CDs with the old and new.
    Wake Up, Rage Against the Machine;
    shoulda never broke up.

    What I’m saying is,
    I’m just throwin’ it out there,
    an attempt to sum him up,
    Kim Jae Wook,
    in 45 characters or less.
    If I may I submit the following:
    Like Jared Leto, but way more intelligent

    — naturally (referring to the very essence of the word)
    Jared is great, as long as he shuts up and/or sings,
    or if I’m watching an episode of “My So Called Life.’

    Let’s just say Kim Jae Wook took the road less traveled.
    I submit, Kim Jae Wook is the Henry David Thoreau of Korean popular culture.
    … and Rain would be…

  6. @whatthefrell….honey child…you hit the nail square on the head! But may I also venture and say he seems to have a River Phoenix-like quaility about him as well. I’ve never heard of this guy, but I’m also curious to learn of new/old Asian actors/singers. Well, they’re all new to me since I’m new to learning of/who Rain is as well.

  7. And the whole Korean/Japanese mix is so appealing. I find it interesting that even within the Asian community there is quite a bit of “race/culture mixing.”

    In my old class (I’m a preschool teacher) there is a little girl who is Chinese (her mom) and Korean (her dad), and she is a dumplin’!

  8. love love Kim Jae Wook and this is coming from a b/w this fine man is a universal guy and talented in everything. He does acting, modelling, and can sing and play guitar, did i say he speaks Spanish, Eng. and Japanese Bi rain is fine but has nothing on Jaeuck cos languages will take you around the globe and english is #1 so Jaeuck is going places baby, he is an international man.
    He also loves Jimmy Hendrix, Narvana, the Beatles and the Carpenters my kind of musicians plus he is calm and cool.

  9. Yeah i hear you loud and clear and am with you on this 100% about Bi, but my co-workers that i sold Jaeuck to, are buying him like hot cakes mind you they are all B/W. May be cos they don’t know any other K-Stars i guess, Tinsel town ‘Hollywood’ needs these beautiful talented asian men but most of them can’t speak eng. that’s the hardest part, with the kinds of talents Bi and asian stars have needs to explore the West but language wise they cannot come to america. American media won’t promote them cos they won’t mingle with other races like interracial relationships to promote shows. Hollywood likes make believes in their movies to make money \, for many many years i bank on Colin Firth that he is going to be big one day when he did an African movie with Nia Long its called Secret Laughter of Women and i know he is going places i watch all his movies, shows, and dramas anything about this British actor is superb and now he has an oscar and hollywood walk of fame for generation to come so the asians should be very open to interacial romances in movies to show we live in a global village the color of your skin shouldn’t matter. There and then they will arrive people with african origin throughout the world will buy into their movies, music etc. etc. but it seems color is their problem the white folks has got it, now in movies and drama shows and real life. Soon asian movies will involve interracial couples i hope or their products will get boring only asians will watch them don’t get me wrong i will still love my “Jaeuck” but the world is their oysters if only they will take advantage of it, rest with asian stars i don’t mean they should marry other races but to be open to work with both males and females of other races not blacks alone America is leading in interracial relationships and thats hollywood. Open up Bi’s and the Jaeuck’s get whites, blacks, arabs, spanish and indians to show you love all races not just your race of asians alone because we love you not because you are stars but you are human so open up and the world will open up to you don’t look down on other races especially blacks lets make good music and movies together and the world will be a better place aja, aja.

  10. Love love Kim Jae Wook and this is coming from a B/W this fine man is a universal guy and talented in everything. He does acting, modelling, and can sing and play guitar, did i say he speaks Spanish, Eng. and Japanese Bi rain is fine but has nothing on Jaeuck cos languages will take you around the globe and english is #1 so Jaeuck is going places baby, he is an international man.
    He also loves Jimi Hindrix, Narvana, the Beatles and the Carpenters my kind of musicians plus he is cool and calm. P.S. Kim Jaeuck is a very romantic and dreamy guy he will do well in Victorian times movies Bronte sisters stories English lord and French noble man.

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