I Wish Jun Matsumoto Worked In My Office

Why? I’d be workin’ late just to ensure that I just, ya know, by chance, end up working as late as him and conveniently ask if he’s had dinner and if not (which I know he hasn’t), suggest a great Thai restaurant downtown that we could go to together. I’d be emailing and instant messaging him for work-related issues that I could very well handle on my own, but just, ya know, run by him for his opinion, to make sure that I’m promoting the harmony and communication between the U.S. and Japan office ;). I’d take tea breaks downstairs (even though I work on the second floor) to make sure, ya know, that I run into him on the 1st floor where he works, and educate him on my morning breakfast routine of eating oatmeal with blueberries or bananas. I’d notice that he takes cigarette breaks way too often throughout the day and suggest he quit. I’d speak really bad, broken Japanese to him just so he’d take the time out to correct and teach me.

Yeah. I really wish Jun chan worked in my office. Enjoy 🙂

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11 thoughts on “I Wish Jun Matsumoto Worked In My Office

    • @Kayla: welcome and thanks for your comment! Jason Scott Lee was definitely gorgeous…don’t know if he is now, as I haven’t seen him lately, but back in the day: uhmmm..yeah! 😉

    • @kayla,

      Well I just “Googled” images of Jason Scott Lee and to me he doesn’t look that bad. Yes, he has aged….but it’s not like the “Mickey Rourke” syndrome. Somebody would have to tell you who Mickey Rourke is damn near. He doesn’t look ANYTHING like the Mickey he “used to” be. From what I saw, all Jason needs is a good razor.

      As far as Jason Scott Lee being scary and OLD……well his birth year is listed as 1966, I was born the year BEFORE Jason and my dear…….I Ain’t Old!!

      As my sister BOAB81 has stated and I concur with her, I’m a Sexy Noona, if I do say so or as Americans would say a (N.I.L.F…..”N” for Noona). Old is people 85 years (at the very least) or older…….believe that!! Let’s just say if Bi had a taste for “chocolate”, I don’t think I would be turned away. Me and I know some other ladies on here can make the same claim. (**Just Saying**)

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