Is Jay Chou Poison?

Apparently, Cameron Diaz thinks so. I just don’t know what to make of this article. And I don’t know if Cameron is totally to blame or if she’s being made an example of. Either way, its weird that she reportedly wouldn’t kiss Jay in “The Green Hornet” film because “she felt the story would lead to a complexity she didn’t want to deal with“. What the?? I am really struggling with this one. She, as an A-list Hollywood actress, had the chance to help eradicate the sexless-Asian-male typecast, but instead she desisted! Do you think a sista would’ve acted out like that?? I think not!

Why do you think Cameron wouldn’t kiss Jay (pictured below)? Do you buy what this article is trying to say? Maybe there’s something deeper going on here, but I am certainly blind to it. I am just mystified. Talk to me.

Don't worry Jay: We would have NO problem kissing you!

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8 thoughts on “Is Jay Chou Poison?

  1. Uh huh. See , God don’t like ugly. The Black women in Romeo Must Die( Now, I will give Jet Li credit. He starred on another movie with Bridget Fonda. He wasn’t also not romantic with her) and Ninja Assassin wasn’t able to be romantic with their lead men. Now they wanted Cameron to do and she refused!

    Far as Cameron, I don’t know. I don’t want to make her seems like something that she isn’t,but as an actress that I’ve respected and liked, I struggle with what she said.I hope that I’m wrong about her,but she probably harbor those sentiments because 1) With her being a top actress and Jay just starting his acting career in the states, she may feel that he’s non popular enough( You know how they are in Hollywood. They forget where they come from) 2) She fears being typecasted and 3) Worse, she feels racial reprisal from doing it.

    In a couple of days Taken From Me will be showing. This post had me to think of Taranji Henson. She was an Oscar Nominated Actress, yet she starred in movies with her love interested coming from various racial backgrounds. She starred as Adam Rodriguez’s love interest in ” I Can Do Bad By Myself”( I just love that man. She’s hot , also starred in movies with Black ,White and Latino women and Dates Black women). WIth Taken From me, she will have to play the former wife of Korean man and the current spouse of a White man. Talk about a well rounded actress! The thing that I admire about Taranji is that she takes chances and she has starred in movies with people from the bottom up. With Taranji’s status, one would expect for her to feel like Cameron.

    Would a sista have rejected it? I don’t know,but by the way some Black women fans are swooning at many Asian actors/singers and singers, and being disappointed of not seeing the lead characters not being to be romantic with their Black actresses( With the exception of Gabrielle Union and John Cho. Almost forgot about them), I think that the chances of a Black female actress rejecting such roles would drastically decrease.

    • I am actually hoping this story will get bigger and more press. Its quite shocking to me that they would even write a news article on it. But I like that it has come to light. If anything, I hope that Jay gets alot more exposure in the States. I guess even bad press is still good press…

  2. Wow, this is news to me. I hadn’t heard/seen Cameron Diaz’s interview, but I’m confused too. What “complexities” is she referring to exactly? White actresses have kissed and had love scenes with ethnic men on film before. Angelina Jolie had no problem getting “felt and rubbed up” in a bathtub scene with Antonio Banderas in the movie Original Sin. I know he’s not Asian but he’s not Caucasian either. Jet Li was also in another movie where he played a cop and his double was an escaped criminal from the future (I forget the name of the movie), but the Jet Li character had a Caucasian wife in that particular movie and if I recall correctly there was no love scene per se, but he and the wife character did share kisses and obvious affection. So, I don’t get Cameron’s issue. I mean if you just don’t want to kiss an Asian man, then why not drop out of the movie Before filming started….celebs do it all the time it’s called “artistic differences.” The ONLY complexity as far as I can see is how interracial “lovemaking” will be viewed by traditional Asians in Asian countries. Here in the U.S., we don’t care about that as much, at least not in the movies….which is one reason why I don’t get why Hollywood can’t give Black women and Asian men more love scenes on film. We do have sex too you know. “Oooo” and we may just be having it with each other (paying attention Hollywood?)… there’s a novel idea!

  3. I know this is going to come across maybe hostile, but okay. I think the reason why Cameron Diaz didn’t want to kiss Jay is because she is such a big name Hollywood actress and she’s just looking out for her career! Let’s look at this way: she’s starred in a lot of big budget movies, starred in or co-starred with other big name actors/actress, and worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest and best directors/producers/writers. She’s the “Hollywood elite.” So why would she kiss some “no-name” guy (no offense to Jay Chou)? I didn’t say no name Asian guy, cause I dont want to think she wouldn’t kiss Jay because he’s Asian. I don’t think she’s a “racist”, you know, she’s half Hispanic on her late father’s side. So, I think maybe…just maybe, she didn’t know really how to handle the “situation” of there being a kiss in the movie because Jay is Asian.

    Not all women are into the whole interracial thing either in real-life or in the movies.

    • @Monica: you’re not being hostile! 🙂 I want to believe there is a good reason for this, and I think the reason you brought out makes sense. BUT, it doesn’t help that this whole blog is dedicated to Asian men and I’m not a big fan of Cameron anyway…see how that works? But anyway, thanks for your comment!

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