2-Year Drought Begins: Bi Enters the Military

I got these pics from CloudUSA (thanks ladies for always staying on top of all things Bi!) and couldn’t help but tear a bit while viewing them.

There he is, Jung Ji Hoon aka world star Rain, looking just as average as the next guy. But there’s nothing average about him! There’s a tiger inside, and although the tiger is much more tame than it was in its earlier days, it is still just as strong, motivated and tenacious. It’s just time for the tiger to rest for a little while.

He looks a bit uneasy. He looks as though he’s holding back some tears, and trying his best to smile. Always the professional, he’s been well-trained to hide his emotions in front of the camera. But his body language does tell a different story.

Don’t worry about anything Hoonie! Do your time, and when you come back, we’ll still be here, waiting for you and we love you! Aja aja, fighting!

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91 thoughts on “2-Year Drought Begins: Bi Enters the Military

  1. I was reading this EARLY this morning. I am saddened and hopefull at the same time. Maybe time away from the limelight will give him some peace and space to live a normal life. Side note… His enlist did make the news on MSNBC, they seeded a story on Newsvine (which im a member of) with pics 😀

    My heartfelt prayers and best wishes for Jihoon. Ill be waiting for you with open arms. And if he needs or wants a penpal… im available! 😀

  2. I got the same vibe you did from looking at the photos. Rain seemed nervous and emotional. Maybe he was feeding off the energy from the fans. I’m sure he will do fine. His work ethics tell me that he will be an asset to the service. I’m not worried about him at all. If Heechul can hack it, it’ll be a piece of cake for Rain.

  3. To me, it looks as if he’s having to put on a brave face and force a smile because he may not really want to go. Seems like bad timing. He wants to keep making music & movies and film more TV shows. Then too, he might feel that he may get left behind while he’s away with K-pop music exploding and spreading worldwide without him.

    He should’ve gotten this done sooner….

    • “He should’ve gotten this done sooner..” I think If he had, Bi wouldn’t have been as successful as he his today. Bi not only completed all of his contractual obligations (tv deals, commercials, movies, music, etc.) before entering into the service, he also became a brand. His family and business ventures will not want for anything due to his hard work.

      Two years may seem long to be out of the limelight, but it’s really not that long though. I think he has things planned that will keep his name in the media.

  4. Emotionally, it’s been HEAVY these last few hours and yes on other pics you can clearly see his effort to fight back the tears. He’s a man who “feels” and at times it’s hard not to show it. I think everybody’s journey in life pans out as it’s supposed to good or bad. Sometimes, I hate to think how much further I could be had I taken a couple steps in a different direction, but the road I’m on is obviously the one God chose for me to be on (at least IMO). Bi’s road happened as it was supposed to. He was supposed to take these last 10 years and use his inner light to touch so many people from all races/nationalities, from every corner of the world (myself being one of those people). Dare I say, we may not have had this great blog to come to, quite possibly, had he made this detour at a different time. His career may have been totally different. My wish for him is that he stay safe, healthy and focused. These next two years will Fly By and we’ll be seeing him come back before we know it.

    • Beautifully said. Even though he chose to enlist later than many, I believe this is the right time for him. He has worked extremely hard to get where he is and I believe that he will work just as hard as a soldier. Sure he’s emotional, he seems to be experiencing many of those emotions that we feel when entering the unknown and leaving a part of our life behind. I have no doubt that he is having those moments of reflection. I wish him well and along with many of his other fans, I will wait patiently for his return.

  5. Bwaaaaa! … sniffle, sniffle…
    I honestly think that had I been
    a part of the crowd sending him off,
    I would have lost it.
    I’m not a very emotional person,
    but I find just seeing these pictures alone,
    makes my heart ache.
    I’m not worried about him physically,
    but the whole business
    of enlistment,
    especially once it become a reality,
    is hard on everyone.

    • @whatthefrell,

      I’m like you, not really a crier either but watching all the videos and seeing the pics where he’s actually fighting the tears……I felt a big heaviness in my chest and had I been there…..I probably would have been a slobbering fool!

  6. He’ll be just fine. They say military service changes you; I wonder how he’ll be in 2 years. I’m not very familiar with him now but I’m really curious about his change. Lets hope he ends up near those 3 Super Junior members or Hyun Bin while hes there since they are all there now too. Rain Bi FIGHTING!!

  7. I knew this day was coming, but I start seeing the images and videos last night around 11P.M. I have to admit I was caught off guard, then realized ok duh different time zone… Im not a crier, but the minute I saw that video the tears started. I found myself saying good by when I saw them pull into the gate. I know he’s gonna be fine. Positive thoughts and prayers go out to him.

  8. Sucks to be Rain right now. 😦
    (Yanks him into America where military isn’t mandatory!)

    But hopefully he’ll stay safe and the time will pass by quickly for him and his clouds. ^^

    • DaGrrrl,

      I was thinking the same thing, (okay Rain, forget all about this and just come to America) but we know that he is a stand-up man and would do the honrable thing. It does make me sad. As much as we talk about some of the younger groups like Shinee, Mblaq, Super Junior (well they’re not so young), it really is Rain who deserves the utmost respect. He paved the way for K-Pop. I do pray that he will remain safe and in his words “do your best come back in one piece”. Jung Ji Hoon Fighting! You will be missed : (.

  9. In my opinion, he did exactly what he should have done career-wise. Any deviation from that plan would have derailed his momentum much too soon, and his Cyborg, Speed Racer, and Ninja Assassin characters may have never been born. He sure as hell wouldn’t have Richard Gere knocking on his door right now.

    As it is, his U.S. talent rep and management and the Powers That Be in Hollywood have said out of their mouths (and I paraphrase), “We’re not concerned about his military service, projects take forever anyway and by the time he’s out, stuff we’re talking about now will be ready to go.” They’ve seen things he’s done behind the scenes that we haven’t, and his potential is so bright to them that they’re having to wear sunglasses. It took every crook and turn of the full ten years past to lead to that. He can literally step out of the limelight now and not loose any momentum at all. Heck, he just went in and sponsors are beating his door down.

    I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine physically too. At 29, he can do 2-3 hour concerts full out back to back, and do take after take after take of drama filming running and running and running LOL Just pretend you’re back training under JYP or for Raizo, Hoon and it’ll be a piece of cake. LOL!

    I tell y’all who I feel sorry for — the ROK military. They’ve got to be on pins and needles right now because Hoon is gonna be out there feeling his testosterone and going whole hog (because that’s how he is), and they’re going to be wishing he’d just sit down somewhere because if he gets hurt, the entire country of South Korean and half the world are gonna come down on their @ss like a ton of bricks. ROFL!

      • You hit the nail on the head. I was thinking basic training should be a breeze for him. That NA regiment was hell.

        You know ladies *partners in crime* we’ll have to do another drive by pretty soon, when security eases up just to check on him 😉

    • I love this entire response haha.

      Yea career-wise he’ll be fine. I’m happy about this rest time for him.
      He said that while he was filming for “flight close to the sun” he lived on a military base for those 7 months of filming. So he felt he got 7 extra months of service. HIs only pet peeve was that he couldn’t eat what he craved, and could only eat 3 times a day when everyone else ate lol. After reading Ask a koreans blog post about the army, I’m sure he’ll get plenty of rest. It said that after a days work ends around 5pm, that you normally just do w/e until bed time lol. So I’m happy for that rest he’ll have.

      But yea, during the work day…lol they better look out. Rain’s going to be the overachieving guy that everyone hates to love lol. Outshine everybody just cuz he can. lol.

  10. @KrisE I agree ….I think Rain will be just fine too. He’s used to hard work. I still think he’d rather continue to make music and do films right now but he has other obligations he has to fulfill.

  11. @DynasticQueen
    I tell y’all who I feel sorry for — the ROK military. They’ve got to be on pins and needles right now because Hoon is gonna be out there feeling his testosterone and going whole hog (because that’s how he is), and they’re going to be wishing he’d just sit down somewhere because if he gets hurt, the entire country of South Korean and half the world are gonna come down on their @ss like a ton of bricks. ROFL!

    Amen sista, I feel the same way. I for one would be on highly peeved woman.

    @lady orchid
    Just tell me when you’d be ready to ride. Im definitely down for that … lol

  12. I felt like cryin my eyes out just lookin at the photos of him. Ughh i feel like i had to watch my Appa leave.TT-TT there’s no dough in my soul that he’ll do fine, he can finally get some hell of desrved rest. GOOD LUCK JI HOON.

  13. Hey whoever goes to visit Rain. Here are some guidelines he’s given.

    1) you need to a be a woman. he doesn’t want visitations from any males, not his managers, not his friends…only females. Whoever…just needs to be a female.
    2) wear a skirt.

    Straight from his mouth in his recent CJ One card interview lol. haha i love this guy. Those in korea better get on it lol.

    • I saw that. High heels and mini skirts, baby!

      My response to that was “girly” Whoever you are….take your vitamins Now…cause in 6 weeks, YOU too will be called to “active” duty! “Serve” your country girl! (SMILES)

    • BOAB81, Lei

      It’s at CloudUSA……………

      The video Whatthefrell posted below is the video but here are HIS WORDS.

      Q: [Unable to read, due to low video resolution. However, from context it appears to be along the lines of “Who do you want to visit you while you’re serving in the military?]

      Rain: Well, first of all, I don’t want male singers. Nor male actors. Nor my managers. A woman – just whoever, I’d like someone to come in a skirt. That’s it.

      I Don’t want to post the video twice, I don’t think the video is english subbed yet. The entire interview is posted in English at Cloud USA.

      ** [interview][Eng transcript] Rain for CJ One: Expanding his life **

      • Oh, I was about to f___k up.

        This post was done by: — Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

        Rain CJ One 10.7.11 Interview Transcript (English)

        By: Jung Bae @HelloKPop for Cloud USA

        English translation credit, transcript notes, and [asides]: Jung Bae @HelloKpop. Please credit accordingly.


  14. Don’t worry, that sexy beast will be JUST fine. This is just another opportunity to grow as a person, he’ll learn about an entirely different world. I bet in 2 years, he’ll come back an even better man! So lets all sit back and counts the seconds til his return. Before we all know it, it’ll be 2013 and he’ll back making us all swoon 8D!

  15. When I watched the videos I had dueling emotions. My eyes started tearing up, but I was also thinking how delicious he looked in those jeans. Crazy!

  16. @lei, ‘but I was also thinking how delicious he looked in those jeans. Crazy!” Girl, me too. (he,he) That and his new haircut gives him a whole new kind of sexiness.
    And why are all of the news slogans so close to the forbidden fruit? This is torture!!! I wouldn’t have notice his um, jeans otherwise……yeah, right. lol

    Where’s that interview mentioned above?

    • Lei, I found the same problem. I clicked on the youtube button at bottom of vid to get it to come up in another tab and then click the cc (red) the subs will show.

      Although I think it was mostly Bi talking about his health, Time 100 and something else. I’ll have to watch again later tonight at home. Thanks Whathafrell for the link and thanks Lei for the Japan info. I’m going for it too. 🙂

      • @LadyOrchid: I believe alot of what he said was lost in translation, but I could tell by his facial expression that he was saying something mischievous, lol…

      • LadyOrchid,
        I don’t think the video is English subbed as yet, but the English translated interview is on the first page of CloudUSA’s blog. Scroll down a bit and you see the interview in English. The title of the post is………….

        ** [interview][Eng transcript] Rain for CJ One: Expanding his life **

      • I saw it! Ooooo he shouldn’t have said that….now I gotta make a trip to South Korea ESPECIALLY just to visit him!! Short skirt, high heels and all!!! ^^

    • @luvb,

      I couldn’t pull up the pic at their site, but if this is the pic of him standing in line with all the new recruits, I was able to see it earlier. He was standing there looking proud at that point…wasn’t he? (SMILES) That photo makes it really real! (SMILES)

  17. It’s going to seen strange that Bi won’t be in the limelight for a while,but I’m not going to forget him. time flies quickly and before we know it he’ll be out. No matter what position he will be in..he will never be forgotten.

  18. You know Elvis Presley went to the army for a two year stint too back in the day. We KNOW how his career turned out. Bi’s got too many Clouds all over, the fan sites will keep it going for him.

    • Thanks for the translation!!!! I forgot Elvis went to the army after he was drafted. At least he didn’t dodge it like a certain ex American president.

      I may not be an official Cloud yet, but I do consider myself a Phoenix, like Bi we always rise above the ashes.

  19. I read the translation to the tweets at work and tears started to well up. Never felt like this before. on a lighter a note, I did see that picture. He’s looking too goood in those jeans. Starting at the booty…. please forgive me Lord for lusting behind this man for the???? I lost count

    • “Never felt like this before.”
      Me either!
      I have never experienced
      such strong emotions for an
      entertainment personality.
      I find it so bizarre.
      I have never been a “fan-girl” before now.
      Thus, one can only conclude
      that he is indeed special, right…
      That, or I have lost my mind,
      and it’s all his fault!
      But I love him…

      • I must echo the sentiment. NEVER have I felt this kind of deep emotion for a celebrity either. I SO can’t explain it. Can’t lie though, I “fan-girled” for MJ back in the day (back when I Could “dream” about him….sorry Mike…RIP) and Foster Sylvers. But I never, ever, ever even came Close to crying over either of them. Had their posters plastered on my walls as a tween. Whatthefrell, if you have lost your mind, then I’m in the same Psyc ward with you. Bi “touches” a place within somehow…………I just don’t know.

        Maybe it’s because there’s no pretense with him. He says what he means and means what he says. Even though he follows some of the same rules (celebritywise doing interviews, not giving out too much personal detail, etc.), but you feel a Realness where he’s concerned….an Openess. Other celebs, *Sigh* it’s like why did even pick up that magazine it’s the same Mr/Ms Roboto answers. You don’t “feel” anything geniune coming from them, just fake, fake, fake, fake. Yes, Bi is special…………..

      • @BiAlamode: omg that is so true in my case too. I’ve never felt COMPELLED to start a fansite to any one celebrity, until I fell in love with Bi. No one else has touched me so deeply. It is very hard to explain to people. But he is so real, and so open. His interviews captivated me like none other and there was no going back. On top of being a beautiful human being on the outside, he just seems too good to be true on the inside. I know he has a bad/dark side, too, but we all do. I just know that he is very special and there is none other like him. Fan FO LIFE!!!

      • @BOAB81,

        FO SHO SHAWTY!!……Ride or “die” (SMILES….well I’m not hard core like That) but you get the point. Captivated is right. It’s like you Care what happens to him, he cries…you wanna give him a big hug (of comfort) to make it better. He touches that HUMAN place within all of us and it doesn’t help that he’s FINE AS HELL! Oh yeah, I’m sure he has an “alter ego”….we all do, but he’s Genuinely a GOOD person. At least, that’s what I’ve always sensed about him. He MEANS to do good in the world.

      • I am so there with you ladies. I have had my crushes back in the day. I have written a fan letter or two, and spritzed it with a little perfume. I camped out in line once overnight for epic concert tickets (only once, mind you, I’m not crazy LOL). I’ve “liked” folks to the extent of listening to their music, or watching their movies when they came out, or giving them a thumbs up over an article in the paper, stuff like that. (Never belonged to a fan club, except for one in high school.) But this thing with Rain…

        This thing with Rain is indescribable. It’s a whole different animal and it is amazing. I have to stay firmly in the driver’s seat, or it would take control just like that LOL. I’ve never felt this way before, ever, about anybody.

        I take that back. I felt this way about Michael Jackson when I was 6. (except for the “ajumma would totally ‘break Rain in half’ given half a chance” part LOL!)

      • An agent I work with
        has heard me speak of Rain and K-pop before,
        but didn’t really think much about it.
        So, she’s participating in a
        martial arts demonstration
        at a Korean shopping mall,
        when a young Hispanic girl
        tells her teacher
        they’ll be a K-pop dance show afterwards.
        They all stay and watch
        a cover performance of Miss A.
        Her teacher, a Korean man,
        says, “oh yeah, their song is my morning alarm”
        and plays it for her off his phone.
        While her husbands grimaces,
        as soon as she gets home,
        she begins a youtube investigation…
        she is instantly, yet secretly hooked!
        Today, she asks me about Rain:
        “You know Rain, Bi, from Ninja Assassin,
        is he in a group or is he solo?”
        I tell her he is solo,
        and she asks if I can please
        send her some links to some of his songs…
        Another one bites the dust!

        I hope she doesn’t mind too terribly that
        I have shared this with you,
        as I have also shared this forum with her,
        and she might actually see this.
        Please do not hesitate to correct me
        if I got any of this story wrong.
        Nothin’ but love my friend,
        for you are now
        one of us!


      • Im in complete agreement with you girls. Ive been kind of a fan girl for BSB and NSYNC Im talking posters on the wall, begging mom for concert ticket, the whole nine yards. But Ive never had these type of emotions for them. Bi is special. DynasticQueen you took the words out o my jumbled mind “This thing with Rain is indescribable. It’s a whole different animal and it is amazing. I have to stay firmly in the driver’s seat, or it would take control just like that LOL” For me, he has a realness and doesnt seem like a rehearsed robot. While I was on the brink of tears, my best friend happen to walk in and I told her what was happening with Our PRINCE. She took an interest and looked him up, because she knows Im not a crier.. Now, she like WOW!!!!! Asking why have Ive been hiding him. For the record I told her along time ago, she wasnt listening….lol SO LADIES, WE are not crazy. She’s hooked and it’s only been 2 days for her..lol I told her about this site…. IF she joins you guys will meet my bestie.. (smiles)

  20. dude
    what we need these days of drought
    is some fan fic lol

    from the innocent to the naughty and everything in between, adventure, romance, chaos, horror…we need it all….fan fic!

  21. BiAlamode…

    Patience, understanding, loyalteeeeee….
    That’s what love is made ahhhh of….
    and let us not forget,
    Hot line, hot line,
    I’m calling on the hot line,
    for your love, for your love (clap, clap)
    Foster Sylvers…
    You go with your bad self!

    I’m with you guys,
    let’s just ride,
    we sleep when we die,
    fan fo life,
    fo sho!

    • Whatthefrell,

      Cotton candy, you are myyyy cotton candy, sweeter than apple pie….Oooo Oooo…….

      You are my storybook girl, storybook girl…my every wish….my every dream………

      Goodness, was I THAT young! You can’t get any more syrupy sweet than Cotton Candy and Storybook Girl…HA! But yes, I loved my family groups (The Jacksons and The Sylvers). I don’t think kid singers/groups come this “sugary” anymore. (SMILES)

    • Whathafrell, do not feel bad. If there is any celebrity that deserves acknowledgment it is Rain. And yes, I will go femme fatale on ya for messing with the BI Man!! His superiors better take good care of him. I have my horse whip ready just in case. lol


    why is this man so fine/adorable/hot/cute/sexy uuuggghh.

    never said this before but….I love a man in uniform.

    • lol

      he looks cute…and angry. I don’t blame him. Not even a little smile haha. Complete stone cold faced.

      Though I know he won’t get special treatment. It’s really cool to see, that even while there, he’s still the center of attention. I love it. I squealed when he saluted. Jeez I can’t wait to see his movie of him in the airforce as a pilot. Aigo, I’ve never been attracted to army men until now.
      you can find a bunch of pics, plus a video of him being assigned his platoon etc. here.


  23. @Sukura, “do u watch the show femme fatale???” You mean Nikita the 2010 version? No, I couldn’t get into it. I’m not a fan of Maggie Q, but I liked the 1997’s series.

    • I tried to watch the new show, but I cant get into it. I was a HUGE fana of the 1997 version, even though I was a youngin. My lil sisters and I would watch that show on USA or TNT network all the time. I like the movie, but loved the series.

      • See, I’m glad it wasn’t just me lol The new series doesn’t have that umph!!!! No matter how hard they try.

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