Homegrown Hottie: Jay Park

I talked about homegrown hotties in my last post on the SME Global Auditions. The men were ultra sexy and deserve to have the spotlight shined on them, individually. The first homegrown hottie is none other than Jay Park. Jay, who was born and raised in Washington State, showed an early interest in the hip-hop culture, specifically b-boying. For those who don’t know, a b-boy is someone who break-dances. He auditioned for JYP when he was 17 and was brought to Korea to undergo what I like to call “Idol Training”. Idol Training is for all budding kpop artist. They undergo months, if not years of dance and singing lessons. Since Jay was a Korean-American, he also had to receive Korean language and cultural lessons.

In 2008, 2PM debut with Jay Park as their leader and quickly rose to fame.
Jay would eventually have to withdraw from 2PM due to some controversial comments against Korea he posted on his Myspace page. I personally think the netizens blew it out of proportion. How would they feel if they had to leave their home and live a new country where they didn’t know the language or have any friends. JYP released him from his contract and he returned to the States. He made his comeback through Youtube by posting videos of himself break dancing and singing. In 2010 he returned to Korea and in April of 2011, he released a mini-album as a solo artist. He plans on releasing a full length album in January 2012. As you can see from the pictures, Jay Park looks good in and out of clothes but good grief, please raise your hand if you want to see more pictures with him shirt-less. 🙂

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45 thoughts on “Homegrown Hottie: Jay Park

  1. I like Jay Park. He’s got a potty mouth andat times acts as if he doesn’t have any class but he’s an amazing dancer, makes good music, and yeah he’s gorgeous.

    What happend with him getting released from 2PM was a clear example of people jumping to conclusions and making assumptions without getting their facts straight first.

    Things seem to happen for a reason. Looks like Jay will be alright.

      • @KrisE,

        ….lolol Yeah, I’ve seen some interviews with Jay & he’ll say whatever he’s thinking, no matter what it is. He is not refined but he is sexy and a hard worker and I respect that. I guess I can’t blame him for being honest & not fake. He knows he’s vertically challenged and he owns up to it.

      • If what I’ve read about him is correct, he’s 5’8″. …..which is not short per se but for a man it might be considered vertically challenged.

        Guys like Choi Siwon and Jay Park (lead singer of TRAXX and star of “My Bittersweet Life”) have long legs and you can tell they’re tall without lifts in their shoes.

      • @KrisE It just dawned on me that I got Jay Park’s name confused with Jay Kim. Jay Kim is the lead singer of TRAXX. I’m actually watching him on “My Bittersweet Life” right now on KBS.

        One of these days I’m going to get these idols’ names straight.

    • @Choi Min Jung and @ KrisE,

      Jay Park is not even close to being 5’8″. LOL! Met him at KMF last year and he was the exactly the same height as my son Justin who at that time was 5’6′. But I guess if you add the heel lifts, then yeah, he is 5’8″ : ).

      Also, he really is not a bad guy as far as ‘no class’. The difference between him and other Idols is that he is a Korean American with emphasis on the American part. I mean, he barely speaks Korean, so yeah, he is different from people born and bred in Korea. Yes, he has a potty mouth but he’s still very respectful to people and is actually really, really dorky in person, so I’ll give him a pass on the language.

      As far as the 2PM controversy, I still believe that he “leaked” the story himself or had a friend do it. It was well known that he was homesick and he hated the constraints of being an idol and want out of that contract, so what better way to do it. He’s never looked back and seems happier doing his solo thing.

      • @AngelFace

        Oh, o.k. well I guess that article I read about him was trying to help him out in the height department. I’m not surprised that he’s that short though because he even looks vertically challenged on T.V.

        I never thought he was a bad person or was disrespectful to fans because of his lack of refinement or his mouth (because he curses often on hisTwitter account) but it is clear that he is more American than Korean. It’s o.k., at the end of the day it’s all about the music for me.

        So he may have leaked that story himself? Hmmm…. I’m not surprised at that either. I know he was homesick really bad but I don’t know if I’d risk my reputation and losing some of my fans by pulling a stunt like that just so I can go home. But you’re right, he does seem much happier and thriving as a solo artist. It’s all good.

    • @Choi Min Jung,

      I hear you and I wasn’t referring to your “no class” comment about him being disrespectful to his fans, just in general as a person : ).

      As far as him leaking the story and how it could “risk his reputation or fan base” I don’t think he cared about that. There are countless interviews with him where he has said that he never considered himself an idol. Let’s face it; he was always looked down on by the native Koreans including the members of 2PM for being Korean American, so he didn’t have much to lose. So, losing some of his fan base was probably worth getting his freedom and coming back to the States. I’m sure that he was smart enough to know that he had a large enough fan base to overcome this “scandal”.

      • @AngelFace Oh o.k. that’s cool. I just didn’t want you to think I thought badly of him because I’ve never gotten the chance to meet him like you have therefore I don’t really know what he’s like in person. I just know he’s sexy, he’s a great dancer, and he needs to wash his mouth out with soap. lol I guess freedom is such a precious thing that sometimes people will do anything to attain it or get it back. I can understand that.

        I guess if he had no talent, none of this would matter but he makes good music so I’ll definitely continue to support him. 🙂

    • @Choi Min Jung,

      No worries ;). Like you said it really is all about the music. Jay is a cutie and talented and even if it weren’t for that MySpace incident, I don’t think that he would have stayed with 2PM. He’s like a loose cannon and yes, he does need to wash his mouth out with soap. LOL! In person, he is sooooo short. One of the shortest artists that I have met to date and like I said, so dorky and goofy (personality wise). Does not have the “swagger” that he portrays to the public; just humble and down to earth. His dad def keeps him in check. He does not play at all :). It’s funny though, his dad is so much taller than him. Such a shame he couldn’t spare a few extra inches of height for Jay!

    • @Lei,

      I would say that he and Taeyang are about the same height. Taeyang appears a little taller but only because his hair was spiked up but I would place them at the same height or Taeyang an inch shorter ;).Both R tiny men ;).

  2. Good Grief indeed!!! He has an amazing body, and a cute face too. Oh, yeah, plus he is super talented. I don’t know what comments he made, but I wish people would let performers BE performers. His personal thoughts and opinions don’t detract from his ability to sing and dance! It’s not like he’s running for President or anything.

    ~raises hand for more semi-nude pics of Jay Park~

  3. I had actually researched this whole thing awhile ago and whatever crazy netizen decided to get in Jays business reallly SUCKS AT READING ENGLISH! The whole thing blew up because what he wrote about was misunderstood and was not translated from English to Korea properly.

      • Yes I remember reading that after all was said and done, people realized that it was translated incorrectly but by then the damage was done. It makes me so angry how the netizens seem to be able to control an idol’s career. How would they like it if they went to another country where they didn’t speak the language and didn’t know anyone there. How isolated they would feel. It’s a darn shame. I am glad that Jay was able to get past it and get back on top.

      • @KrisE,

        I really don’t believe that Jay’s comments were not translated correctly. That seems to always be the ‘easy’ excuse when an idol says something bad. I think that what he posted on MySpace was exactly how he felt at the moment. He was young, home sick, frustrated and was speaking his mind (like an American kid). He was young. Let’s face it, if you place my kids in a foreign country (other than Japan) away from their family and friends for months on end with minimal family contact, I can imagine the things that I would read on their Face Book wall. I’m sure that it would pale in comparison to what Jay said. LOL!

      • Angelface,

        I actually dont think its really an excuse. Its all about intercultural communication and what was said could have been translated incorrectly for one and also misread. Sarcasm and tone cannot be always be “read” and it can also not be understood completely by foreigners. Whatever the case was there clearly was an element of miscom somewhere along with a mixture of his true feelings.

    • @KrisE,

      I think for some of the idols there is an element of intercultural miscommunication (a topic that I know well since I wrote my Thesis on it-LOL!!). And yes, anyone can misconstrue a person’s words and read it a totally different way. There have been times where clearly what a k-pop idol has said, was misinterpreted to make them look bad. But I don’t feel this was the case in Jay’s situation. What he said, is exactly what he meant at that point of time. He was young and venting about his situation in Korea. Did he mean to slam an entire country with his words? Of course not, but at that moment in time, he clearly meant those words. I don’t believe for a bit that he was being sarcastic when he made those comments. He just wanted out of the situation and vented the way American teens do–without regard of their words/actions; in other words, he was young and immature. LOL!

  4. I agree with the posts that said they blew it out of proportion!! I had a friend who moved from CT to FL, you should have heard the things she said about Floridians, and this is within our own Country. So I can only imagine a teenager moving from US to South Korea, where everything is new and different!! I personally believe JYP should not have let him go, and they should have supported him and rode it out, cause he was just a teenager when he supposedly wrote that comment.. But now Jay is back in South Korea under Sidus HQ, making movies, music, and a lot of money ; something JYP could have had if they just held on a little longer.. I believe that Jay Park is more popular in South Korea, the same place that supposedly didnt want him because of his comment, than 2PM.. Also, I agree with Nicole, he is short, but he does have a fine body!!!!

    • @ANGEL: I have a feeling that Jay actually wanted out. I think he felt like an outsider. Apparently, JYP made Jay the leader of 2PM because Jay is just that by nature: a leader. But the other 2PM members didn’t respect him and I believe they gave him a hard time for being a foreigner. Not to mention he didn’t speak perfect Korean. True, Nichkhun is a foreigner and in the beginning his Korean wasn’t perfect either, but Nichkhun has a much more easy going personality, so I think he was able to overcome and look at the bigger picture and just endure. Korean Americans in Korea are not really considered true Korean because they were born in the States, and raised as Americans. It’s really strange, but native Asian people really are fascinated with Asian American people, but on the other hand, they look down on them and sometimes ridicule them for having lost touch with their culture and language. I know this because I’ve spoken with alot of native Japanese people and they’ve told me their thoughts on Asian Americans. Anyway, (in comparison to Nichkhun) Jay on the other hand, is hot-headed and he doesn’t like to be told what to do (like alot of American kids). Matter of fact, JYP said that when he brought Jay on he had a very bad attitude, and discredited the other members by claiming they were chosen just for their looks. I think things started off rocky with 2PM, and unfortunately they were never really able to get past it. When the messages that Jay posted on MySpace came out, he had gotten past his initial frustrations and was doing his best to continue with 2PM, although I still think he wasn’t totally happy. Anyway, I think initially JYP did all he could to hold on to Jay, but ultimately, the choice was on Jay to stay or go, and JYP being the cool older brother that he is, let Jay go (despite binding contracts, etc), since he knew it’d make him happy. I think Jay is happier than ever now. But what do I know? Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if things really did happen that way…

      • @Bitofabelly,

        OMG, you and I think waaay too much alike. LOL! I said the same thing about Jay wanting out of 2PM. And yes you are correct about him feeling like an outsider. I heard the same stories about how the members of 2PM used to talk about him behind his back and criticize him constantly; so I can totally see him leaking that MySpace story to get booted out : ).

      • @Angelface01: the few times that I spent in Japan was fun because I was surrounded by friends entertaining me. But on the other hand, I felt like a caged bird. It seemed that everything I wanted to do, that was no big deal in the States, was met with (in Japan), “I’m sorry you can’t do that.” Everything was “can’t do this”, “can’t do that”, “that’s disrespectful”, “that’s rude”, “we don’t do that here”. It was very frustrating and I could only imagine living there for an extended period of time. Of course, I am always open to another adventure and would love to actually live there, and I think for the most part I would conform to the society, but I’m sure there will be instances where the American Woman in me will be bursting to get out…so I sort of understand what Jay went through. Those societies are so mentally restrictive, so I know he probably got reprimanded alot and he probably just felt defeated…

  5. Jay Park is fiinneee :D. His body’s like WHOA (remember that song by Mya anyone lol??). I kinda wish he would stop with the tats, but it’s his body. His skin is so milky..just perfect lol. I think it’s cute how he envies tall people. If only he could be a couple inches taller he says.

    I agree with all the outsider feelings and whatnot. I have to really respect Jay for being himself despite what has happened in his past. He has to be one of the realest artists in the kpop industry. He seems like a real humble dude that hasn’t forgotten where he started. I don’t know if any of ya’ll saw it, but there’s this show in Korea called “Taxi” or something like that and he was on there. The part that stood out the most was how when he got back to America he worked at a tire shop for $400/month in order to be independent. He said he felt like his parents had already done enough for him. However, he credits his mom a lot for sticking by him and pushing him along, which is really a lovable attribute. Another comment that stood out was how blessed he thinks he is because the fame can leave him just as quick as it came. As long as he has people he loves around him he’ll be ok.

    He also said he doesn’t like talking about the controversy because people feel like he only does it to promote himself, even though that ain’t the case. But, I think even if he didn’t leave like he did, it was only a matter of time before Jay did branch away group. He’s not the cookie cutter idol that companies want groups to be. He can do variety shows and be silly, but still maintain his aura/swag/smth like that lol (kinda what Dok2 said about him). Would really love to meet him one day.

    Can’t wait for the new mini album!

    • @Princesa Preciosa I love Like Whoa and yes that definitely describes Jay Park’s body. I’ve been listening to the songs he’s put out recently and they are pretty catchy. What was up with his Demon video though? It looked like something I would do on my laptop if I even knew how to make m/v’s. That’s nothing against Jay Park though. That was his company acting a bit ridiculous. Thankfully they corrected themselves with his latest video, Girlfriend.

      • Yeaa about that vid… I think it was released before he got to preview it because even he said he wasn’t happy about it.

    • @Princesa Preciosa: I can totally understand why he wouldn’t want to get into the controversy and discuss it. Afterall, only he, 2PM and JYPE know the real story behind what happened. I’m just glad to see that he’s doing well on his own. I wish him the best!

  6. I may be completely off about this, but I thought that the myspace controversy was a coverup of the main reason for why he left; because from the conference held between 2pm and the fans on that topic, it was mentioned that there was a personal “mistake” or something that even if the myspace thing didn’t happen, he would have still had to leave. However since there is only an audio recording of the conference I could only read an english translation of someone who could understand it here http://fortyninepointfivebananas.tumblr.com/post/416760244/on-the-rumors-about-the-fan-meeting-updated-see-extra where you can also get the audio for the conference too. But since this is the internet, I take these things with a grain of salt.

    Personally I still like Jay and 2PM, and since I didn’t know about either of them until after the controversy was over I don’t feel strongly either way; I’m just confused as to if the myspace comment was the real reason or not. (curiosity continuing to be the number 1 threat to cats lol)

  7. Now this is a nice picture of Jay. So he’s actually shorter than what he admitted to being 5’8″. He still looks good and she shouldn’t feel totally bad about. These days, there are lot of short guys out there..at least it seems that way.

    A little of the subject but whether Jay is a hot head or not, one thing that I will agree with are that those netizens do have too much control over most of these idols lives. It makes no kind of sense. It’s crazy. Not too long ago , I was reading about a former Miss Korea who is being implicated in a porn controversy. Before Korean media could find out the woman’s name, netizens was already digging up dirt on her..playing guessing games into who she is. It’s just beyond ridiculous! Though source say they are farily sure that it’s her, I was thinking what if they could have been wrong about MIss Korea and ruin her reputation? That kind of stuff needs to be left to P.I.’s or media ,not netizens. Maybe what Jay said may not have been what they wanted to hear,but with people like that , it’s understandable why Jay was upset with them.


    • Not to get off the subject either, but you are absolutely right about the Netizens!! I saw the same type of thing happen to GD of Big Bang, when they thought he had a girlfriend without telling them first!!, I mean the Netizens really went off, and He actually went online to answer them and said they would be the first to know!!.. I was like what, why are you even answering these crazy people, you need to tell them to get a life!! thats when i had to remember this South Korea and thats how they do, and that’s definately something Koreans and Americans differ on!!!

      • Yeah, exactly. As an American can you imagine somebody who you don’t know being able to dictate who you can and can’t date? When you can and how you can? Just by raising hell online. Now That’s crazy as hell to me. I know if I was a K-Pop singer or entertainer in general in Korea, I wouldn’t be one for long. I’d be like “piss off” I’m gonna date who I want to. You can get with this, or you can get with that………..(SMILES) Netizens would “burn me” in effigy. (SMILES)

        Well, looks like Jay Park got his career back at least, so I hope he continues to have success.

      • @BiAlamode: I remember one time Jay (as a solor artist) was answering questions from fans (including Western fans) on video, and one of the fans asked if he had a girlfriend, and he said he didn’t, but he recounted that when he was in Korea in 2PM, the fangirls didn’t even want to entertain that question, let alone know who his favourite girl group is. Really?? NUTJOBS!

    • Guys ,

      With that kind of hounding that many of those K-pop singers receive from the netizen, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s start dying because of this. They are just too much.

      I agree, if we did some of those things that some of those netizens do with Kpop stars, they would probably get in serious trouble or get blessed out for it. I don’t know about Invasion of Privacy laws or defamation laws in Korea,but if they have such laws there,as a star I would certainly be taking advantage of them.

      • Yes, you are absolutely right. In the U.S., we have laws that can be enforced if need be. Fans can turn “stalkerazzi” if they want to, but they will be/can be brought up on charges if they cross certain boundaries.

  8. Raises Hand!!! Jay has got so much swag with his little self. Love him. I liked him in the group, but he always reminded me of Bobby Brown of New Edition, too much swag to be confined in a group.

  9. I don’t know the first thing about Jay Park or 2pm but he needs to bring that back home! Lets diversify the American music scene w/ some of that fineness of his.

  10. I love him so much! I definitely see the dorkiness (it’s so cute!) that was mentioned up thread, though. Actually, I wish I can find a guy like Jay who can have the “swag” and yet be dorky at the same time, but that seems a bit hard to find around these parts lol.

    I’m really glad I read this post and the comments, because I’m a newbie K-pop fan and I didn’t fully understand what went on with the controversy. All that made sense to me is that Jay seems a lot happier and more comfortable in his success as a solo artist. And the possibility that his comment was purposefully leaked would not shock me in the least.

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