Korean Men Exposed? Pt. 1

Not so much. I found this article interesting because it proves that there is an increasing awareness and curiosity in non-Korean women about Korean men. I would like to think that this article is based mostly on a time period in which Korean, or Asian men in general, were not as widely seen and publicized as they are today. We’ll call this the “Pre-Awareness Period”, which was a good 5-10 years ago, when neither of us had even heard of Bi or K-Pop, or Hallyu, for that matter. Korean men also didn’t really know much about us, either, except what they were shown on MTV or Hollywood film, etc. This was before the globalization of all things Korean. Of course, now, we all know and are very aware of Bi, K-Pop and Hallyu (and they are very aware of us), and it would only make sense to regard the present as the “Awareness Period”. With that in mind, I would like to comment on the article in question. This will be a 3-part series, and the remaining two installments will be posted over the next few days. May I add, that I have a sneaking suspicion that the writer is notKorean, or even Asian. That very fact may give us a little more insight into the somewhat small-mindedness of the article’s content.

It’s really important for you to read at least the first two myths of the article, as they will be addressed in this post. The intent of the article is to debunk any silly schoolgirl notions that non-Korean women may be having about Korean men. Actually, I’m not totally mad at the intent, because I am a realist, and I have always preferred the truth to ear-tickling bs. But I certainly will not stand for small-mindedness. No way, no how.

Myth #1: Korean Men Like Interracial Dating
See, I’m just not buying this. I’m sure there are plenty Korean men out there that prefer to date within their face/nationality, and that’s fine. I’m sure that the opposite is also true. But why would one put all Korean men in one category? Does he know and has he interviewed every single Korean man contemporary of his? I highly doubt it. Every single human being on this earth is unique, and even though mass media/entertainment has done its best to turn us all into mindless automatons, the truth is we were all given the gift of free will and thought. To generalize that Korean men don’t like interracial dating or foreign women is moronic.

Myth #2: Older Korean Men Are More Reliable
I think whenever a woman comes across a man who’s in his 30s or 40s who has yet to be married, she can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with him. Society has us thinking this, of course. Now, I do believe that there are two kinds of people in the world: people who should be married, and people who shouldn’t be married. I think that people who should be married and those that shouldn’t marry, get married to each other, and perhaps that is the reason why the divorce rate is so high. The biggest problem is people who shouldn’t marry are pressured by family, friends and society because they want to be regarded as “normal”, so they go against who they really are to please others. I just feel that people who get into their 30s and 40s without marrying either a) shouldn’t be married, or b) haven’t found the right person yet. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with him or her. And it CERTAINLY doesn’t matter what color or nationality they are!

Lie To Me: Nothing's Wrong With 33-year-old, single Ji Sub

Can you hear me knockin’?!? To be continued…

15 thoughts on “Korean Men Exposed? Pt. 1

  1. Yeah, not quite sure who is putting these particular myths out there but I would venture to say that Korean and other Asian men are as you say “aware” now that there are women of other races/nationalities who find them attractive and desirable and would very much date them. When you are not aware, you stay with what’s familiar, now they are aware and I see all over YT AM/BW couples so Asian men are definitely stepping out and toward women of other Races. I was watching a video of Beyonce performing in Seoul, Korea and someone commented that “Korean men love Beyonce.” I have no clue how accurate the statement is, but if that is true, then it is indicative of the very real possibility that Korean/Asian are opening themselves up to loving we “sistas.”

    As far as the reliability issue, that myth is just dumb. Reliability can only be measured from individual to individual. I know the “natural order” of things would say that older means more reliable, but there are plenty of older people in this world that aren’t reliable worth a d___n and the opposite of that is Bi (representing the younger Korean male)….. just look at how Bi conducts his business affairs, so very professional and meticulous. You don’t get to the top of his profession, poised to “take over the world” by being unreliable. When someone is clearly focused in his/her life and has marked out a definite path they will follow until they reach the goals they have set for themselves, this would be a great indicator of one’s reliability. This mentality is not exclusive to someone who is older or someone who is younger, but is a quality that is achievable by both.

  2. Oops!..How did I forget about this story?Anyways, with myths like that , it just sometimes makes you just want to ask ” Ya think?!”

    How about some of the older generation like ours? I didn’t grow up on K-pop, manga or other types of anime. As a matter of fact, my 12 year old nephew had school me on what these were. It’s been almost 22 years ago since I graduated from high school. I loved jazz music( still love it). The only Asian groups/people I knew during my time was Hiroshima and Sukiyaki(Actually, he was during my mom’s 50’s generation). Far as any hot Asian men, I loved myself some Dustin Nguyen when 21 Jump Street was on the air. Him( along with Johnny Depp) were two reasons I loved watching the show. Yes, he was shot stuff,but my common sense never was impaired by stereotypes and imaginary expectations of people.I liked all sorts of men since I could remember.

    Far as Asian men, it started with my Vietnamese friend’s brother. I was in the 6th grade,but he was sooo gorgeous! I was also attracted to Asian Indian men. I thought that they were gorgeous. No manga, anime or Bollywood made me have a sudden love for Asian men. If I love a Korean men , it will be because I love him as a man,and not anything superficial.

  3. I believe AM and BW have that in common, the fact that they’re not aware that other races desire them. But it’s changing, so AM are bound to open up and date out more now that they’re more and more seen by non-AW.

    I was watching a video of Beyonce performing in Seoul, Korea and someone commented that “Korean men love Beyonce.” I have no clue how accurate the statement is, but if that is true, then it is indicative of the very real possibility that Korean/Asian are opening themselves up to loving we “sistas.”

    They definitely love her, I have a friend who’s in love with her and even asian female friends try to imitate her. Let me tell you more, I saw a video of Bi speaking english when he was trying to get some shine in the USA, I saw it on youtube, do you know what some people were writing?? “He needs to be with a black girl, he could handle that, he’d look so good with a black girl”….this statement came from an asian. See what I mean? Asians LOVE them some Kelly Rowland and Ciara too. 🙂

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  5. Your candidacy is very desirable. It’s very rare to find people who reflects honest in their expressions. It is true that generalizations is a reflection of immaturity. So I’m not going to comment on that. In reference to myth #1: I recently saw this short drama. I watched it not for its generalizations of course but for the dynamics that takes place between a man and a woman. What do I mean by this? The interactions, unspoken words that’s only conveyed by expressions of the body (ie the eyes, the face, etc), challenges, fears, and so forth are the dynamics that takes place between a man and a woman in a relationship. Are these dynamics address? And if so, how are they dealt with? I got to go. I will finish my commentary later. Sorry.

  6. I’m a black girl of medium complexion, my first bf was korean and I’ve only dated korean men. My current bf of the past 8 months is korean. Thou, I’ve never seen another korean man and black girl as a couple. Guys, where are you?

    We don’t face any kind of prejudice and we get told by plenty of older koreans, mothers especially, we look cute together, who knew

    Just want to say, We Exist ^_^

    • @Jennifer: welcome to BWLB and thanks for your comment! I am so happy to know that these couples really do exist! Perhaps you can give us girls some pointers on dating a Korean guy? Also, where do you live (if you don’t mind my asking). Are you surrounded by Korean people?

  7. hi! im a Latina and i feel identified with myth 1: i dont mean that its true or not, the only thing that i would say is that i got an attraccion with asian men, since i was a kid,i knew i feel curiosity about asian people,, even my mom told me, u will have an asian, i was like nahhhh, whe i went to USA, to study in a high school i got asians classmate, one of them was vietnamese, he asked my cellphone number, ok i give him, so he said : i like u and other one who was taiwanese guy who was my dance partner in homecomming and now i got my boyfriend wish is a taiwanese guy, i think that , some asian guy are like this ,likes the opposite as the articcle say,if u dont believe me watch some anime, they draw the opposite, im a humble girl but even now i got more asians followers than latin guys jeje, sorry 4my inglish, peace!

  8. Well there’s people who prefer their own race/nationality and then there’s people who want to be with someone outside there race/nationality. There are Korean man who would like to be with other women instead of just Korean women. I’ve dated Asian men before and I’m mixed. No one should give up on want they want just because of what others say. Anything is possible 🙂

  9. Korean men are very attractive. I think that as people once we start to break down the barriers that exist between us, placed there by politicians, media, and cultural “differences” in regards to race, we can all relax and enjoy some loving from any race we choose. America is too hyped up on race relations and I think the very unfavorable approach that has been taken against black people (women) in general in this society has made it difficult for any man of another race to take us seriously as love interests. However, as more and more black women (myself included) step up to the challenge, carry ourselves with natural grace and dignity and make it known we are available because we want something new, something healthy and something true, Korean men, any man will have to step up and take notice or step OFF!

    I love the fact that black women are speaking about things that I in my late teens and early 20’s got chopped down about from the black community. Now having been there, done that, (kept myself loyal to my race, which has been a complete romantic disaster) I am stepping back into the true energy of who I am romantically and that is dating me of other races. I am in my very early 40’s and loving it! This was informative. Keep up the good work!

    Korean men, Chinese men, All Asian men! Come hither. If you dare.

  10. I know this blog is old. I just wanted to comment because im glad to see this. Okay I’ve been in love with Korean men since I could remember. Not because of TVs shows or music. I loved everything about them. I just never seen a Korean and black couple so I never approached with the fear or being instantly rejected. Now that I’m grown I have actually learned the language so that I can approach them with confidence.

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