Bad Move, Sousuke san

I wasn’t overly surprised at what I read in this article. I know alot of Japanese people and I’ve sensed a slight resentment when discussing anything Korean or Hallyu with them. Not that I can totally blame them. The Japanese are used to being on the top, and especially when considering their domination over the Koreans in history, it is probably hard for them to stomach even the concept of Hallyu. No doubt, resentment has been stewing in Sousuke Takaoka for a while, and he felt the need to voice his thoughts. As much as his honesty is appreciated, it still came off as insensitive and hateful. Not only that, but it also has damaged his career and any future plans he may have of working in the entertainment industry.

Truth be told, Koreans are the main reason nowadays that the rest of the world is even taking notice of Asia. It would seem that most other Asian countries would be appreciative, but then, good ol’ nationalism creeps it’s ugly head in. The way I see it, we should just give credit where credit is due. The Koreans deserve recognition. They’ve had a tough past, and they are rising above and proving to the world that they have worth and much to contribute to humanity. Personally, Hallyu is one of the best things that has happened to me in the past few years. Real talk!

I will say one thing you all might find interesting. I originally started this blog to focus on Rain and Asian men (whether Korean or not). However, I’ve found that posts NOT featuring Korean stars (that is, men of other Asian nationalities) get very few hits in comparison. I am not even Japanese, but I found this a bit unsettling. I then had to remind myself of the popularity and globalization of Hallyu. So for any of you that may be wondering why the majority of my posts feature Korean stars, it is not that I favor Korean entertainers (although I do favor Bi, who happens to be Korean) over other nationalities, but, rather, I want to feature topics and entertainers that the majority of my readers want…which are Korean :). So please understand my situation.

What are your thoughts on this controversial topic?

17 thoughts on “Bad Move, Sousuke san

  1. I can certertainly understand his feelings. The importation of questionably talented groups pulled into their music market. Shit. I question the talent and abilities of some of these idols.

    And lets not forget the fact, that more often than not Japanese artists are not aske and/or allowed to perform on Korean and variety. So yeah. That would piss a lot of people off.

    I can’t get the whole nationalism thing. But at the end of the day he was a public figure. He could have found a better way to express his dissatisfaction.

  2. As that saying goes, ” What comes up must goes down”. It doesn’t always mean that people are going to be at the bottom because of it. Everybody has to go thorough a dry spell before they can pick themselves up again. Yes, Japan has always had a long history of being the top dog of Asia. Now Korea is. It’s their time to shine and we don’t know how long it will last. It doesn’t mean that Japan or no other Asian country should be counted out. Eventually, Korea will go thorough the same thing. I can imagine that some other Asian country will one day outshine them. Unfortunately, that is how life goes.

    However, Koreans shouldn’t shut people out of their entertainment base because they are non-Korean. That isn’t right. When you’re an entertainer, they cannot keep everything to themselves no matter how much they want to. Many of the K-pop world have sampled stuff from other parts of the world. If it wasn’t for the influences of the world, K-pop wouldn’t be as big as it is now. Korea want to dub itself as an internationally hip country,but it’s never cool shutting people out because they aren’t Korean and if they aren’t careful with that kind of thinking, just as fast they got up, they will quickly fall.

  3. I’ll learn both languages but I have a soft spot for Korea. I first tried to learn Japanese and tried to really get into the culture….I researched and researched and thought I was going to live there. But the passion I have to learn Korean( on my own and without a college course like I had with Japanese) it’s far surpassed Japan…and I think it’s cuz as a black person I could identify with Korea better.

    Like you said they had a long and oppressive history. I like that it’s now “Korea’s Time” now. I understand why you’d be upset seeing another countries media on your screen…but um…you use to be on top and you were all over the place had all the youngin’s in america learning Japanese etc. I’m sorry…time to pass the buck. lol

    I root for the underdog.

    However I do agree with the post above me. I don’t think Korea should block out non-koreans in their entertainment….
    At the same time, it wouldn’t be “korean” entertainment anymore would it lol. America can pull it off because America is a melting pot…so we can have people from w/e country in our media and it still be branded American. I don’t know about the other way around with a homogenous society like Korea. But who knows. I would like to see it’d be cool.

    • did i really write “now ‘korea’s time’ now” hahaha…that’s funny.

      Anyhoo….when writing my last paragraph I wasn’t thinking asians haha. I was thinking of all the other continents……but yeah Korea should definitely let other Asians in the mix. In that way, it IS just like America lol. All different kinds of Asians in the mix and it could still be called Korean entertainment. 🙂 so yea just clearing that up.

  4. I love listening to J-pop and K-pop. I don’t prefer the one over the other. The comment from him was a bit out of line.

  5. Hating is the same in any language and in any culture… Seriously though I can understand how he is concerned about how Japan is not getting the love like they used to. I agree that honesty is the best policy but he should have done it with a bit more tact. Didn’t Jay Park get some flack for saying he disliked Korea back when he was first coming out? I don’t know why this guy thought it would be any different. As someone famous you always have to think about what you say before you say it because there is always going to be consequences.

    • Jay Park received hell after that whole myspace thing. He got death threats, kicked out of 2PM (even though it’s said that he did something worst then the myspace thing which got him kicked out), and didn’t come back to Korea until after two years. And when he did return it only reignited old flames b/c the media wouldn’t let the situation go but at least he managed to make a successful comeback.

  6. Everyone has freedom of speech but being a public figure, he should have found a better way to express himself. I get that Kpop idols are all flooding Japan left and right but hey what can you do about it. And it’s not like Korea doesn’t air Japanese drama’s as well, and a Japanese artist did promote on one of the music shows (can’t remember which one) happened not too long ago.

    I must say though that Japanese culture got me into liking Asian culture but I kept falling in and out of love with it. But every since I discovered Hallyu, I’ve gotten much more into that and I’ve been hooked every since

      • WOW! So many girls. They do rotate them every few years. It’s like they’re graduating.

    • No it wasn’t them (not the one i was referring to anyway) b/c it was only 3 of them…I just went and found it again, their name was DOMINO and they performed on M! Countdown like 2 weeks ago

  7. I think that what he said although kind of understandable was out of line. I liked Japanese music and culture before i really knew anything about Korean music or shows but now i love them both.
    But i can’t help but think about Korea really not having Japanese artist or Chinese artist come to their country and be on their variety shows when they go to other countries and appear on that countries shows. Also how they scout Chinese stars like Victoria from f(x) or the two ladies from Miss A or Nickhun from America but who is Thai and Chinese and then teach them Korean and put them in Kpop groups. Yet they don’t have celebs from other countries come and be on their shows or anything. I still love both but i do think that is weird.

  8. Well, I for one thing appreciate this blog and have no problem at all that mostly Korean men are discussed. I like Japanese guys and even Chinese ones but Korean men just have a certain level of charisma, beauty, and grace that’s distinct from others. Just my opinion. You don’t see no flash mobs worldwide demanding to see J-Pop, J-Rock, or Mandopop singers. They want the Korean ones.

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