[M/V] Toshi Kubota – Breaking Through

Mr. Toshinobu Kubota is a 49-year-old Japanese soul singer hailing from Shizuoka, Japan. “Breaking Though”, released in 2004 on “Time To Share”, was his third album effort to break into the U.S. market. Since I had never heard of Kubota san since a few years ago (and through Youtube searches, no less), I am lead to believe that his efforts to break into the U.S. market did not go so well. The name of the song could also refer to what seems to be an interracial relationship. What do you think?

I feel that he sings with feeling, and to me that is the most important aspect of being an artist sharing his craft with the world. He also puts me in the mind of one of my favourite soul/r&b groups The Stylistics. Besides the fact that he sings soul/r&b, I appreciate his choice of love interest in “Breaking Through”‘s music video. 🙂 I was concerned if Kubota san is still releasing albums, and thankfully, according to Wikipedia, he has for the past years since “Time To Share”, the latest of which being “Gold Skool”, released August 3, 2011. I will be up late downloading tonight 😉 Check out the latest release from that album here.

11 thoughts on “[M/V] Toshi Kubota – Breaking Through

  1. Hmmm…he doesn’t sound too bad. Forty nine you say? Wow, if he’s that age then I’m 112.

    I like his persistence,but without sounding as a doubter, people are discovering how difficult it is breaking into the U.S. scene. Unfortunately, this man now has a couple of strikes against him 1) His age. Toshi may not look 49,but if they know you are such, the music exes will be ready to hang you up 2) People aren’t into R&B like they once were. between hip-hop and pop, they are the predominate genres that most entertainers and their audiences are going into. the music world are looking for younger singers. These days.. you don’t have to be a good singer anymore. Just look half way decent and have a lukewarm voice and you’re in. That’s unfortunate because I miss good ,original singing.

  2. Kubota….aww, nice music, I hate to hear he wasn’t successful in the states. Maybe he should switch genres, from soul to jazz. I have been a fan of the group Hiroshima for years and have all of their cds.

    @ATLSis, “These days.. you don’t have to be a good singer anymore. Just look half way decent and have a lukewarm voice and you’re in. That’s unfortunate because I miss good ,original singing.” I so agree with you. And also have that “sellable” look the executives want. I love India Arie, Angie Stone, Kelly Price, and Anthony Hamilton. All of which can sing their A$$ off without even straining, yet they have not achieved the level of mainstream success as Beyonce, Alicia Keys and so on.

  3. @ ATLSis and LadyO,

    I agree with both of you. Oh and hi-five’s to the 40 somethings, he looks great….finally someone I can call “Oppa” even if he is Japanese (SMILES).

    Love Hiroshima too BTW. I agree people who are just great R&B “crooners” are no more, the days of that kind of talent….gone. Luther Vandross being one of the last. LadyO is right also, you may be extremely talented, but if you don’t look like the mainstream “ideal” then you will have a tough time. Unfortunately. It’s funny some of our greatest singing Icons (Aretha, Patti, Gladys and some others) would not be given the time of day if they were starting out in today’s musical climate, based on looks alone. Scary, the great talents we would have missed out on.

  4. L.Orchid,

    Yep! all good talent is no longer applicable. I’m also tired hearing Beyonce. It’s almost as other entertainers doesn’t exist.

  5. Bialamode,

    Aww man.. I loved me some Hiroshima in the day. Now talk about originality. I liked how they mixed R&B wit some traditional Japanese music. It made a good mix and good music. A couple of weeks ago, I was burning “San Say” and “One Wish”. I really miss their music.

  6. Kubota Toshi is one of my favorite Japanese R&B artists. I wrote about him on my blog a while ago. He’s been in the game for about 25 years and his an inspiration to many Japanese and non-Japanese artists. I would suggest checking out Skoop on Somebody, Hirai Ken, and Toshinori Yonekura, all of whom have similar music styles.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to a new artist. I checked out the video and loved it!! I also watched “Candy Rain” (the name was familiar) and Toshi is now part of my music collection.

    Moichido arigatou!

  8. I just got into his music around this time last year. I heard “nothing but your love” on music choice and I got hooked. My fave song by him would probably be, “His sugar”. I lost my mind when I heard that, its a straight up Marvin Gaye song.

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