Brian Joo’s Sad Interracial Love Story

Brian Joo

29-year-old K-pop artist Brian Joo confessed on a South Korean tv show “Best Friend’s Note” that he once dated a black girl while attending school in the U.S. The relationship seemed to be blossoming, until he met the girl’s mother.

According to him, the mother of his girlfriend rudely asked him, “How will you be able to marry my daughter?“, afterwhich, dismissing him from their home. The next day, the girl broke off the relationship, saying “because of my mom, I don’t think we can see each other.” Sad story, eh? Its good to know that BW/AM relationships do exist, but sad to see them end this way.

Many of the articles I read on this particular story claimed that Brian was a victim of racism. Although I understand where they are coming from (in that the relationship was interracial, or shall I say “controversial” to begin with), that’s not quite how I see it. I think the mother was truly concerned about her daughter’s welfare/future, and would have asked the same questions to any young man who was interested in her. Still, I don’t know the mother, and she could very well be racist.

This is very interesting to me, because usually Asians are portrayed as being the racists, and not wanting their children to mix with other races, notably blacks. But I think it just goes to show that everyone, no matter their color, has to open their minds and hearts to the idea of interracial love.

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9 thoughts on “Brian Joo’s Sad Interracial Love Story

  1. what did the mom mean with that question? they were in school, so maybe she was talking about how he was going to financially support her…would she feel differently knowing he is a pop star? in that case, she wouldn’t be racist, she’d be a golddigger…

    either brian never found out or he didn’t discuss it…but it sure sends a negative vibe to audience viewers who might be interested in members of another race…did his parents know about his girlfriend? what would they have thought? i wonder if they would have asked her a similar or worse question…

    i don’t need my parents’ approval anymore…but if I brought a guy home of another race, my parents would make sure we took off our rose-colored glasses and were aware of the prejudice that would surely come with our union…beyond that, they would welcome him into our family…

  2. I am an African-American woman happily married to an African-American man, but I have no doubt that if I had chosen a man of another race/ethnicity to spend my life with, my family would have accepted him. Of course there would be concern, but as long as they were satisfied that he loved and respected me and I felt the same toward him, they would be happy. This is why the idea of Blasian love fascinates me so. If I were a single woman, I would definitely have explored dating Asian guys…Koreans in particular.

  3. Reading this story brought tears to my eyes. That was probably could have been the love of his life.

    My mom once remarked that I would be the first one in my family to be in an interracial relationship,but it was my bro who beat me to the punch. i only dated outside of my culture. My ex was a Nigerian and more than likely a Black man and if I would have brought Brian home, they would have welcomed. Though I do no consider my folks to be racially prejudiced or even to some degree culturally prejudiced,but they have often expressed to me that they had no problems with nobody else except Nigerians( which is also wrong),but in spite of it,he was respected and treated accordingly.

    As I’ve mentioned ,as long as Brian was a a sweetheart, all would have been good with him. No matter how people wanted to justify bigotry, there is no way around it. I just could imagine the tears that may have came form both of their eyes. I have folks/friends in my family who are i mixed marriages including a cousin of mine who have been married to her greek husband for 32 years. My bro has dated his fair share of non-Black women and I have a bi racial Asian/ Black sister. My great grandpops was South Indian and married my Black great grandmother. Far as all of this. I see nothing wrong with it. IR couples are beautiful.

    II have no kids of my own, but I just wouldn’t want to mess up a good thing. Honestly, if my children whether male/female were involved in an IR union, it’s only natural that you want to make sure they are all good and to educate them about our racist would,but there is no way would I ever tell them not to date them.Much dislike that my folks had for my Nigerian ex, they didn’t do that to me.I would love to see my kids be happy with the person they love, so they won’t have me for it.A part of me hope that Brian will get his girl back, but if not,hopefully he will find a girl who will meet his greatest expectations

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  5. I don’t understand why someone would dismiss a person because of their race. She may have caused her daughter to miss out on true happiness because her prejudice against Asian men. I would never want anyone to tell me “Oh you can’t date him because he’s Asian” or “Even if he does love you, his family will never accept you and think you are the lowest of all races and he’ll always choose family over some black girl”. Something like that would hurt but some people’s ignorance are above and beyond and they don’t care about how it would make you feel to hear something like this said from someone you care about. My best friend told me this, she said she never wants to see me with an Asian man & many other people have voiced this same opinion towards me. I’m very happy that I have at least one person who isn’t constantly putting my choice of men down. I wish I had more people with outlooks on life like her and they were less people like my best friend and Brian Joo’s ex girlfriend’s Mother.

  6. I know his girlfriend regrets listening to her mother now! What a shame. I hope his story doesn’t discourage Korean men from relationships with black American women. Just as I have heard of AMBW couples who faced racism from the man’s parents, I have also heard of couples (and been in AMBW relationships, like my first marriage) where it simply wasn’t an issue. The negative experiences seem to poison the well and turn people away before they even try, which is really sad. Even I still feel discouraged about finding my Asian guy, despite knowing full well how possible it is. Each negative seems to “count” more than the positive ones 😦

  7. Personally I think there might be more to the story than what was told. Considering Brian’s age I’m thinking that the girl’s mom may be around my parents age and judging by her question she’s more like my dad. One thing I do know is that black people were still getting pretty heavy racism openly when my parents were young. My dad still to this day bases everything that happens off his experiences back then so I’m wondering if maybe her mom had or knows of similar situations to my dad’s. If she’s like my dad then it’s possible that the question was a test to determine his mental strength for the racism that they would possibly face. A parents first priority is their children’s safety. She may have been trying to see if he was capable of protecting her daughter. Since she didn’t get the response she wanted she decided he had to go. I’m seriously hoping that was the case and not because of his Asian lineage. My dad asks 20 million questions to every guy my sis or I brought home regardless of race (I have dated outside my race) and he’s not against ruining relationships either.

    • @Lovemorehateless: hello and welcome! 🙂 THanks so much for your comment! Yes, there was probably alot more going on there too. It’s funny, our dad’s sound similar, although, he has eased up ALOT since we have all grown up. But when we were teens, he was really tough on us.

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