[Rerun] What I Love About Bi, IX: His Dance Skill

I think one of Bi’s more obvious talents is his dancing skill. Have you ever seen someone that was doing all the choreographed moves, but it just seemed that their body just didn’t flow with those moves? Not so the case with Bi! He’s got an innate gift in dancing and sometimes he just amazes me. Please understand though, I grew up in America and have seen many great dancers, but I believe Bi is in a class of his own when it comes to entertainers in Asia (please don’t shoot me for my opinion!). He’s naturally athletic, and his body was made for dancing. Don’t know what I mean? Check out Bi gettin’ it crunk in the videos below:

Joo Ji Hoon: Naughty Prince

He really is and I’ll tell you why in a second. Remember I said there was a reason I was covering Goong? Obviously yes I’m covering it because it’s a K-Drama and that’s err what I do but there’s a realllly special reason for the timing of this! Joo Ji Hoon who many of you know as Prince Shin or maybe have seen him in films such as ‘Antique Bakery’ is finally getting discharged from the military at the end of this month!! The date floating around for his first fan meeting is November 27th and I’m soooo excited! Not because I’m about to fly to Korea and wait online like a fan girl no; but because he’s really talented and this is his 2nd chance since he was seriously close to blowing his career.

See Joo Ji Hoon was pretty wild and even now when you google pictures of him a lot of his party pics come up and he looks so wasted in pretty much all of them…it really wasnt a good look Ji Ji!. Back in 2009 he was caught in a big drug scandal and I don’t mean petty BS like G Dragon’s recent issue. I mean this involved models smuggling drugs into Korea and Joo Ji Hoon purchasing and using Ecstasy and Ketamine. He was sentenced to 6 months jail time and a year of probation. He never served those 6 months and what a perfect time to enlist in the military don’t you think? Laying low in the military wa a great PR move, but really how careless was he? I mean not only was he a popular actor at the time but he was a popular model with endorsements from the likes of Calvin Klein and Polo. I’d say he’s a very lucky guy to be given another chance and in fact he’s signed with Key East which is the entertainment firm owned by famous Hallyu star Bae Young Joon. This firm houses a collection of A listers including my very own Kim Hyun Joong. I’m sure Joo Ji Hoon has changed for the better so lets hope his comeback is a major success!

Yummy Stats: Oppa is turning 30 in May. He stands at almost 6″2. He really can’t play a teenager anymore; he’s become very manly looking so I’m excited to see what roles he’ll be casted in this time around.

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:SS501 ‘Unlock’)

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Bad Move, Sousuke san

I wasn’t overly surprised at what I read in this article. I know alot of Japanese people and I’ve sensed a slight resentment when discussing anything Korean or Hallyu with them. Not that I can totally blame them. The Japanese are used to being on the top, and especially when considering their domination over the Koreans in history, it is probably hard for them to stomach even the concept of Hallyu. No doubt, resentment has been stewing in Sousuke Takaoka for a while, and he felt the need to voice his thoughts. As much as his honesty is appreciated, it still came off as insensitive and hateful. Not only that, but it also has damaged his career and any future plans he may have of working in the entertainment industry.

Truth be told, Koreans are the main reason nowadays that the rest of the world is even taking notice of Asia. It would seem that most other Asian countries would be appreciative, but then, good ol’ nationalism creeps it’s ugly head in. The way I see it, we should just give credit where credit is due. The Koreans deserve recognition. They’ve had a tough past, and they are rising above and proving to the world that they have worth and much to contribute to humanity. Personally, Hallyu is one of the best things that has happened to me in the past few years. Real talk!

I will say one thing you all might find interesting. I originally started this blog to focus on Rain and Asian men (whether Korean or not). However, I’ve found that posts NOT featuring Korean stars (that is, men of other Asian nationalities) get very few hits in comparison. I am not even Japanese, but I found this a bit unsettling. I then had to remind myself of the popularity and globalization of Hallyu. So for any of you that may be wondering why the majority of my posts feature Korean stars, it is not that I favor Korean entertainers (although I do favor Bi, who happens to be Korean) over other nationalities, but, rather, I want to feature topics and entertainers that the majority of my readers want…which are Korean :). So please understand my situation.

What are your thoughts on this controversial topic?

Which Blaqie Would Make You Stay?

This is one of the most adorable clips I’ve ever seen. What would each of the Mblaq members (besides our dear country boy Cheolyong aka Mir) do or say to make you stay as his girlfriend? Their styles are so different and unique to their own personalities. And if you can’t fathom such a thing, this is just a good watch. Enjoy! 🙂

Sing To Me, Hyo Shin, Sing To Me

It goes without saying that 29-year-old Korean singer Park Hyo Shin’s voice is, just, like, amazing. This man is so talented, yet, when I search for information on him online, I mostly get back search results pertaining to his physical appearance, which OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T MATTER WHEN ONE HAS A VOICE LIKE THIS. I will definitely be posting more on him later. Enjoy 🙂