TVXQ’s Yunho Visits Bi in the Army

Good morning all! Just a spot of cute news I just read from CloudUSA! TVXQ’s leader Yunho paid Bi a visit and despite Bi jokingly stating that he only wanted women in high heels and short skirts visiting him, he seems pleased to see his dongsaeng. Grr, if I would’ve known that Yunho was going to make such a visit, I would’ve secretly slipped a package of yummy goodies addressed to Bi into his pocket when I saw him backstage in October. Bummer! Oh well. What I appreciate the most is that Yunho took the time out of his busy schedule to go see about his sunbae.

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14 thoughts on “TVXQ’s Yunho Visits Bi in the Army

  1. Awwww that’s really cool of him! And they are both looking scrumptious as usual ❤ Yunho's birthday is today (well in Korean time), so happy birthday to him!!

  2. aw, I love it! That is so nice to see them together like that. I’d gladly visit Rain in high heels but I think he would appreciate an a-line skirt instead hehe 😛

  3. Rain looks nice in his camo! So glad Yunho grew his hair out he looks MUCH better and hot as usual…Being nosey I wonder who the “blurr” is hmm.

    • LOL! Yeah, I was wondering who “blurr” is too! Ha ha. Nosey chicky’s like us….err, I mean, inquiring minds want to know! LMBO!

  4. Both of my favorite korean men sitting side by side…. much love to Yunho for paying a visit to my perfect 10 of a man in the army<3 I'm sure Jihoon would do the same.

  5. Ahh. I love that Rain looks like he is only about 15. I hope that when he comes out he will still have that boyish charm about him.

  6. Aww..that was nice of Yunho to pay him a visit That probably made Bi feel good to know that there are people and entertainers who still look up to him as their role model. I’m counting down the days when he will be discharged from the military

  7. Jihooooonnnn!!!! He looks soo good!!! And that was so sweet of Yunho to visit him. that was awesome. Now, with one of my closest friends on active duty in the military, n i have Two men to keep in my thoughts and prayers. Hope Bi knows that we havent forgot about him and that we are patiently waiting for his return!!!

  8. Rain you look absolutely breathtaking. You are fully clothed and still sexy as helll and I just love the little smirk on your gorgeous face. Rain, you get better with age. I read that you mentioned being older than the other guys. Dont worry you fit right in and look as young as they are and your body speaks for itself. Take care of yourself and be safe. Cant wait until you are released July 2013. Be sure to come do several concerts in the U.S., New York or Vegas. Sarangahaeyo always

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