Meet Kazuki Kitamura

It is regrettable that I was not able to find as much information on this actor, as, say, a Korean actor. I couldn’t even locate a good high resolution photo of him on the internet! At this time, Korea is the Asian entertainment hegemonic power, and as result, it is much easier to find information and images/videos on the actors and entertainers of that country. *Sigh* Anyway…

I have reverted to watching Japanese dramas as of late, as I have saturated myself with all things Korean. No insult to the Koreans. I just have to get back to my Japanese roots, which is what introduced me to interest in Asian men and culture in the first place!

I began with watching “14際の母 (14-year-old Mother)”. The title to this series is a pretty good indication of what the storyline is about. Kazuki san plays an editor-in-chief at a 3rd-rate tabloid firm, sort of equivalent to the U.S.’s “Enquirer”. With rugged goodlooks, 42-year-old Kazuki san has been acting in Japanese dramas, movies and shows since the mid-90s. I can’t believe this guy is 42. He ages well! I found a few videos featuring him on youtube that I will be posting later. In the meantime, I wanted to introduce the faces of more Japanese actors/entertainers. I hope you all can look forward to this!

38 thoughts on “Meet Kazuki Kitamura

  1. @ BOAB81,

    He’s gorgeous! Hey, we 40 somethings are still some “firecrackers.” Don’t let the number fool you. (SMILES)

    You know, for myself, before Bi I was always one to watch my share of foreign films, many of which were Asian. My admiration for Asian culture started as a kid with….you guessed it (Bruce Lee Saturday morning karate films). From there, the intrigue of Asian culture grew for me.

    *The Good, The Bad and The Weird*
    *The IP Man*

    *Memoirs of a Geisha*
    *The Joy Luck Club*
    *Green Eyes* – starring Paul Winfield
    *Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon*
    *Flower Drum Song* – ( I love 50s movies as well – BTW the role of Madam/Auntie Liang was played by Juanita Hall, a light-skinned Black woman, also famous for playing Bloody Mary in another film classic *South Pacific*) So why Bi couldn’t kiss Naomi in 2009 (*Kanye shoulder shrug*)

    This is only a few of my favorite films…..too many to list (SMILES). So I feel you on getting back to what you love.

    • You know, i’m glad someone else thought that about why Bi couldnt kiss Naomi!!! I absolutely was waiting for that kiss!!!! When they interviewed her, she said, there was supposed to be a scene where she washes his body, but she kept giggling because she couldnt believe how beautiful his body was.. So they had to delete that scene out!!! I was mad about it!!!! (:

  2. Liking him with the glasses. Funny I haven’t watched too many Asian movies, aside from Crouching Tiger and House of Flying Daggers (that dude was hot!), I need to expand my horizons. I have yet to saturate my Korean entertainment love as of yet. I have about 7 more dramas on my list.

    • @Lei,

      *House of Flying Daggers* – another one of my favorites, the male lead was Takeshi Kaneshiro and Yes, he’s HOT! (SMILES)

    • That’s right how can we forget about Takeshi Kaneshiro not only is he good looking but he has starred in some of best foreign films made!!! You have to check out his movies “The Returner”, “Sleepless Town”, “Red Cliff” (international version), and “Perhaps Love”!!!! Believe me you will not regret renting any of these movies!!!

  3. @BiAlamode,
    “(Bruce Lee Saturday morning karate films). From there, the intrigue of Asian culture grew for me.”
    Girl, you too? I used to get up at 5 am on Saturdays just to watch Ultraman. In the afternoons we would watch the “Kung Fu” cinema, and end the day with Godzilla, or a King Kong movie. I have a big collection of the Toho monster vids. And I still love them. They are laughable and campy compared to today’s standards, but that was the cat’s meow back then.

    “House of Flying Daggers,” “Hero,” “Crouching Tiger” and “IP Man” Donnie Yen is awesome. I have been a fan of his since “Blade 2

    Kazuki Kitamura is handsome and for 42 Wow!!! He needs to give me his grandmother’s recipe quick 🙂 I commented in an earlier thread that I think Bi will be one of those men that age well and look youthful as he matures.

    “I wanted to introduce the faces of more Japanese actors/entertainers. I hope you all can look forward to this! ” Yes!! Thanks BOAB for posting this, I’ll try to behave……….I said, I’ll try. hee, hee

    You have anything on Malaysian actors/ singers? I know Taiwanese actor and boy band member F4 Jerry Yan is in a bit of a scandal with the nude photo leak….Apparently it wasn’t him, but…… damn, looks can be deceiving.

    • The more I come to this site, the more I find out about others in the Asian entertainment industry. I have never heard of Jerry Yan, but I do Now. (SMILES)

      There was another Asian actor that was caught up in a big sex scandal, I think back in 2008 where there were several photos of himself and some actresses in several …..ahem….compromising poses.

      Bad boys are in ALL ethnicities. My opinion is that if you are famous, wanna be famous, think you famous…..don’t film yourself doing some “freaky, freaky” cause unless the person in the room with you is just a famous (with as much to lose as you) consider yourself a new “internet porn star,” because that tape/photo will get leaked, they usually do. (*just saying*)

      • “I have never heard of Jerry Yan, but I do Now. (SMILES)” I take it you saw the doppelganger……………..running out of thread…………………. 🙂

      • @bialamode–
        I wonder how many situations happen like on “america’s sweethearts” where compromising videos are released purposefully by agents in the celeb’s own camp?

  4. Although I used to watch all the Karate flicks in the 70’s we saw what hollywood wanted us to see as far as Asian men go, so as Americans we only saw some Karate weilding, not so attractive men, and they were the same men that played in all the Karate movies.. But i used to love anime, which got me into Japanime, which got me into Japanese movies, Then I finally saw how fine they really were.. Did any ever watch the movie “Blue Tiger” 1994 with Toru Nakamura and Virginia Madsen, from that point I knew Asian men had potential to be Super fine and Sexy!!!

  5. @ Angel,

    I’ve never seen Blue Tiger. I’ll have to check it out. But agree with you…’s in the MOVIES where, like you, I discovered these fine super fine Asian men. It was a well kept secret, then when I saw my first foreign film it’s like…..”Oh THAT’S where the “pretty” ones are. (SMILES)

  6. Oohhh!!! I remember Kazuki from the “Iryuu-Medical Team Dragon” J-Drama. He played a brilliant surgeon on a major ego trip. Didn’t care much for his character, but he is an impressive actor (more impressive acting than that of the lead character).

    @ LadyOrchid…

    Wow!!! I also recall my “Ultraman” days and the “Kung Fu theater” shown every Saturday morning back-in-the day (LOL). Every 3rd aturday of the month, our local movie theater would ahve a Martial Arts marathon; we’d get to see 4 movies for the price of one. Oh… the nostalgia!

  7. Kazuki is hot. I have to check out his movie. I can’t believe he’s 42. 🙂

    I’m sure some of you have seen the movie “Ichii the Killer”. The villain in the movie is so fine. 😀

    • Thanks, Nicole. I read about him and the scandal when I was surfing the net and I thought wow, their scandals truly end careers. Heck, over here a scandal makes you “infamous” these days. (SMILES)

      • Now I remember Edison Chen, and I actually watched his interview on CNN.. He said when he went to get his computer repaired, and the technician found pictures he actually deleted and posted them on the web..The technician did a little bit of time but He was getting death threats and had to move to Canada for a while/ and this ruined several actresses careers as well.. It was a mess for all involved!! And your right, in the US we dont care too much about sex tapes or scandals, Probably cause we are exposed to this nonsense on a delay basis be it a politcian or our own family…

  8. Thanks, Angel I’ve got some more movies to see…….can’t wait! (SMILES)

    @LadyOrchid and ninayoung,

    Yes, back in the day it was Saturday morning karate movies, Ultraman and Godzilla and yes they were Hella Cool……back then! (SMILES)

  9. Aww, thanks ladies I’ll have to check out these movies. I remember Virginia Madsen from those Candyman movies.

    Has anyone seen “The Lover,” with Jane March & Tony Leung Ka Fai? This was my very first introduction to the sexiness of Asian men.
    Another in my collection is “Curse of the Golden Flower” with Chow Yun Fat & Gong Li. It is along the lines of “House of Flying Daggers” in terms of cinematography, locale and costumes.

    Yes, Edison

    I think some of these people are releasing pictures/videos themselves, trying to get exposure. Look how well it turned out for Kim K. And when Chris Brown showed his ding dong online right before his cd was released, his sales went through the roof.

    • Christopher, Christopher……*tsk, tsk*…..anyway……moving on…………

      Yes, I saw “The Lover”…….forgot about that one, very sexy. Also, “The Last Emperor”…..with John Lone and Joan Chen, as well as “Lust, Caution” directed by Ang Lee and were great films to me too. “A Frozen Flower” is another good one….it’s a Korean film BTW and quite intense on a lot of levels.

      • I watched this movie little while ago. It is “intense,” I was rooting for chief, then the queen, and back to the chief.. Crying through the movie. I won’t spoil it for anyone else, but it is a good movie…. Especially if you see the unrated version like me. WOW. Thanks BiAlamode for the recommendation. I also have “Ichi the Killer” and “Blue Tiger”

    • Oh and I do love Chow Yun Fat and also Ken Watanabe by the way, both great actors. Love their work.

      However, who truly started it for me…….truly was this man……This man let me know my “female parts” were in perfect working order before I was even old enough to really assess those feelings…….

      I know Hollywood has “blurred” the ethnic lines of many actors and actresses in decades past. Most people only see Yul Brynner as a Caucasian man of Russian descent and say he only added Mongolian to his biographical heritage to sound more exotic. I don’t know, but if he truly had ANY Asian blood (which I believe he did, personally). Then he was Officially my first Asian/part Asian male “celebrity crush.” (SMILES)

      • Ken was really good in “The Last Samurai” Tom Cruise blah..

        I remember Yul. Loved he voice and the way he carried himself. I think he was a great actor. As Nina mention he was in magnificent seven. Yul showed the world he had great range. He was also in “The King and I” and “Solomon & Sheba”… These are some great old school movies.

        Side note Chow Yun Fat and Jodie Foster did the remake of “The King and I” entitled “Anna and the King” I think. But it wasn’t well received.

      • They did do a remake, it couldn’t touch the original… me. (SMILES). I really like Chow Yun Fat as an actor, but I didn’t feel chemistry between he and Jodie Foster. Maybe it was just me, don’t know. Yes, honey…..YUL…..”Mr. King of Siam” himself. (SMILES) I haven’t seen all his movies, of course, but I have seen my share (including The Magnificent 7, which I loved). His presence on film was just…..Wow! He also played so many different ethnic types on film, it was hard to pinpoint what his really was. But you know, forget looks that truly is the sign of a great actor, it really doesn’t matter what you look like. Your skill as an actor should be able to really take my mind on the “journey” of the film, it really should.

  10. I must have seen “Ichi the Killer” many times. One of my faves! Tadanobu Asano is hot, but his character was scary and crazy.

    Also, I really enjoyed “Sukiyaki Western Django”. So many actors in the movie were hot!

  11. @ BiAlamode… Oh my, I too remember Yul Brynner in the “10 Commandments”. I think it was pretty mean of you to deny us a full body shot in that link (LOL). That man has some gorgeous legs in that Egyptian getup. Even though I wasn’t sure he could pull off a Western, he was awesome in “Magnificent 7”
    Another Japanese actor I find myself being drawn to is Kenichi Matsuyama. He so solid, intense and mature for a young actor. I loved him in “Don’t Laugh at My Romance” and he was outstanding in “Kamui: Gaiden”. The stunts and the sword training he went under, just for the movie, he pulled off to perfection. To me, he’s a younger version of Takeshi Kaneshiro.

    • @Ninayoung,

      I’m sorry Nina………I couldn’t find a picture that showed his legs like I wanted to see them, so the best I could do was find this “cheesy song” video from YT. If you can get past the song, the video does show Yul’s sexy Ramses character and that famous “strut” with those famous legs. (SMILES)

      • OMG!!! That video is epic! Those legs and that strut; how could I have forgotten? That video also reminded me of Yul’s bedroom eyes.

        Thanks BiAlamode, you have made my day, no… my weekend (LOL)!

  12. Yeah, I’ve seen this actor before…. I saw him in “Team Medical Dragon” like @ninayoung did. He was also in the J-dramas “Passion for Justice” and “Bambino” with Jun Matsumoto of Arashi. I have to admit that I do prefer Korean actors but I will say that “Team Medical Dragon 1 & 2” were the best dramas of any language I’ve ever seen.

  13. I have to agree, Choi Min, “Team Medical Dragon” was excellent and one of the first J-drama I watched. I went through seasons 1 & 2, like a bag of buttery popcorn. They had a great cast… Kenji Sakaguchi, this was a good role for him, but my favorites were the young understudy, Ijuin, played by Teppei Koike (very endearing character), Arase, the bizarre anesthesiologist (Sadao Abe) and, Kitou, the sassy, defiant head of the ER (Mari Natsuki). Excellent roles, but I loved the solid acting of Kuranosuke Sasaki.

  14. @ninayoung …..absolutely! “Team Medical Dragon” did indeed have a great cast especially in Part 2 with all of the new members at the new hospital. That female anesthesiologist, Kodaka-sensei, was something else, wasn’t she? I also think one of the best parts of the drama was that amazing soundtrack.

    • You are absolutley right, Choi Mei, the soundtrack was/is amazing. I never got tired of hearing “Aesthetic”, even though it played thru all 3 seasons and “Red Dragon” always hyped up the scenes. You’ve got a great ear.

  15. I was looking for movies that Kazuki Kitamura has appeared in and found he was in “Kill Bill vol 1” and “Godzilla: the Final Wars.” Now, I have a reason to pull out those cheesy movies. lol
    I didn’t think it was the same guy until I saw the “Team Medical Dragon” listed on IMDb. Taking in the recommendation of the ladies here, and it also has a nice soundtrack, I am on the hunt to watch it now. One of my favorite soundtracks of all time is the“Crouching Tiger….” OST

    Side-note: Has anyone heard of Gackt, the Japanese singer/actor? There is a trailer for a movie called Bunraku where he plays the young samurai. After doing a little research on him, I have a whole new understanding of Asian celebrities and “fanservice.”

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