Heaven On a Sunday: Backstage at the 10/9 K-Pop Concert in NY

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Receiving a glance from SHINee’s Minho, witnessing an impromptu DBSK rehearsal, seeing Bi’s “teddy bear”-hyung in the flesh, and observing 2PM pre-performance. Now before I go any further by leading you all to believe that I was actually able to speak/interact with these guys, please understand, that is not the case. Unfortunately, forbiddance to engage or heckle them with questions was the condition of getting the backstage pass (more or less), so I was the ever observant by-stander, doing my best to hold in the fangirl when I saw these guys in person, mere feet and inches away. I had to play the professional, and because my goal is to become a regular at such events, it is in my best interest to play by the rules. The first thing I noticed when I went backstage was that I was the only non-Korean person there. So I know that I stuck out like a sore thumb. I got inquisitive looks from some staff members and kind acknowledgement from others. Nonetheless, I braved on in hopes that I would get to see my favourite acts in their backstage activities. And boy oh boy, lemme tell ya, I did…

A Glance From SHINee Minho
I was chatting with security and KBS staff when a big red chartered bus drove up to the backstage entrance. I noticed a few male shadowy figures in the bus waiting to step off. I thought that it may be 2PM, SHINee or Beast. I nonchalantly turned to face them as they started to step off of the bus. I realized that it was indeed SHINee with a platinum-blonde Key and a staff member slowly walking toward and eventually past me.

SHINEE: (from left to right) Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key

You can probably imagine how I must have felt seeing them so close, but once again, I had to contain my excitement. So I watched them walk past…each seemingly in his own world: Jonghyun (hands jammed deep in jean pockets and head down in what seemed to be self-loathing), the ever slender, ever adorable Taemin (whose eyes were covered in shades), tall, sexy Minho (who acknowledged my presence with a sidelong glance right in my eyes) and Onew, who finished up the line looking rather tall, lean and fine himself. They were moving terribly slow, no doubt road-weary and lacking sufficient sleep and rest. They dragged up the stairs to the stage from the back, and when I heard the screams from the gathering crowd in the front of the stage, I figured they’d made their arrival known. I watched SHINee rehearse for a few songs, but by the time they were done, I could no longer find them. I supposed they had left the stage in a flash and retreated to their dressing trailer.

Witnessing an Impromptu DBSK Rehearsal
DBSK, dressed in black and looking sharp, arrived shortly after SHINee. I was kneeling down rummaging through my backpack when Yunho nearly knocked me over as he bolted by with a female staff member. Changmin followed soon after, looking just as pretty as his pictures. They didn’t snail as SHINee had. They rushed in, quickly to their rehearsal and also seemed to disappear into their trailer for hours until the concert started.

DBSK: (from left to right) Changmin, Yunho

I saw DBSK about 3 ½ hours later. It was dark by then, and I was chatting with a young man who was interning for the production company and helping out with the sound equipment. I heard some commotion RIGHT BEHIND ME, and when I turned around, Changmin and a male dancer, were rehearsing some moves from “Keep Your Head Down”. Yunho, with some other staff members, seemed to be in deep thought about something and was resting in the very chair that I sat in 20 minutes earlier. If only I hadn’t moved! If only I were more patient and stayed put! I wonder if he would’ve sat next to me. My breath caught in my throat, because I was so close to them. But once again, I just turned around and pretended not to see them. Talk about frustration! The guys were very cool and seemed unbothered by the noise and chaos around them. I never was able to make any eye contact with either of them, but just being that close was enough to make me smile.

Kim Tae Woo Really Is A Big Teddy Bear!
After my first DBSK sighting, I didn’t think I’d see anyone else that I wanted to so quickly. Boy was I wrong! A very tall, well-dressed and smiling young man began walking from the stage right as DBSK went in, and I immediately recognized him as Kim Tae Woo. He’d just finished rehearsal and was leaving. I knew Tae Woo ssi was tall, but when I saw him in person I was stunned! He looked nearly 6’2” or 6’3” as he walked by me, also with a female staff member. I nodded politely to him and he returned the gesture, got in a chartered van and took off.

Former G.O.D. member Kim Tae Woo

This was rehearsal, but he would show up later for the actual show (and blow the audience away with his amazing vocals!). I always think of Tae Woo ssi as the hyung that took care of a starving, young Bi in his pre-debut days. Bi has called Tae Woo ssi his “brother” and “big teddy bear” on several occasions. Isn’t Bi’s approval enough for us? On top of that, to read his interviews is to get the sense of a really honest and kind person. I was very pleased to see him.

A Fashionably Late 2PM Finally Arrives!
2PM showed up last. I believe they were on a delayed flight from Japan hot off the tail of a show in Taipei (props for your stamina, guys!). Anyway, around that same time I was chatting with the young sound equipment intern and we were looking over the set list. The intern remarked that he’d heard 2PM wasn’t coming. Needless to say, his remark disappointed me. But within seconds of his saying it, I looked over my shoulder and immediately recognized Wooyoung, in a bright red military jacket, followed by Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Junsu, Junho and Chansung! 2PM came and huddled about 8 feet from me, and I allowed the fangirl in me to begin filming them with my small camera. One of their female staff members spotted me and tried to block my view with her body. Grrr! Junho caught me too, and looked right at me! He didn’t seem too pleased, but then again, who knows what he was thinking? Maybe he was nervous. Maybe he had indigestion. Maybe he was tired and wanted to sleep. Or maybe I really was getting on his nerves (^^).

2PM: (from left to right) Chansung, Wooyoung, Nickhun, Junho, Taecyeon, Junsu

Nichkhun also looked at me, probably curious or suspicious of just exactly how I fit in. I put the camera away and went back into professional mode. Now, remember that seating area I mentioned DBSK was using? Well, I should’ve never left it, because 2PM used it to rest for a few minutes and greet other performers as well. As I was trying to ignore them, the intern guy next to me said “hello” to someone, and I realized it was Wooyoung, who walked right behind me to get to a back table. Nichkhun was wearing a sleeveless, silver-studded top with black pants, and I noticed him doing some pull-ups on the bars used to construct the stage. He totally busted me watching him. That was my second eye contact with him. And both times I’m sure I totally came off as the stalker. Sheesh, gotta work on that! 2PM eventually spent the next 10 minutes with their staff behind the stage and finally went up and performed “Hands Up” and “10 Out of 10” to a screaming crowd.

My experience was so surreal. I was in the presence of people that I had seen only in videos and pictures. Not only that, but it seems as though South Korea, which is where they’re based, is a world away. So honestly, I never thought I would get to see them in person. Life has a funny way of presenting opportunities, doesn’t it? It wasn’t the easiest thing for me to get up to New Jersey, but because of the potentiality, how could I not go? I really surprised myself at how well I was able to contain my joy when seeing and being so close to them.

What a day
This is where my journey ends. After 2PM and DBSK performed, I left as quickly as I could so as not to miss my flight back to my home state. As I am writing this, I still can’t believe what happened. I still can’t believe I saw SHINee, 2PM, DBSK and Kim Tae Woo in the flesh, and so close. Wow. I do believe my year is made. ^^

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98 thoughts on “Heaven On a Sunday: Backstage at the 10/9 K-Pop Concert in NY

  1. I kept seeing the commercials for this concert but it’s awesome you were actually there. You know how much I love Onew but seeing Changmin up close too…..that would’ve been the icing on the cake for me.

    Great post bitofabelly81!

      • Changmin and Yunho are actually on our “wish list” for meet and greets at SM Town NYC. My brother-in-law has worked with DBSK many times in the past and has :schooled” us that Changmin is very reserved and shy, so I’m assuming this ties into him coming off as aloof. I don’t think he’s every been very social with fans, so I’m not surprised. Hopefully, my daughter won’t scare him off. LOL!

  2. CONGRATS LADY!! You know I’m jealous, right?? Living vicariously thru you! I’m soo happy for you!!

    It was hot as hell out there!! But it was an interesting experience overall. I ate A LOT, but never felt full. Bought a SHINee t-shirt and a 2 PM t-shirt and some kites :S

    I do have a question that you may or may not be able to answer…. How did you end up there?

    • @Seli: yes, it was hot out there! But it was cool by the time the sun set! I wanted to buy some band t-shirts too, but I never got around to actually enjoying the festival 😦 I got to the concert by means of a miracle…I never said anything to anyone because I didn’t think it’d work out. I couldn’t believe I actually was there and had to give myself a reality check a few times…

    • @surkura: you might have surprised yourself. Once you see them in person, you realize that they are, yes, people. At least, that’s how it was for me. There were a few teen fans who snuck backstage and started screaming and jumping up and down when they saw them. But they got kicked out, lol. I imagine I probably would’ve gotten kicked out if I did the same. Besides, I’m a grown 30-year-old woman. I am past the days of freaking out, although I did inside 🙂 I did all that in my BSB, Nsync days almost 15 years ago 🙂

  3. Girl, kudos to you for getting to see your faves up close and personal. Great experience, I’m sure, and I hope you got yourself some nice pics!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good job,
    way to represent!

    What a nice pick-me-up
    after the inexplicably overwhelming
    feelings of sadness
    I have been experiencing
    following Rain’s enlistment.

    I cannot imagine,
    and I too am so very envious of you!
    Under the circumstances,
    you handled yourself extremely well.
    NIchkhun should have come and introduced himself to you;
    but then again, maybe not, for you may have lost all control.
    This may have been the first,
    but most definitely is not the last opportunity
    you will have at the up close and personal.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I was feeling the excitement
    and effort at containment right along with you.
    I bet at least some of them wanted to communicate with you directly.
    But unfortunately, their handlers are way too good,
    and sometimes way to “aggro” at what they do.
    I bet they were more afraid of them than of you.
    By not introducing themselves to you
    they were probably thinking of your safety.
    I am genuinely happy for you,
    and most grateful to you for what you
    have given me as a reader of your forum.
    Whatever goodness you got out of the experience,
    you most definitely deserved.
    I look forward to hearing about your next
    up close and personal experience.
    You are the best!

    • @whatthefrell: wow that is such a good point. Usually when you have eye contact with someone more than once it means that you are both watching each other. My cousin suggested that he probably saw me as someone that looked as out of place as he may have felt (even though he’s fluent in Korean and lives there, he’s still considered a foreigner) and since he is known for being so nice, he probably would’ve approached me if given more time and if the handlers weren’t so close around. I will mention that 2PM’s manager came over to discuss some sound issues with the young intern I was talking to, and he did greet me. I don’t think he would’ve minded if any of the members talked to me, but I did notice that they were being guarded by female handlers. Perhaps the female handlers try to keep them away from other females, who knows. If I approached one of them, esp Nickhun, they probably would’ve tackled me, lol.

      • Yes M’am,
        we women can be hardcore.
        It must be incredibly frustrating
        for them at times.
        To be so young,
        and so virile,
        and for the young women,
        to be so nubile,
        and not be allowed
        to freely act on it.
        It is no wonder
        they’re practicing
        all hours of the night,
        if only to make them so tired,
        they don’t have time to think about it.

    • I agree with you there, whatthefrell.

      This is a great pick-me-up while dealing with Rain going away. Just what I needed!

  5. WOW! What you describe was awesome. If I was there, I would be calm and cool. I would bring my sister along, but she doesn’t like K-pop and she would think the guys are not all that.

    • When I told my sister about it,
      she was all about making it happen for me,
      but my job would not allow for it.
      She always starts play-snoring
      when I start talking about things
      she’s not interested in; but,
      I know that once she
      got a taste in the flesh
      of what I’ve been talking about,
      I have no doubt she would become
      one of K-pop’s latest victims…
      full on…
      Case in point,
      she had absolutely nothing
      negative to say about Ninja Assassin…
      her silence was golden; that,
      and she loves a good pop song!

  6. Wow..it’s a dream to come true! You are sooo lucky. There were probably lots of girls who wanted tickets to that concert . You’ve got the ultimate prize..a backseat pass..OMFG.. unbelievable! I mean,how did you manage to hold it all in. You’re a better woman than I would have been. I don’t know if I could have contained myself being around all of that sexiness.

  7. Aww lucky! Wish I couldve gone! SM Town is coming to NYC this month as well, XD! MY GIRL WILL BE THERE BUT I CAN’T GO ( loves BoA!!!!!!!) -sigh- Wish I had money to go those types of things. Every cent I have now is dedicated completely to l’arc en ciel’s world tour next year. Glad you got to see them up close, seeing Yunho in person would’ve been enough for me. Not sure if I would’ev been as strong, lol I’d have to go to a secluded area every once in a while to jump up and down and scream silently. Grats!

  8. I hope everyone had a wonderful time & enjoy their the time in NY. Honestly, if it’s not Kim Hyun Joong, I can truly careless right now the way I feel. I’m sorry, but he’s truly the only Korean Celeb I care about. Sadly, but true, I don’t mean to say this, but my heart right now is dealing with so much.
    Djinn within your Djinn

  9. You were there? I was there! Okay…I wasn’t there on Sunday at the concert but Saturday. Still though it would have been great to meet you. I tried my darndest to get tickets for the concert but since I am in GA and the ticket locations were in NJ and NY it was not an easy feat. Anyways super excited that you got back stage and were able to oogle everyone 🙂 Must figure out a way to do that for next year.

    • I wonder sometimes if Changmin
      has bad vision of sorts.
      Watch the way he looks
      at the camera when he performs.
      Sometimes having poor vision
      can cause you to come across as “aloof”
      when really you just can’t see
      the person in front of you very well.
      So, he really is just as beautiful in person
      as even other men say he is…

      • @whatthefrell: oooh that is a good point!! I never thought about that….and YES, he is beautiful in person…pictures do him no justice. His hair was long too…

    • Beautiful lips, Changmin’s. They are the first things I noticed about him. The man does have a very unique mouth, almost like a signature. You know him when you see them. (like Rain’s).

      SM Town will be my very first KPop concert. I’m looking forward to seeing him and Yunho work it out!

    • hahaha! I think the same thing. He does have interesting lips and for the most part Koreans-IMO after “us” have the lock on luscious lips. I still feel he has some other nationality going on in that blood, but it is all good.

  10. @bitofabelly81 lolol Yes, a close-up picture of Changmin’s face zeroing in on his lips would’ve been much appreciated.

    @whatthefrell You know what….you make a really good point. Sometimes Changmin does look as if he forgot his contacts. He’ll be looking far off somewhere but focusing really hard. Lee Taemin of SHINee has poor eyesight too. Whether Changmin is aloof or not, I still want to touch his lips…and his hair.

  11. I wasn’t too crazy about the K-pop band wave until now. If I were you, I know I would have taken one look at SHINee, Kim Tae Woo, and 2PM and literally PASSED OUT 0.o Too much sexiness in one area!!
    I’m super happy you got a backstage pass. whatthefrell is right: if anyone deserved to be there, it was YOU BOAB81! I guess you’ll be having sweet dreams about all those talented, super sexy boybands EEK!
    Even though I’m not a huge fan of any of the bands/artists mentioned, I would’ve looked at Nickhun,Junsu, Taecyon, and Minho and asked them “Can I have your babies?” ROFL!!

    • @Cloud8837: I was tempted!! But really (after the fangirl nearly got me kicked out), I wanted them to view me as someone they could talk to if they wanted, and who wouldn’t scream and faint in front of them.

  12. “bitofabelly81 says:
    @Angelface: well that definitely makes sense. He did seem very standoffish. Not just to me, but to everyone else”.

    I do hear that he is like that with everyone, so I’m not surprised. He’s not a naturally “warm” person from what my brother-in-law says. He’s nice but all about business!

    “btw, your brother works for Sony Japan, right?” Yes, he does.

    • @Angelface: ok, so I have been dying to ask someone who works in the Japan entertainment biz this; but you could probably tell me! I was talking to a Japanese friend of mine the other day about Kpop and how popular it is, and she asked me if I felt that Jpop was just as good. I couldn’t lie, and the look on my face told the truth, but before I could answer, she said, “Jpop sucks, right?” Lol! I told her that I wouldn’t use that word, but at the same time I was confused why Japan hasn’t stepped up and showed what they can do music-wise on the world stage. But then we both came to the conclusion that Kpop is marketed to be globally appealing, while Jpop is marketed only for Japan. Perfect example; when I go to youtube, all I have to do is type “Shine” and “SHINee” will come up. Not only that, but all of their videos, including music videos, shows, interviews and reality tv shows are there and available for ANYONE with a computer and internet connection to watch. HOWEVER, if I type “arashi” or “嵐” even, only stories about thunderstorms come up, lol. Finding Jpop videos is like pulling teeth!! I’ve found some, but I had to DIG! The Korean music industry has really taken advantage of youtube and its free promo and marketing tools. Jpop has alot of potential, with artists like Ai, Mummy D, Namie Amuro, Crystal Kay, but it just doesn’t seem like they’re interested in being recognized on the world stage. It seems some Japanese are more concerned with keeping Korean influence OUT of Japan, rather than welcoming it, and also offering some friendly competition. Oh well, I guess I just really wish that Jpop had more of a presence, but Kpop is where it’s at now! Jpop has some quality issues that need to be addressed, at least, in comparison to Kpop…

      • Bitofabelly,

        You hit the nail on the head. There is such a division between K-Pop and J-Pop. I think alot of it has to do with the history between Japan and Korea. As much as my kids LOVE the Korean culture and have many Korean friends, don’t even get me started on how my in-laws (the older ones) react about it. It’s not nice : (. While K-Pop artists are marketed in Japan, you don’t see it the other way around. My family has been watching J-dramas for years and while my husband does listen to many Japanese artitsts, it’s just not good (IMO). I love the the J-dramas, music not as much. I don’t believe that Japan has any desire to move into other markets. However, I don’t believe that people want to keep K-Pop out of Japan. Most K-Pop artists who debut in Japan do extremely well. I think it’s the fans on both sides who dislike one another. The Japanese music executives don’t mind the K-Pop coming over there, since it makes them money. I just don’t think that the enterainment business in Japan has any desire to become big outside of their own country. Not sure why, since it really could be huge.

      • Thanks for these observances, bitofabelly and AngelFace. I like J-drama, some of them are REALLY well written and brilliant, and I’ve never understood why they didn’t get as much press. Now I do.

  13. Had a very close friend in college of Japanese descent, Kazumi,
    who had a very close friend who was of Korean descent,
    both were native born and came to this country
    when they were very young.
    They were often times inseparable; however,
    there were times when they would have these huge
    fights and barely speak to each other,
    their parents too would encourage this silence.
    Kazumi would try to brush it off
    and tell me, don’t worry about it,
    it is a cultural thing that goes way back,
    and I believed her.
    She had huge self-confidence issues
    born of her mother being a successful Japanese actress,
    and that she, my friend, was rather uncharacteristically tall
    for a Japanese woman — which I tried to tell her,
    works great for her here, and really,
    is 5’8″ really that tall.
    Anyways, I believe her Korean friend took
    advantage of her insecurities,
    and it would eventually blow up
    into this huge cultural superiority issue.
    It would eventually pass,
    and they would be best buds again,
    getting along famously
    as though nothing had happened.
    It was at times uncomfortable to witness,
    but in a strange way, you knew
    they genuinely needed each other.

    • Whatthefrell,

      I think the perceived “cultural superiority” issue that you mentioned is really where this all stems from. My husband is 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 Irish and I’m 1/2 Hispanic and 1/2 African American; so our kids are definitely a mixed-breed. While it was a work in process in the beginning, I do have a very good relationship with my in-laws. But to hear some of the things my father-in-law says about Koreans, always gets me fuming. When my daughter said that one day she would marry her bias Taemin from Shinee, the reaction from my father-in-law was not good. He basically said that he would disown her (and our other 2 kids), if they ever dated, let alone married a Korean. Which is ironic, since she is only 1/2 Japanese and has this other blood-line in her. But in all honesty, he won’t be happy with her in particular, unless she ends up with a Japanese guy. The whole Japanese vs Korean issue is just odd to me since you would think being Asian would be a commonality. It actually is alot like that in the Hispanic community. Each group has their biases of other groups ie Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, Dominicanos, etc.. It’s just so crazy!

      • @Angelface: no disrespect to your father in law, but I cannot for the life of me, understand such ignorance! It’s like, when I’m talking to my Indian friend and she tells me in secrecy that her mom is from Pakistan, and I say, “so you’re half-Pakistani?” and she says, “no!!!!!! Don’t ever say that!! I am Indian!!” It’s like, huh?? My family has seen so much diversity, there’s just no place for it anymore. My uncle was once married to a Korean woman, so I have half Korean cousins, and I also have Latino and white relatives. My brother is married to an Irish girl, my sister is married to a Nigerian man, and my parents know how much I love Asian men, so they expect me to bring home a Japanese or Korean (or Asian) guy, and they fully welcome it. The only thing they are concerned about is that he treats me right and has a job and will be responsible for me. They don’r require that he be black or white or anything. I also find that when I discuss Korean subjects with my Japanese friends, their eyes glaze over, lol. I have one Japanese friend who likes Kpop, but that’s it . And I have tons of Japanese friends. They view Koreans the same way many white people viewed Blacks and Native Americans in early America.

      • So interesting ladies…

        it is so odd how one would think
        blacks and Hispanics would of course
        get along so well,
        and for the most part we do;
        however, there is an animosity
        that exists between us as well.
        I call it the no-man-
        on-the-totem-pole syndrome.

        “Each group has their biases…
        It’s just so crazy!”

        It is insane,
        the “perceived” hierarchy
        among the different Latin races alone
        in these here United States.
        You have these same issues of hierarchy
        all over the world, race, religion, what have you,
        that have unfortunately led to wars.
        Humanity is supposed to be better than this.
        “It’s just so crazy!”

        You have your East Indian peoples
        brown-skinned, and the darker-skinned,
        and the black-skinned Indian peoples
        who in their home country
        would be considered of a lower caste;
        but here in the States,
        they are all brown-skinned,
        and they are Indian only.
        Neither are they Jamaican or Trinidadian, but Indian.
        There is a woman I work with
        whose family is Indian, from Trinidad,
        a very nice woman, who reminds me so much of my mother
        when she was younger, my mother
        has family from the West Indies.
        But whereas my mother identifies as being black,
        this women though just as dark, if not darker,
        acknowledges no such thing.
        However, there is another woman I work with,
        same company, also Indian from Trinidad, who does.
        There are exceptions, some do get it,
        probably from experiencing a rude awakening of their own.
        It is all so confusing sometimes!

        My family is all about diversity too,
        though my father voiced concern to us girls,
        about our close relationships with guys of other races,
        it was not because he was opposed to it,
        but because we lived in an area
        where we were one of only two
        black families, and
        it was challenging enough as it was.
        But we were never discouraged,
        in fact, we were encouraged
        to broaden our horizons,
        keep an open mind,
        and educate ourselves
        about all races, and cultures
        outside of our own.

        Also, before I forget,
        my sister, visiting from
        Connecticut this past weekend,
        showed me a very interesting
        article in Essence Magazine.
        Apparently there is a book out
        concerning the single black female,
        giving power to the black male,
        by limiting themselves to
        dating only within their race.
        The article included an exposé
        on six (6) interracial couples.
        It too was very interesting…
        I looked but could not find it online.

  14. Ok…I thought I was the only one who felt that way about J-pop. Aside from Utada Hikaru, I’m not crazy about it either but I think now I see why.

    But it’s ironic because I think the J-dramas are fantastic. …..not nearly as suicidal and gut-wrenching as some K-dramas can be.

    • Way behind on the J and K-drama business,
      but back in the day I paid much closer attention
      to popular Japanese music,
      they had great punk bands,
      some really good rap-rock groups,
      a la the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
      and some great metal bands too.
      But as BoaB and AngelFace said,
      these days, it doesn’t seem like
      they’re too interested in
      breaking into outside markets.
      Back in the day though,
      US and UK artists wrote songs
      about being “big in Japan”
      and I think during that time,
      they did have greater
      exposure in the west…
      Anyone remember Shonen Knife…
      who by the way either just played
      here, in Houston, or
      will be playing really soon
      at the House of Blues
      or Warehouse Live.
      Yeah, that’s right,
      I’m talkin’ back in the day.
      Gee… if they haven’t played yet,
      I really should get over myself and go…

      For my H-town sistars, if interested,
      they’ll be here Friday, October 28th,
      at this knew place, Stereo Live at the
      infamous address of 6400 Richmond Avenue.
      Good place to hear music,
      not the best part of town,
      if you don’t care to be
      bothered by ignorant drunk-ass frat boys
      and other such suburbanality.
      But I know fans of theirs will make the trip,
      and who knows, it’s been a while,
      maybe this time around it will be different.
      What shall I do?

      • @whatthefrell: there’s a Jrock group that I really like…can’t think of their name, but they are awesome. But it is Jrock afterall, and I believe Jrock has more heart than Jpop right now. I also like asian kung-fugeneration and will be featuring them on this blog soon…

  15. @AngelFace lolol I hear you. But the soundtrack to “Iryu: Team Medical Dragon 1 & 2” I thought was pretty good. It made you feel as if you were preparing for battle. It’s the only J-drama soundtrack that I’ve liked…

    • Choi Min Jung,

      I’ll have to check out that soundtrack. I saw the drama but didn’t pay too much attention to the OST :). Wasn’t Iryu: Team Medical Dragon so good? I really enjoyed it.

  16. Bitofabelly,

    Don’t even get me started on my father-in-law. I’ve just learned that with the older generation, you can argue but they are so set in their ways, it won’t change them. My parents have been married for over 35 years and my black and Puerto Rican grand-parents still don’t really accept it, simply tolerate it. It’s really up to the younger generation to change things. That’s why my kids make me so proud. While my older son is still going through “identity issues”, my daughter Mika is such a great representation of how beautiful diversity can be. Even though she looks more Japanese than anything else, she embraces and honors all sides to her and is so vocal about her ethnicity.

    Not too get too deep here but I really think that as far as “diversity” goes, black people have the edge with regards to “acceptance”. I have relatives representing so many diverse races and ethnicities (Armenians, White, Indian, Chinese, German, it goes on and on) but it seems like it’s always the black side of the family, that has an easier time dealing with the inter-racial relationships. Especially, when dealing with the Asian community, who typically don’t accept marrying outside of the race.

    • @Angelface

      Not too get too deep here but I really think that as far as “diversity” goes, black people have the edge with regards to “acceptance”.

      *nods emphatically*

      My mother’s side of the family may give it the eye at first, but overall, everyone accepts everyone else’s partner and it’s not an issue. You’re welcomed into the family. Period. The other side, well, >.> not so much.

      Okay, not at all. lol.

    • I have similar problems with my father. I’m Black, Native American (Cherokee, Chippewa, and Choctaw), East Indian and German (don’t know the ratios) and whenever I talk about it with him, he says “No, you’re just Black like me.” Even though he is Black and Native American himself lol, it gets frustrating sometimes but I refuse to deny any part of me even if he doesn’t like it. I think its good that your daughter does the same with her ethnicities :).

  17. AngelFace,

    Oh yes indeed. Iryu: Team Medical Dragon is one of the best dramas of any language I’ve ever seen. It was just so well done and believable. The music is best during the surgical procedures with “Assada-sensei”. 🙂

  18. I just want to tell you that I loved how you described your experience backstage of the concert. I felt like I was there! I love all of those guys. Soo tell me how did you manage to get a backstage pass? that seems like a really hard thing to do.

  19. Holy #@&! on a cracker. I can’t even read comments until I’ve said something!

    SBJ, what a post. What a post. I was excited but still half-way okay when you said that SHINee walked through, and when HoMin zipped by, but then Big Tae returned your nod and I just about hit the ground. OMG! My tall Teddy who makes JiHoon look short! Dude is like a building! His voice is like buttah! And there he was? Right there! Saranghae, TaeWoo! I’ve gotta stop using these exclamation points!

    Very cool, your observance of 2PM. I’ve gotta commend you for keeping it all together and representing well. You’ve got nerves of steel (and some of the best timing in the world).

    Aaaaah. Now I shall read everyone’s conversation and thoroughly enjoy it, I’m sure. 🙂 Glad you got to go to the concert, bitofabelly. Thanks for sharing it so well and giving me some Big Tae excitement! Heheh.

    • @DynasticQueen: thanks 🙂 YES Big Tae is BIG!!! I had no idea. He is really tall, and I would love to just jump up on him and take advantage of that teddy bear frame! I’d be like Bi in the “Brothers & Me” video…hanging on him and whatnot 😉

  20. My brain keeps bouncing from Taemin to Max to Big Tae to Changsung to Junho to Taemin to Max to Big Tae to Chansung to Junho to …


  21. Bitofabelly,

    I’ve been curious about something that you said about Shinee: “Jonghyun (hands jammed deep in jean pockets and head down in what seemed to be self-loathing)”. What did you mean by this Jonghyun being “self-loathing”?

    • @angelface: he just looked sad, like he just got dumped and was pissed with himself for getting dumped. Its like he was beating himself up…that’s why i said self-loathing, like he was giving himself a hard time. I have heard that he is the most touchy, temperamental of the group so it didn’t surprise me…

      • Bitofabelly,

        Okay, I see. Well, you know how I feel about Mr. Jonghyun, so I won’t even go there but “touchy, temperamental” sounds just about right. LOL! But I do love his voice : ).

  22. “bitofabelly81 says:

    Angelface: actually i don’t know how u feel about him! Is he your least favourite?”


    Last year, when we met him and the rest of the group, he was very rude to my daughter and her friends. I did not meet him personally since I was talking another group member with my husband but Mika came over and told us what happened. Changed my view of him personally but like I told Mika, we will chalk it up to him “having a moment”. We’ll see if he’s different next week : ).

    • “We’ll see if he’s different next week…”
      I want to call you a bad name,
      but always a lady first…
      between BoaB,
      and AngelFace,
      I’d say we are fortunate
      to get first-person experience,
      whilst I continue to grow ever greener
      with envy.
      Nothin’ but love!
      Bring it,
      I wanna know,
      and again,
      thank you for sharing.

      Listening to
      MBLAQ’s Blaq Style 3D…
      It’s been a while,
      Track #7 which Rain composed,
      and Y and Oh Yeah Remixes,
      which I always start at around 2:00, 2:15 in…

      Flawless production goes without saying.

      • Whatthefrell,
        “We’ll see if he’s different next week…”
        I want to call you a bad name,
        but always a lady first…
        between BoaB,
        and AngelFace”.


      • Bitofabelly,

        I guess my reply did not come through from my phone so I’ll post again. Being a Christian, I would rather not say anything bad about him. He just was not nice to the kids. But I will give him another chance. I guess if he acts the same way again, I can honestly say that he was showing his “true self”. You never know what people are dealing with, so who knows what was going on in his life. But, he definitely changed my daughter’s view of him. Oh wells : ).

      • @Angelface: you know what? I’ve just realized something. I’ve been accused for being touchy and temperamental. Ever since I was little I was told that I have an “attitude problem”–by family, friends, teachers, and co-workers, etc. It’s not that I’m rude, it’s just that when something bothers me, or upsets me, its very difficult for me to put on a show like everything is alright. Maybe I can understand Jonghyun a little better. He’s always in the spotlight, and he’s probably not the kind of person that can smile through everything. I’m sure they’ve had tons of training, but he can’t help it. Didn’t the other SHINee guys designate him as the “bad boy”?

  23. That was great! I can’t believe you were there. I was in the crowd shivering in the cold, but enjoying myself tremendously. I will do it again if they do it next year. They need to get YG Entertainment here, so my sister could see Taeyang. I would make sure we got tickets then. He who was the special “Korean PopStar”?

  24. I would’ve loved to have seen her as well. Allkpop reports she is in Seattle now for an Animal Rights convention.

    My sister and I already talked about what we are bringing next year. Chairs, a big blanket, a thermos of something hot and something to put our feet on. I am so glad we weren’t sitting on the ground though.

  25. Why o why whenver I watch anything with 2PM I can’t stop staring at Chansung and Junho. Chansung moreso. He looks so good. I feel like such a pedophile. Bi is not gone but 2 days and I am cheating on a even younger man already. I even kind of put TOP to the side-shameful *hangs head low*

    • @lei: I love me some Junho and Chansung, but I gotta tell ya Taec was stunning. He is tall and muscular and just stunning…*sigh*…I know he’s a goofball, but lord oh lord he is physical perfection!!!

  26. I am so jealous that you saw them so close. I love Taec’s body size. It is the ideal size, well next to Bi’s toned and at the same time thick body

  27. I wanted to type more but my supervisor walked in and I can’t remember…..When Taec isn’t being crazy he is attractive, but still Chansung and Junho are my bias and yet they look so differant. One of these days I will see them up close. Even though I live so close to the (NY)city, my timing is always off whenever any k-pop star is around.

  28. Wow, I’ve been lurking on this blog for a couple of months, but I just had to say something after reading about the concert! I wish I could have gone, but alas it was the week right before fall break. one of these days … 2PM and Shinee lol

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