Lee “Onew” Jin Ki: You Make Me Wanna…

…leave the one I’m with, and start a new relationship with you, this is what you do. What is there to be said about SHINee’s leader, and oldest member Lee “Onew” Jin Ki? For one, he’s got a lot on his mind in comparison to the other four members (check out a scan of his brainmap from reality show “Hello Baby” below). With a distinct, velvety smooth voice and a smile that could light up any room, it is no wonder why this guy was chosen as one of SHINee’s lead vocalists. I was able to see Onew, 22, in person on October 9, backstage at the 2011 K-Pop Concert in Overpeck Park, NJ. Let’s just say that pictures do him no justice. In three words: tall, lean and handsome. Let’s not forget those high cheekbones, piercing eyes and pouty lips.

Onew is straight business when it comes to leading his band, and he never shirks his responsibility, even if he’s teased by the others for having the Onew Condition”. From what Onew has said in interviews, it seems that he had a very good upbringing, in which he was greatly nurtured and encouraged by his parents to be whatever he desired to be. For that reason, I get the impression that Onew is a little more open-minded and tolerant than most Korean men his age, which makes him that much more appealing (especially for us foreign women).

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25 thoughts on “Lee “Onew” Jin Ki: You Make Me Wanna…

  1. As much as I love Cho Kyuhyun, I’ve always had a soft spot for Lee Jinki and his voice mainly because SHINee was the first K-pop group I ever listened to. …….and that smile of his, beautiful.

  2. I’m not big on SHINee, but Onew is my favorite out of the group, and that’s based on what I have seen and heard about him, so I’m glad highlight is on him.. I also like his voice..

  3. Amen and amen. Man you’re so lucky to have met him *.* I would give anything to, its more than just a bias for me. And I am especially intriguied with what you said about him being open minded – I’ve always had that impression about him and wondered if I was alone in my thoughts. I’m 100% sure he’d date a black woman or any woman of color in a heartbeat.

  4. I love that main photo of him ^_^ Onew has to be the sweetest guy everrrrr. He always seems so caring and genuine. I def want to date him; he would fit perfectly with my “Pleasantville style” lol

  5. The JinKi brain map is too funny. I absolutely love Onew. He has a gorgeous smile and a beautiful singing voice. When he sings he makes me feel like I’m in church, especially in “One For Me.” I would really like to meet him one day too! He would be one of the idols I could actually have a conversation with since he’s so good in English..

  6. Onew looks like a guy who never have a bad day. I just cannot envision him having a long face. I’ve never seen the guy in person,but I will take your word for it. Most times, it be the other way around. A friend of mine went to a concert to see a then famous 80’s R and B group( I think it was 5 Star.she said),but she was in in awe with the Jheri curled member and from those picture he looked alright,but she said when she seen him in person, she said thats he was disappointed. I guess the K-pop industry want to make sure that they get the best looking guys..or at least attempt to do that.

    Onew does seem to be more open-minded when it comes to women and women of color. there was the African girl in the clip, then him and Taemin with the Afro-Brazilian dancer and then what Angel talked about him.I do believe he wants to hook with a woman of color. He probably can’t have a lady friend in Korea and if he did..especially with a Black woman..ah no..! some of those fangirls will make him pay for it and possibly, his management may let him go. I cannot wait for the day when one of those idols( who knows ..maybe it may be Onew) will step out with one.

    • @ATLSis,

      Yes, I would definitetly agree that Onew appreciates women of color. LOL! You know my story about our meeting at SM Town. He stared so shyly and sweetly and was so complimentary with his words, that I could not help but to pick up on it. LOL! Good thing my husband was across the room (just kidding).

      But I do agree with @Bitofabelly81 that he is much taller in person (not extremely tall but about 5’8″), and thinner in person and so cute in person. His smile is absolutely beautiful and infectious. I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Lee Jinki 🙂

      • @Angelface: omo, is he only 5’8″??? Why did he seem so much taller to me?? I mean, I was actually looking up to him, and I’m 5’7″ in flats…could he be wearing lifts??

    • @Bitofabelly81,

      I’m pretty sure that he was wearing lifts :). I think they all do except Taemin and Minho. My son Justin is now 5’7″ and Onew was only slightly taller than him. The shortest is definitely Jonghyun who couldn’t be more than 5’6″ and Onew is the 2nd shortest in the group now, since Key appeared to be about 1/2 an inch taller than him. Taemin is 5’9″ and while I doubt that he will be taller than Minho, he seems to be growing each time that we meet them. I actually thought that Onew would be way shorter than 5’8″ since he has a “short-guy” build with his legs but he’s tall to me. But hey since I’m only 5’4″ they were all way taller than me, so no complaints in the height department. LOL!

  7. Ah, Onew! Could a man be more perfect? His voice electrifies my whole body. He is so talented; singers like him come once in a blue moon. It’s hard to tell by just listening to SHINee, so check out the clips of him singing opera. He’s like Pavarotti! He dances very well too. So much talent! And in such a nice package 😀

    His gorgeous smile, amazing cheekbones and mysterious eyes all add up to one FINE man. I absolutely love his features; he is striking even in pics and I’m not surprised to hear he’s even better looking in person.

    As far as him dating a black woman, I’ve of the opinion that most men would, if they met the right girl under the right circumstances. We already know how crazy the Korean fangirls are, and we already know the price that idols pay for dating ANY woman- Korean or not. Plus the labels keep these boys on a serious leash, controlling every aspect of their lives. So I won’t hold my breath to see an oppa with a black woman, but I’m not despondent about it or anything.

    I think the best thing about Onew is his Onew condition! It’s really endearing, to see that he is still very human. He drops his mic, gets clotheslined in shows, says random stuff, falls for no reason and makes corny jokes. He’s a real person, not some God Among Men (like Bi). It’s much less intimidating, and he makes me feel better about my own foibles.

    Onew FTW! Here’s a youtube vid that sums up my feelings for him…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqCGUaHOt8Y

    • First of all that song ‘Faded’ really took me back a few years and Onew is seriously gorgeous! That eye smile is the best…Onew MUAHZ! ^_^

      • Lol I know right! I was surprised to discover I still remembered all the words to that song.

        I wish Onew got more love. I guess being next to Taemin and Minho, two knockout gorgeous guys, makes Onew get overshadowed. 😦

      • Girl, YES. From my personal experience there is no shortage of Asian men, including but not limited to Koreans, who appreciate the beauty of black women. What’s not to like? Smooth skin, doe eyes, full lips, curves for days… but enough about me lol!

    • @Joyful,

      I agree with you about not holding my breath waiting for any of the idols to start dating women of color. Yeah, they may appreciate the beauty of a black or hispanic women but crossing that line to start having a relationship, it’s not going to happen (at least while they are in Korea). It would be career suicide for any of these idols to start dating a woman of color but trust me, they do appreciate our beauty. LOL!

    • If that ever came up( about dating Black women).. I’m hoping that they would be man enough and to put them girls in their place.

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