Taken From Me: Thoughts…

The real Tiffany Rubin, and son Kobe

So did anyone get to watch “Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story” last night? I was able to watch it, and though I didn’t get much of the first hour’s dialogue (thank to my adorable screaming niece), it didn’t take much to follow the story.

I am glad the story had a happy ending, and that Kobe ended up with his mother, where he belonged. It is always disappointing to see men who do not take care of their own. Its, just, unacceptable. No matter what race, color, creed or age he is. As Lauryn Hill so aptly put it, “quick to shoot the semen, stop acting like boys and be men. How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within??” And the same goes for any person (male or female) who is 1/2 responsible for bringing a child into the world.

Taraji P. Henson as Tiffany Rubin in Lifetime Original movie "Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story"


The movie does help to bring to light that Asian men/black women relationships do indeed exist, although it was a relationship that had gone sour. A true story is a true story indeed, but I cringe that it is yet another negative portrayal of an Asian man, especially during such an incredibly sensitive time for Asians who are trying to break into the market. Call me crazy (as I’ve been called that before). Because this is a true story, I won’t say too much about it. I think, to ease my mind, I will focus on the beauty of this story, which is that young Kobe ended up with mother. Nothing is stronger than a mother’s love and determination. Yes, I’ll focus on that. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Taken From Me: Thoughts…

  1. I got to see it. Initially, the show got off to somewhat a sluggish start,but the rest of it was quite suspenseful.

    I was so happy to see that Tiffany, Mark, Baz was able to get Kobe. I was on pins and needles watching it.It’s great that Tiffany has the support system that she has: A supportive mom, great husband , pastor ,siblings “C”( I hope that he ‘s all good) and giving all her cares to the Almighty. In spite of the uphill battles they all contended with, they knew that he would make a way for them and God delivered. I was very inspired by that.

    Far as Kobe’s dad? he must have been really bad news for the whole family be unify in disgust . Tiffany left him because didn’t wouldn’t grow up and I couldn’t blame her for it. Not only was her mom against Jeffrey carrying Kobe to Disneyland,but even Tiffany had developed bad feelings about it. I hated what Kobe had to go through: the abuse he suffered at his school, the kidnapping , the lies he was told and mostly, wondering if her was going to see his mom/stepfather again. That is enough to make a person crazy.

    I just didn’t get Jeffery. Was it worth it?( what he did) Man, all the guy had to do was to make/attempt to make those child support payments and have some dignity about himself. I feel for Kobe.He probably loves his dad,but I’m quite sure that he doesn’t LIKE him right now. One of the things that Kobe said that he was afraid of was his father returning to the states to get him..and he was right on the money. Like a fool,his dad went to Guam got jailed.(raised in the states, didn’t he know that it was US territory? )According to Kobe and Tiffany, Jeffrey is out of jail and if I’m not mistaken, he( Kobe) said that he is so afraid of his dad kidnapping him that he sleeps with a knife by his side.That is soo sad that the boy has to go through this,but Tiffany has a great family. They seem to be strong believers of god/faith.They pulled through during Kobe’s disappearance and god will sustain them again.It may not be meant for us to know “C”,but he is to be commended for his actions. No telling what would have happened to Kobe if he would apathetic towards the problem.

    Although Taken From Me is true story that focused on Tiffany’s on International battle,why did it have to take this long to do it and to do it about a Black mom of a bi racial/Black son? There are Black children who are/still is being kidnapped by their parents( Ironically,when Mark and Baz was being interviewed for Tiffany’s story, they displayed another picture of a success story of a Black woman and her rescued daughter). I also cringed about it. It’s like producers are sending out subliminal negative messages about Asian male/Black women relationships.

  2. i have to say that taraji is a great actress…when she discovered that jeff had moved out of his apartment and when the cops told her that kobe was in korea, she really conveyed those emotions in what i thought was a very believable way. i can only imagine the terror a parent feels to know their child was kidnapped by a family member (esp an unstable one) and never knowing if they will see them again. i was on pins and needles while they were at the school and the trip to the airport.

    It befuddles me how, with the ex boyfriend’s erratic behavior and tendency not to bring kobe back after visitations, that tiffany would let him go with his father anywhere. he should have been able to only have supervised visits.

    I appreciate that the teacher in kobe’s school responded to tiffany’s post and helped her out even at risk to himself. kobe was being bullied and shunned by classmates because he was new, didn’t know the language and he looked differently from the rest of the students. i don’t think jeff would have let kobe endure that if he hadn’t taken him out of spite for tiffany. (interesting article about hines ward, who is half-korean: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/09/sports/football/09ward.html?_r=1&ref=hinesward )…

    great that this story had a happy ending with the child being rescued from a father that was unfit to care for him. but sad that it’s an example in an IR (particularly am/bf) relationship gone horribly wrong. seems to be quite a bit of that going around recently…

  3. I loved the movie I thought it was great that they were getting the messege out there that kids are kidnapped out of countries and are mostly never rescued so yeahh I liked the movie. I don’t think they were trying to show this relationship in a negative way, the relationship just happened to roll in a negative direction.

  4. I Just Saw This Movie And I Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off Of It. I Had To Make Sure That She Got Her Son Back. And Honestly I Would Done The Same Thing As Tiffany!

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