Joo Ji Hoon: Naughty Prince

He really is and I’ll tell you why in a second. Remember I said there was a reason I was covering Goong? Obviously yes I’m covering it because it’s a K-Drama and that’s err what I do but there’s a realllly special reason for the timing of this! Joo Ji Hoon who many of you know as Prince Shin or maybe have seen him in films such as ‘Antique Bakery’ is finally getting discharged from the military at the end of this month!! The date floating around for his first fan meeting is November 27th and I’m soooo excited! Not because I’m about to fly to Korea and wait online like a fan girl no; but because he’s really talented and this is his 2nd chance since he was seriously close to blowing his career.

See Joo Ji Hoon was pretty wild and even now when you google pictures of him a lot of his party pics come up and he looks so wasted in pretty much all of them…it really wasnt a good look Ji Ji!. Back in 2009 he was caught in a big drug scandal and I don’t mean petty BS like G Dragon’s recent issue. I mean this involved models smuggling drugs into Korea and Joo Ji Hoon purchasing and using Ecstasy and Ketamine. He was sentenced to 6 months jail time and a year of probation. He never served those 6 months and what a perfect time to enlist in the military don’t you think? Laying low in the military wa a great PR move, but really how careless was he? I mean not only was he a popular actor at the time but he was a popular model with endorsements from the likes of Calvin Klein and Polo. I’d say he’s a very lucky guy to be given another chance and in fact he’s signed with Key East which is the entertainment firm owned by famous Hallyu star Bae Young Joon. This firm houses a collection of A listers including my very own Kim Hyun Joong. I’m sure Joo Ji Hoon has changed for the better so lets hope his comeback is a major success!

Yummy Stats: Oppa is turning 30 in May. He stands at almost 6″2. He really can’t play a teenager anymore; he’s become very manly looking so I’m excited to see what roles he’ll be casted in this time around.

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23 thoughts on “Joo Ji Hoon: Naughty Prince

  1. I admit to not to having seen the series as of yet,but I just want to say a few words about Ji. If this guy can look this good on this up close photo, I could imagine how good he may look in person.

  2. The first time I saw Joo JiHoon was the K-drama “Lucifer.” He was so GOOD in his role that he practically scared me to death! This man can create a character that will leave you breathless. You will believe who he says he is. Heheh!

    Thanks for this post! 🙂

    • Really??? I’ll have to check Ji Ji out in that. He is such a good actor and that gaze of his can kill cant it!? Its beyond intense lolol

      • LOL yep, and he used that gaze like crazy in that drama, also called “Devil” (Mawang). He and Eom Taewoong were the perfect adversaries, and it was the first time I’d ever seen Shin Minah. Crap, I was impressed as all get-out with the three of them. If I’d seen Ji’s character coming down the street, I would have crossed over to the other side *shiver* Heheh.

        Okay, so now I’m getting the urge to watch it again…

      • OMG now I’m really going to watch it. I’ll probably check it out this weekend and it’ll be my first K movie haha

  3. Goong was the first drama I ever watched (was a huggeee fan of the comic so I was beyond ecstatic when I heard they were doing a drama), and was extremely sad that soon after, he ended up getting in those scandals and going on military leave.

    I hope his comeback is stronger than ever, though!

  4. GREAT PICS!! I already liked him best of the two Prince’s but these pics really Cement it!! I cant wait to see his next Adult movie!! And wasnt the singer Ivy apart of that drug scandal, cause I remember reading that her boyfriend at that time was a model that got her into trouble??

  5. Bad bad bad bad boy…you make me feel so good! Lol. I can’t be mad at him. He seems to be someone who dances to the beat of his own drum, and in a rigid society such as South Korea, that’s alot to be said! Not that I want him to be involved in trafficking drugs, but I think its interesting that he isn’t the typical goody-two-shoes that we normally come across. I’m looking forward to his return too!

    • Uhh dancing to the beat of his own drum sure but getting high while doing it is alittle much dont you think? lol Oh wait I forgot hes hot so it doesnt matter if he did drugs lolol With that said I do hope hes allowed to have as much of a clean slate as possible although hes banned from appearing on stations KBS and MBC..but we all know how that bs goes since JYJ suffers from that also.

  6. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but wasn’t he black listed? I could have sworn I just saw his name on the major networks black list recently. *shrug* If he was then its on to cable for him and since cable seems to be putting out better material these days, then it’s a blessing for him. I reallt liked him in Goong. I haven’t seen him anything else. Must check the others out.

      • Sorry. Im doing everything from phone. ‘Puter is down and out for the moment 😦 and the phone takes min to update.

        But like I said, cable (my opinion) is putting out better material. So it might be a blessing in disguise. Cable doesn’t seem to have the fake indignation that the majors have.

        I’m becoming more and more sure there’s some shady shit going on there, business practice wise.

  7. I don’t know Joo Ji Hoon but drug trafficking is not a good look for anybody. There’s an old saying “Stupid is as stupid does” so Joo Ji Hoon you are a very good looking and from what I gather talented actor, so please don’t give “stupid” a face. The world doesn’t need any more unfortunate premature deaths like Amy Winehouse.

    I’ll go and check out his dramas. I’m watching City Hunter right now.

  8. Oh goodness lol he wasnt trafficking lol he was buying drugs at the mid way point. In other words it would get smuggled into Korea but before it was “on the street” he was buying it because of his connections. Like skipping the middleman. Anyway it happened 2 years ago I doubt he was some hardcore addict he was just a party boy having toooo much fun. Either way he probably changed because of age and military exp soooo lets see what he does next ^_^

    • KrisE says:

      Either way he probably changed because of age and military exp soooo lets see what he does next ^_^

      I hope so for his sake. (SMILES) (*back to watching K-dramas now*)

  9. lord, that 1st pic does things to me. *fans* I’ve been waiting for him to get out. We need to get him and Yoon Eun Hye back together in something ASAP. I would love a Goong reunion movie but I doubt that will happen. I read that he’s going to be doing a musical. I guess he needs to start somewhere.

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